Hole in one! Guide to the best golf courses in Madrid

Descubre los mejores campos de golf de la capital para vivir una exclusiva jornada de deporte y ocio en Madrid más allá del hoyo 18

It is well known that golf is the king sport among the elite. However, the truth is that, over the years, golf has been taking great prominence in the Spanish scene as one of the sports that combine technique and sophistication. Perhaps, this is the reason that explains why it has been adding followers exponentially over the years. Discover EDDK Magazine, the most exclusive golf course to enjoy a day of golf in Madrid. Five-star ratings, golf tournaments 2021, golf courses, golf stores in Madrid, and high-level facilities. Enjoy luxury and comfort beyond the 18th hole.

How many golf courses are there in Madrid? 

Madrid has emerged as one of the star places in our geography as far as golf practice is concerned. The truth is that the Community of Madrid has, according to the Madrid Golf Courses Association, 19 golf courses in Madrid. A natural paradise for lovers of this sport. But within the golf courses in Madrid, some stand out for the high quality of their facilities, the luxury of their services, or their magnificent locations. Discover the favorites of the jet set for a day of golf in Madrid.

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The five best golf courses in Madrid

Real Club de Golf La Herrería: unique location with priceless views 

This golf club, with more than 54 years of history, is a classic among golf courses in Madrid. Nestled in a unique monumental, natural, and scenic setting, it offers a superior experience to other clubs. Located northwest of Madrid, in the Royal Site of San Lorenzo del Escorial, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984, the Real Club de Golf La Herrería stands imposingly. The course, which occupies 75 hectares, is perched on the southeastern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama and Mount Abantos and has 18 holes.

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The first lap was transformed in 2000 by the prestigious designer José Gancedo on the original layout of Antonio Lucena. This remodeling has respected the oak grove and the native forest of ash and oak trees. The second lap is a more open space, surrounded by the mountain amphitheater, crowned by the peaks of Abantos, San Benito, and Las Machotas. Discover, in addition, one of the best golf stores in Madrid. Space is full of light with a professional team that will help you choose the best equipment. Undoubtedly, this is one of the favorite golf courses in Madrid for lovers of this sport.


Real Club La Moraleja: a benchmark for golf in Madrid 

An emblematic golf club in Madrid. With four 18-hole courses and one par-three course, it has the bro-country’s dest range of golf courses. Thus, the four lessons designed by Jack Nicklaus have forged the marked character of a club that feels the essence of golf as part and guide of its attitude. Four magnificent 18-hole jewels were cared for with the utmost care and dedication. However, golf is not all that is breathed here. Its distinguished atmosphere is achieved thanks to a complete sports equipment that includes, in addition to the golf courses, swimming pools, tennis and paddle tennis courts, gymnasium, and squash.

Cuatro campos de golf de Jack Nicklaus - Real Club La Moraleja

A home away from home. That is why Real Club La Moraleja offers its members a social chalet where they can share experiences, an impressive spa where they can relax and invest in themselves, and five restaurants with their personality, among other facilities. Discover the differences between its four golf courses, walk its fairways and greens, improve your technique, and be surprised by the quality and comfort of its facilities, which are cared for down to the smallest detail.

Club de Campo Villa de Madrid: one of the most traditional golf courses in the capital city

The Club de Campo was officially inaugurated in 1931; a year later, the nine-hole course was opened, which gave birth to the passion for golf that is breathed here. Club de Campo Villa de Madrid is notable for its characteristics and privileged location since it is only a few minutes from the capital’s center. The Club de Campo Villa de Madrid offers comprehensive and varied activities and services distributed over 200 hectares. It is precisely here that the golf offer proposed by one of the most traditional clubs in the capital is worth mentioning.


Due to its design and location, the Club de Campo has one of the most prestigious golf facilities in Madrid and the national territory. Two 18-hole courses and one par three courses. The Black Course, designed by architect Javier Arana, has hosted countless European Tour events. On the other hand, the Cantabrian player created the nine-hole Ballesteros of the Yellow Course at the beginning of the 90s. They were used as a stage for numerous federative events and an attraction for subscribing members. In his golf store in Madrid, next to the Chalet del Golf, you will find all the necessary material for practicing the star sport. A wide variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories from the best brands for a day of unparalleled golf.

Real Club de la Puerta de Hierro: the most exclusive golf club in Spain

The Real Club de la Puerta de Hierro is the oldest golf club in Madrid, dating back to 1904. In addition, it has managed to boast the title: of the most exclusive golf club in Spain. This distinguished social club has not admitted members for more than 33 years, has no waiting list, and can only be visited by invitation and in the company of a member. So, if you consider joining the Real Club Puerta de Hierro to make contacts among Madrid’s high society while you exercise your swing, let me tell you that access is more than complicated. You can’t even access their website without an authorized password.

Real Club de la Puerta de Hierro - Surtec Golf Agronomy

Sports rules here: golf, paddle tennis, tennis, horse riding, polo, and cricket are some of the star activities. This inimitable and sophisticated club has a great passion for golf. Proof of this is the two golf courses in Madrid -Arriba and Abajo- with 18 holes, plus a 9-hole course. These have hosted numerous professional tournaments, although the exclusivity of its facilities makes it a great unknown for most amateur golfers.

Real Sociedad Hípica Española: a world-class golf course with a history

Impressive. This is perhaps the most appropriate word to define this golf course created by former members of the Club de Campo next to the Jarama Circuit. Located in the Madrid municipality of San Sebastián de Los Reyes, one of the most respected country clubs in the region rises imposingly. The prestigious designer Von Haggen outlined two similar proposals for the practice of the king of sports but of different difficulties. The North Course, the South Course, Par 3, and a Driving Range make up the game offer of this exclusive and sophisticated sporting emblem of Madrid.


According to expert critics, the North Course is a strategic course with a noble, technical, and friendly layout that rewards good play. Thus, it allows more joy with the woods than the South Course. More lively among the trees, it requires great precision with the irons and not to lose the fairways. The South Course, on the other hand, invites a more aggressive and precise game. It is more complaisant with local players and stricter with guests. The layout is more abrupt, with longer distances from tee to green and steeper slopes.

Madrid 2021 Golf Tournaments

The truth is that despite the restrictions imposed in the region as a consequence of Covid-19, golf tournaments in Madrid have not been strongly affected. Proof of this is the recent celebration of the Madrid Professionals Circuit, where Álex del Rey was the inaugural champion.

Ruta por los campos de golf más exclusivos de la tierra

Therefore, if you are interested in competing in golf tournaments to be held soon in the capital, you can not miss the calendar of competitions of the Madrid Golf Federation. Divided by date and categories, it is an essential tool to keep up with golf in Madrid. Please take a look at it!

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