Get your nails done! The best nail salons in Madrid

Encontrar el lugar ideal para hacerte la manicura y pedicura en la capital no es sencillo. Por eso, EDDK Magazine te muestra cuáles son los mejores salones de uñas en Madrid

Everyone knows that a good manicure is, above all, art and a symbol of elegance. Showing off well-groomed hands is only possible in the best nail salons in Madrid. However, as we know that finding a nail salon in Madrid at the height of what we want is a complicated task, we bring you a compilation of the nail centers in Madrid that are sweeping. A flawless final result, the health of our nails a top priority, and designs worthy of artists in the best luxury salons. These are the temples of manicure in Madrid center: get your nails done, babe!

Siberia Salón: the Russian manicure in Madrid that has conquered our hearts

If you have been wondering where to get a manicure in Madrid with exquisite results, this is your place. Siberia Salon is the ideal place to take care of our hands. What began as the dream of Sofya -the current owner- to bring the Russian manicure to Madrid became one of the reference salons in the capital. Located in Juan de Mena street, 11, or Núñez de Balboa, 53, they present a menu of services where the Russian manicure takes an absolute protagonism.

mejores salones uñas Madrid

However, for those who still do not know the modern technique, we tell you that it is a technique that removes nail polish and cuticles with a lathe. Siberia Salon stands out in this art for being a pioneer in Madrid and for its excellent work; in addition to the possibility of making all kinds of designs, our favorite option of this nail salon in Madrid is the Russian manicure with permanent enamel; the result is ideal! However, we invite you to look at all their services; it is worth trying and combining different options.

Dry mani-pedi with a glass of champagne at The Red Beauty Club. 

The key to its exclusive spa treatment for hands and feet is its new dry manicure and pedicure treatment, which enhances the beauty of hands and feet for longer and is environmentally friendly. It is the latest nail-trend technique, a triumphing technique for its perfect finish and the fantastic results it provides.

This manicure does not use water to soften the cuticle and incorporates polishing lathes to slow down cuticle growth. The color is applied with the same brushes to achieve a perfect finish. Enjoy a variety of shades and nail art options from your expert manicurist. The result is a more precise, durable, and polished mani-pedi. 

Want more? Enjoy a glass of Moët & Chandon while you enjoy your hand and foot treatment at The Red Beauty Club and feel like you are in “The Thousand and One Nights.” 

Maison de Beauté: manicure and pedicure in Madrid Colombian style

In the heart of the capital, in the Chamartín neighborhood, Maison de Beauté awaits us, the secret and infallible place of celebrities and influencers. No wonder this little piece of nail paradise in Madrid has become one of the places of reference for lovers of the best nail salons in the capital. Specialists in Colombian-style manicures and pedicures, this salon is unique for offering services following the latest trends accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea. Here you can feel at home while you dedicate yourself to a little while in which you are the protagonist. Wellness and beauty never found a better combination.

mejores salones uñas Madrid

Their conservative, exclusive and detailed treatment is the height of the most ‘postable’ decoration in social networks. And in its menu of services, you can find acrylic nails, gel nails, the best semi-permanent manicure in Madrid, and even a scandal pedicure for those who do not give up looking good in winter. Combine any of these treatments with the most original designs in the capital. Their manicurists are authentic nail artists, promise!

Mia Bella Elite Beauty Studio: a universe of beauty where the most important thing is you

Mia Bella Elite Beauty Studio opens its doors in the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca district, at 7 Conde de Aranda street, to pamper you never like before. This exclusive beauty and wellness space decorated with infinite taste and girly style has a menu of treatments at the height of the best salons and beauty ateliers. Discover why it is much more than just one of the best nail salons in Madrid. Here you can have any treatment you can imagine or an all-in-one express treatment to get you ready in record time.

best nail salons in Madrid

They were initially designed for profiles that do not have all the time they would like to have long treatments or fully immerse themselves in a beauty day. It is an ideal place to take care of yourself and show off the best manicure and pedicure in Madrid, thanks to Yanni and the team of staff of this ‘on the go’ atelier. The treatment offered at Mia Bella is close, professional, and completely personalized. This is the only way to achieve trust and loyalty between the client and the beauty professional. Discover the best of their mani-pedi; you’ll love it!

My Little Momó: manicure and pedicure in Madrid with French and vintage style

One of the best nail salons in Madrid, with a French and vintage style. My Little Momó is a space with a lot of magic where its professional team lets you be pampered and cared for. Its decoration cared for the slightest expression and invited you to stay, stay and come back. The welcome to My Little Momó is the prelude to what awaits you in this oasis of beauty and wellness. While you decide which treatment from their extensive menu you want to try, their professional team will treat you to something to drink.

best nail salons in Madrid

Despite its carefully selected menu and incredible treatments, if you allow us to give you some advice, we invite you to opt for the best pedicure in Madrid. In My Little Momó, they have all these types of pedicures to show off the best feet: Brazilian, express, permanent, spa, diamond, silk skin, for runners, revitalizing marine, wood therapy for pregnant women, and Forrest… Up to 11 types where you can find the most suitable according to your needs and tastes. Enjoy a relaxing and intimate moment with yourself.

Le petit salon: holistic beauty in the form of a nails salon in Madrid

Le Petit Salon opened its doors in 2008, a center where pampering, detail, and care for the customer predominates above all. A center with great professionals, non-invasive appliances, and cosmetic brands of the highest quality. A philosophy based on global care that combines beauty and wellness. Especially through comprehensive treatments for the face, body, mind, and soul directly impacts the optimization of results. Le petit salon is a paradise for lovers of self-care, where you can also get a manicure in Madrid.

best nail salons in Madrid

In Le Petit Salon, they take into account the needs of our hands and feet. That is why they offer tailor-made solutions suitable for all kinds of conditions, preferences, and agendas and backed by the exquisite savoir-faire of their team. The Couture manicure, Le Petit Salon pedicure, and acrylic nails are the best of this center in Madrid. Let yourself be pampered in this pleasant space where the treatment is unbeatable.

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