Discover the benefits of yoga in Marbella: wellness centers, retreats, and places to practice it.

Te invitamos a adentrarte en los mejores centros y clases de yoga de Marbella, tú también acabarás enganchándote a este deporte

Mens sana in corpore sano. Nowadays, the need to achieve personal wellness seems to have gained more prominence and importance than ever. And the truth is that there is a sporting discipline that combines the care of body, mind, and spirit in its practice: yoga. Perhaps that is why the presence of yoga classes in Marbella has shot exponentially in the last decade. Discover, from the hand of EDDK Magazine, the best places to practice yoga on the Costa del Sol. You will surely fall surrendered to this practice from aero yoga to kundalini. Namaste.


Radiant yoga Marbella

Right here, in the beautiful surroundings of Marbella, you will find a bright yoga studio ideal for your classes. With bamboo-floored practice rooms, state-of-the-art infrared panels for hot yoga classes, and a relaxing indoor and outdoor chill-out area to connect after class. Radiant yoga Marbella is an oasis in the frenetic Costa del Sol where you can enjoy the well-being and pleasure of this sporting practice that is gaining more and more followers.

yoga Marbella

They offer various classes you can try and adjust according to your goals and needs. These include Hot Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Rocket, Anusara, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, the best Kundalini yoga in Marbella, Prana Kriya, and Pilates. Let them help you cultivate a sense of well-being by sharing their passion and love for this powerful practice that aligns body, mind, and soul.

Marbella Club Hotel

If there is a place where the practice of yoga in Marbella takes on a new dimension, it is undoubtedly at the Marbella Club Hotel. Change your perspective and feel at peace with yourself after an acro yoga session in Marbella outdoors. Enveloped by birdsong and the gentle swaying of pine trees, suspended silks support your weight as you relax through postures in the air—a combination of acrobatics and anti-gravity asanas that will make you feel like never before.

yoga Marbella

This aerial yoga practice will make your yoga classes in Marbella seduce you. In addition to its many benefits, it will help lengthen the spine, promote safe alignment and increase mobility. However, for those who prefer a more traditional alternative, the Marbella Club Hotel offers a carefully decorated yoga room equipped with the best material. Discover it!

Balanced mind&body yoga

Balanced mind & body yoga invites you to restore your personal balance through exclusive private yoga classes. The completely individualized treatment puts the focus on your goals and needs with the purpose of helping you on the way to achieving them. Embark on a journey of self-discovery through these yoga classes in Marbella and take the first step towards absolute wellness.

yoga Marbella

Their approach advocates taking the time to reconnect with your inner self through guided yoga practice and specializing in private yoga classes for individuals and small groups, with all courses taught in the comfort of your own home, vacation villa, or outdoors. Make these your tailor-made classes; you’ll love them!


This yoga temple in Marbella “embraces life from the simplicity of the little things.” Eywa was born from the need to transfer, communicate, and share the experiences and knowledge acquired through yoga as a discipline and a proper lifestyle. That is why they perhaps orient their yoga classes in Marbella to all ages and circumstances, offering different modalities – aerial, restorative yoga, or meditation – but always trying to reach them in a close and fun way.

At Eywa, they intend “with humility, enthusiasm, and good energy” to offer you a place to take care of your body and mind. Discover a meeting place where the senses are awakened to understand the ‘here and now.’ Eywa will become your favorite place to take on and overcome challenges and relax, enjoy, and escape. In addition, the label offers yoga retreats and yoga congresses in Marbella.

Villa Capricho

Can you imagine enjoying the best the Costa del Sol offers in a luxurious villa? If the union between body, mind, and spirit is your maximum to achieve in your getaway to Marbella, Villa Capricho is your ideal place. In addition to enjoying all the advantages and possibilities offered by this luxurious and equipped villa, you can surrender to two different yoga disciplines. You can receive yoga classes and practice your favorite sport in an idyllic setting.

Yoga is a practice that is in a continuous boom for its numerous benefits to our health. Practicing it, besides releasing endorphins, will help you stay physically fit. At Villa Capricho, you can practice the Hatha discipline or acro yoga. The latter is based on using suspension and weightlessness to promote creativity, unblocking, toning, muscle definition, flexibility, and rejuvenation. Would you like to try it?

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