The best barbershops in Madrid to savor the nostalgia of bygone days

La esencia castiza de lo que parecía un oficio en desuso se ha puesto de moda. Descubre las mejores barberías de Madrid con EDDK Magazine

There are places, like people, that, despite seeming in danger of extinction, learn to renew themselves by clinging -almost- to a burning nail. And sometimes, magically, life also rises from the ashes. This, perhaps, has been the case with barbershops. The essence of what seemed to be a disused trade has been revitalized and has become one of the most fashionable scenes in the capital. And the fact is that beards are in fashion. And not only that. The passion for showing off a haircut and a neat and well-groomed beard has become a new lifestyle where the polished image is almost a mantra. Discover the best barbershops in Madrid: from barber shops to the most hidden luxury barbershops to the inimitable barbershops of Malasaña. Enjoy a moment in one of the great men’s barbershops in Madrid.

The Red Beauty Club: Castellana, 45

Discover the private gentlemen’s club, just like in 19th century New York. The Red Beauty Club has created an exclusive area for men who value personalized attention and excellent treatment. Starting with a unique welcome protocol that allows them to relax in an enclosed space that offers the right atmosphere to be relaxed and enjoy the experience privately: aromatherapy and champagne are essential in this process.


Enjoy shaving services, facial massage, full beard grooming with skin preparation, haircut and styling, and design and contour cleaning in a unique and personalized way. Everything a man could wish for in a space created exclusively for them has already become one of the best options for luxury barbershops in the capital regarding experience and services.

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Request our private room to complete cabin treatments and a wide variety of relaxing, detox, and decontracting massages. You will have a fully equipped space for exclusive use, elegantly decorated, with a shower and dressing room and everything you need to enjoy personal care, beauty, and aesthetics individually. Book this entire space for men in Madrid.  


The SculptorHermosilla, 37

At number 37, Hermosilla Street is one of Madrid’s traditional luxury barbershops. The Sculptor works with the fifth generation of barbers in the service and care of male beauty. True artisans of beauty meet in one of the most exclusive barbershops in Madrid. Its menu of services is as extensive as it is excellent. And here, you can find different proposals for hairdressing, barbering, color bar, shape, treatments, and care as manicures and eyebrow design.

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Among its services, we can highlight the business haircut, shampooing with a shot of shampoo specific for your hair or scalp with an express massage. Men’s haircut and application of a particular product of styling. In addition to the executive shave, a complete beard grooming. Skin preparation with ozone and steam. Beard design with comb and scissors or comb and machine, depending on the beard model, cleaning the contours traditionally with a razor and, as a finishing touch, applying a specific aftershave to repair and moisturize the skin.

BlackstoneOrtega y Gasset, 45

Entering the Blackstone Barbershop is like a trip to the old shaving salons of the past. This barbershop, part of the Rizos group, has managed to recreate a classic atmosphere with a markedly Victorian decor. Located at 45 Ortega y Gasset street, it is one of the most coveted barbershops of our time in the center of Madrid. However, its philosophy and aesthetics are reminiscent of yesteryear, those places offering the most polished haircut to the accurate razor shave—all with good taste, elegance, and refinement. Blackstone is the most selective wellness club for men, whose hallmarks are luxury and wellness. Pure dandyism. Blackstone is not only a temple of hair cult with high technology in hairdressing, barbering, and male aesthetics; it is also a space of comfort and relaxation.

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MalayerbaNoviciado, 7

One of the barbershops in Malasaña in Madrid has conquered more hearts. Located in the heart of the capital, in the Plaza del 2 de Mayo, Malayerba is a nod to the hair that grows fast like weeds that need to be cut. Its premises, with a neat retro aesthetic with a 1950s flavor, offers an old-fashioned men’s space where its professionals combine classic shaving cuts and rituals with the most up-to-date techniques, scratches, and products. Among them, it highlights its line of handmade hair and beard care products that, together with Olivia Soaps, have been developed using only 100% organic raw materials.

best  barbershops in Madrid

In addition, their love for details goes beyond the grooming procedure, offering the opportunity to enjoy the privilege of drinking a good whiskey while you let yourself be advised by their barbers. Malayerba is spelled with “y,” as it was written in the days of Galdós when mastery and good manners were a source of pride. Malayerba takes up the tradition of the old barbershops of the 50s, where men not only went to get a haircut and shave but also to discuss the divine and the human. And perhaps it is their know-how, art, and philosophy that has made them one of the best barbershops in Madrid, even in our times.

El Kinze de CuchillerosCuchilleros, 15

If there is a Barbershop in Madrid, par excellence is this one. What boasts of being the oldest barber shop in Madrid is today a place of worship for lovers of personal care. Open since 1900 at number 15 Cuchilleros Street, next to Plaza Mayor; it is one of the capital’s oldest and most traditional barber shops. With a traditional decoration, its walls are full of photographs, and memories that speak of more than 100 years of history. And is marked by the handling of the blade by sons and grandsons. El Kinze”, as it is popularly known, is a business with a family tradition.

Among its decorative wonders, we find elements typical of old barbershops. For example, the armchair on display at the door or a tool sterilizer based on cyanide tablets could ideally aspire to be a collector’s item.

best  barbershops in Madrid

Famous for his chin grooming and razor shaving, Arturo Pérez Reverte, Pepón Nieto, Javier Cámara, and Javier Gutiérrez, among others, are frequent visitors to this curious place. The cut, grooming, and shaping of the beard of El Kinze respond to the purest British old-school style or the most classic amount. And here they adapt the trendy cut and beard trimming to the class that best suits your tastes and personality. In addition, this service includes razor trimming the contours of the beard to give it the most appropriate shape according to your features. Your classic, modern or contemporary look will be in harmony.

SHAVE Barber&SpaAlcántara, 71

Among the luxury barbershops in Madrid, one stands out for its sophistication and good taste: SHAVE Barber & Spa. This space was born at the hand of its founder Sami Azrak who, as a barbershop customer, missed an area dedicated to care and work styles of cutting and maintaining the beard but maintaining a standard of quality and offering more variety of image care services. Based on this market need, he created the SHAVE Barber & Spa chain of barbershops, an elegant and exclusive space for men, for haircuts, shaving, and beard care with a defined style, with body and facial treatments.

SHAVE The Club is aimed at today’s man who has fully internalized the care of his image and is even part of his leisure timeSAMI AZRAK, FOUNDER OF SHAVE BARBER&SPA

Barbershops with a spirit and design reminiscent of the elegant barbershops of the 1940s, where the aim is to provide a “full service” to customers. Therefore, each SHAVE Salon includes pervasive aesthetic services generally unavailable in traditional barbershops or men’s hairdressers, with the inconvenience of having to go to different centers to get the image that a man needs. This makes it one of the best barbershops in Madrid, without a doubt.

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