An award for haute cuisine, the best Michelin Star restaurants in Madrid

Descubre cuáles han sido los restaurantes Estrella Michelín reconocidos como los mejores de la capital por su saber hacer y dedicación

Madrid is a star city of haute cuisine. Lovers of haute cuisine and good know-how can enjoy the best Michelin-starred restaurants. This 2021, the Michelin Guide, which historically unites the restaurants of Spain and Portugal, adds 24 novelties to its lists. New foodie temples, the names of the best Michelin-starred chefs in Madrid, and spectacular haute cuisine restaurants compete for the flagship award. Discover -or rediscover- the stars that shine in the new gastro sky. Take a look at the best Michelin Star restaurants in Madrid!

DiverXO: the only restaurant with three Michelin Stars in Madrid

The eclectic and avant-garde chef from Madrid has seen his work recognized with the star award. DiverXO has, in total, three awards and is the only restaurant with three Michelin Stars in Madrid. The dream that the young chef had in the form of a restaurant when he created DiverXO has managed to reach the gastro heaven of Madrid. A risky, avant-garde, and creative bet led him in 2009 to achieve the first award granted by the Michelin Guide in Madrid. Later, in 2011, it renewed its status with a similar formula. However, it would not be until 2013 that he would reach the pinnacle of his career by winning the third award.

Restaurante DiverXO en Madrid |mejores-estrella-michelin-Madrid

Embark on a journey through the chef’s hedonistic cuisine based on creativity and avant-garde, where everything is possible—breaking and daring, always in constant evolution for over a decade. Open your mind, wear your best clothes and get ready to enjoy the tasting menu at La Cocina de Los Cerdos Voladores. A new and unprecedented way of understanding haute cuisine at the hands of one of the great Michelin-starred chefs.

Restaurante DiverXO en Madrid |mejores-estrella-michelin-Madrid

Saddle: the novelty in Michelin Star restaurants in Madrid

Haute cuisine restaurants in Madrid surrender to Saddle awarded its first Michelin Star. With Adolfo Santos at the helm of the stoves, Saddle’s cuisine has been recognized for its quality and dedication. Saddle opened its doors in October to bring to the 21st century the essence of the mythical ‘Jockey’ where the jet set used to go during the 70s and 80s. Displaying a philosophy based on the continuous search for excellence, both in service and gastronomic offerings, Saddle was an ideal candidate to join the list of Michelin Madrid Restaurants.


At the helm of the gastronomic proposal of the Saddle restaurant stands chef Adolfo Santos with a solid curriculum behind him. His goal is that the stoves breathe tradition and elegance, always achieved through seasonal products and recipes. Hundreds of people want to try his Consomé inspired by a Bullabesa, the Judías del Barco de Ávila or the Jarrete de ternera (veal shank), a tribute to Santi Santamaría. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the cuisine of this Michelin-starred restaurant; you will not regret it!

Fotos: Saddle estrena carta y se vuelca en el arte de la sala | Cinco Días | Cinco Días

CEBO: contemporary, progressive, and accessible cuisine in one of the best Michelin Star restaurants in Madrid

Surprising an increasingly well-traveled public with traditional and 100% recognizable flavors is not easy. Excitement based on technique, ingenuity, and meticulous background work is the DNA of Aurelio Morales, one of the Michelin-starred chefs in Madrid. CEBO’s cuisine maintains the balance between technique and product and delves into the traditional recipe book and the local pantry. Seasonal fish and vegetables are the highlights of a sensory journey that also includes meat dishes.

CEBO. una experiencia gastronómica memorable - Secretos de Madrid

A dynamic and constantly evolving contemporary, progressive and accessible cuisine with Mediterranean influence and great prominence of Spanish gastronomy, finally recognized by the Michelin Guide Madrid. It is a unique gastronomic experience that can be enjoyed with the compilation of CEBO’s iconic dishes in its ten-step menu. If you prefer, you can also bet on the haute cuisine of Aurelio Morales in the short format ‘Somos’ or extended format ‘Somos CEBO.’ Here, the products will be the surprise and the diner the surprise. An extensive wine list pairs perfectly with each of its dishes; discover it!

DSTAgE: two Michelin Stars in a cuisine capable of moving people

What is most striking about this Michelin-starred restaurant in Madrid is what it represents in itself. This space, located in a loft in the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca, draws the proposal of the Victorian chef Diego Guerrero. He advocates the freedom to create, surprise, and overcome the inevitable barriers associated with the personal comfort zone. Thus, since its opening, Diego Guerrero’s haute cuisine, free of corsets, has won two awards, positioning itself as a reference among the Michelin restaurants in Madrid. This concept has two tasting menus: DSTAgE, with 15 dishes, and ENJOY, with 18 elaborations and optional pairing.

Restaurante DSTAgE en Madrid | Guía Repsol

The two-story restaurant is a jewel of industrial design. On the upper floor, customers begin their dining experience with snacks at the entrance bar before moving on to the dining room, which is arranged around a patio. Here you can see the impressive open kitchen of the master chef, where it is common to see him working with his team. Meanwhile, downstairs, DSTAgE houses a space with a kitchen and a large table, designed to function as a private dining room, show cooking, event area, or classroom. It is precisely here that Diego develops his creativity as a studio. On this first floor, conceived as a backstage, there is also the wine cellar -with more than 200 references- and the entrance to a patio presided over by aromatic herbs.

Diego Guerrero. DSTAgE. 2 estrellas Michelin.

COQUE: illusions, dreams, and respect for haute cuisine

This restaurant with two Michelin stars is fed with illusions, dreams, and respect for haute cuisine. And it is perhaps Diego Sandoval’s cuisine, together with the commitment and know-how of his brothers Rafael and Mario, the recipe for success that has led him to the Michelin Guide in Madrid. Arriving at Coque is to start a four-step gastronomic journey based on flavors and innovation. A trip in which you incorporate all the senses, and that, for sure, will make you live an experience capable of reaching gastro heaven.

Restaurante Coque on Twitter: "No es una copa vacía, es el principio de una gran historia. #Coque @ChefSommelierES #restaurante #Madrid #EstrellaMichelín… https://t.co/9V7rVyQx8x"

After the immersion and surrounded by 3,000 references that speak and tell stories, the “coliseum of bottled wine” brings you closer to one of the three legs of the Coque universe, the enology led by Rafael. The next step awaits you: the kitchen where Mario welcomes you. The last stretch will be led by Diego, the head waiter, who will pass on his heritage. His menu, prepared with respect and passion, uncovers succulent delicacies, including a vegetarian option. Coque demonstrates why it is one of Madrid’s top haute cuisine restaurants. Bravo!

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