Discover the pleasure of training in the most exclusive gyms in Madrid.

Lujo y deporte conviven en los mejores gimnasios de Madrid. Todo tipo de comodidades a tu disposición para que disfrutes como nunca de tu entrenamiento

Let’s work it out! Now that we have finally understood the need to take care of our body and mind from a holistic perspective, sport is one more element in our daily life—some findorner of wellness, making their in-the-gym sports routine an escape from day-to-day chores and stress. However, for those who still find it challenging to go to the gym, EDDK Magazine has the definitive solution. Discover the pleasure of training in the best gyms in Madrid. Sport and wellness are not incompatible with luxury. The best technology, unparalleled comfort, and endless individual and group routines are waiting for you in the most exclusive gyms in Madrid.

The best gyms in Madrid: five names to keep in mind

Reebok Sports Club Madrid: exclusivity and exercise without leaving the capital city 

Among the luxury gyms in Madrid, the Reebok Sports Club facilities stand out. This impressive space has reinvented the concept of the gym, combining luxury, exclusivity, and comfort. The location of its facilities, in La Finca and Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood, in the financial heart of Madrid, is just a sample of the aspiration of this Club. Under the slogan ‘Don’t give up on something you want,’ this exclusive gym club in Madrid offers the ideal setting to cultivate body and mind.

This imposing space of 4,500 square meters provides you with the technology and the ideal facilities that make the practice of exercise a privilege.

Reebok Sports Club Madrid Serrano-mejores-gimnasios-Madrid

Discover its equipped fitness room, dive into the pool to work your body in another environment, and activate your body in a natural and fun way with group classes. Yoga, reshaping, Zumba, or cycling are just a few activities that invite you to enjoy yourself while exercising. In addition, you can discover the world of CrossFit, climbing, or mind & body studio, where you can improve your strength and flexibility in a balanced way. If this were not enough, discover the oasis of peace and tranquility that hides in its Beauty Spa or let yourself be cared for by the best expert team.


B3B Woman Studio: the fitness center in Madrid exclusively for women

B3B was born as a boutique gym dedicated exclusively to women offering an unparalleled fitness experience. Here sport takes on a new dimension thanks to the method that gives its name to this gym club: B3B. Bike, box, and ballet are methods created together with specialists in each area to help more and more women integrate sport and an active lifestyle into their daily routine. The key to success at B3B lies in the ability to empathize with the needs of the clients and the passion for offering professional and close customer service.

Fitness Boutique B3B Woman Studio-mejores-gimnasios-Madrid

After the initial success of the studio in Ayala street, GMC 20 Madrid was the next addition. B3B offers a high-intensity workout combining three unstoppable disciplines, cycling, boxing, and ballet. A total of 45 minutes create a magical atmosphere that will lead you to give the best of yourself. Burn, harden, and style are possible by increasing the levels of positivism and vitality in one of the most exclusive gyms in Madrid.

B3B Woman Studio de In Out Studio | Instalaciones Spa

Siclo: is back on the road in Madrid with this unique Fitness Center.

The new concept of spinning has revolutionized sports lovers in one of the gym clubs’ par excellence in Madrid: Siclo. Located on Calle Fernando VI, in the heart of the Chamberí neighborhood, this gym does not work like a traditional one. Here you don’t pay a monthly fee that gives you access to all the activities and rooms. At Siclo, you organize your classes and pay one price or another. Depending on classes addition, you can take advantage of the packages they offer through their website. You can also book classes according to your schedule or your favorite instructor. Do it yourself!


In Siclo, each class is a unique experience, unlike anything you’ve ever done before. That’s why it is one of the best gyms in Madrid, capable of captivating the ‘celeb’ sector. Here, it’s all about rolling, sweating, and getting stronger, but above all; it’s about enjoying yourself, breaking your limits, and finding your rhythm. At Siclo, they look for new ways to challenge you, to keep turning life upside down, and to bet on the best version of yourself. Are you willing to give it a try?

CLM Aniversario Siclo – Clandestine Mood

Boutique gym by Martín Giacchetta: love and professional vocation in a luxury gymnasium

One of the best gyms in Madrid is located in Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood, on Serrano street. The boutique gym was founded in Madrid in 2014 by the prestigious personal trainer Martín Giacchetta and the entrepreneur Carlos Mateo. A new concept of luxury gyms that brings together the best of the sports experience. The best training tools and systems, all the advances in nutrition, and the best beauty and wellness treatments. The result: a comprehensive center to take care of yourself and feel good inside and out in a uniquely designed space.

exclusive gyms in Madrid

In Boutique gyms, they understand the human body as a whole, betting on a holistic perspective. And this is the reason that prompted them to make their facilities integral care centers. Here, members can experience significant internal and external benefits. Among the activities to be highlighted are the collective dynamics, personal trainers, box club, and electrostimulation. Discover, in addition, the beauty and wellness area by Mayte Diamant Beauty, where you can let yourself be pampered with the best body and facial treatments.

Fit Club Madrid: the actual fitness center for your body and mind

The list of the best gyms in Madrid Fit Club may appear. It is a training studio that provides customers-only treatment in a unique space. Its highly qualified team prepares complete routines from high-end equipment to take care of you. Exclusivity and sophistication distinguish this boutique fitness concept, where three pillars prevail. Personalized service, attention to detail, and experience are their maximum expression.

exclusive gyms in Madrid

Fit Club is an optimized space that integrates a functional training area, cardio, free weights, and state-of-the-art machines. Here you can enjoy personal training with individual and exclusive treatment. Let yourself be advised by expert instructors on the road to achieving your goals with complete routine plans. Discover, in addition, the beauty bar & retail area to enjoy personal care and a comprehensive nutrition area with everything you need for proper supplementation in the space of luxury and personalization.

exclusive gyms in Madrid
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