Real estate your way of living: interview with Jimmy Widén, CEO of 3SA Estate Marbella

There are many virtues that make Marbella an international destination of quality and reference worldwide. And it is that in recent times, the city is experiencing an authentic golden age . A rebirth that began a few years ago and that has been consolidated over time to develop its full potential.

Due to this coveted appeal, new needs and services arise that satisfy them as  3SA Estate , the real estate agency in Marbella that not only sells the best properties in the city but helps its clients to go one step further in all aspects related to their new life on the Costa del Sol: finding the home of their dreams and the life of their dreams in an environment of opportunities fully compatible between professional and personal development, with a healthy lifestyle and quality time with family and friends.

We talked to Jimmy Widén, its founder and CEO, about this different concept of Real Estate, the Costa del Sol real estate market and its current situation, and why not, his particular lifestyle in Marbella that serves as inspiration for all those who dream with the authentic Marbella way of living.

About you, who is Jimmy Widén? How you got to dedicate yourself to the real estate sector and what was your biggest reason or motivation for it?
I am a 36 year old from Stockholm Sweden that started to buy and sell properties there 15 years ago. However, this was on the side of a career in the media industry where I built over 100 starts ups in tv commercial and tv programs. I moved to Marbella because I wanted to give my kids that I don´t have yet, the possibuilty to learn 3 langueges from scratch and to work with the world as platform. Growing up in Spain will be a lot more exciting than Sweden. 

You work pretty well on your personal brand, how important is this to your profession and why? Any tips and skills to convey in your sector?
Well, I sell trust for millions and I think it´s very important that a client knows who they are buying from and why. Working a lot on personal branding will get the clients more comportable in you as a person. Social media will be the new SEO so I recomend all my brokers to use that more and more as well. We are all human beings and if you show the real you in social media I think potential clients feel more comfortable than if you try to show a facade.  

Tell us something about you personal daily routine. Have you got some special rituals or habits that make you more productive and active person? What are the essentials of your lifestyle?
Normally I take a powerwalk before breakfast at Golden Mile or San Pedro. I really like to start the day with that listening to business podcasts or studying spanish. In the evening I play tennis or paddle. I would also say that I have “black belt in wine lunches” almost every weekend. If you work 16 hours per day you need to reward yourself with friends as well and that is my reward every weekend. During the winter I love to go to Sierra nevada for skiing at least one weekend per month.


Talk about 3SA is to talk of Marbella and in some way, of the “Marbella dream”. Why Marbella and how is its lifestyle and advantages compared to other destinations?
From my point of view Marbella is the best place on earth. You have everything here. Great weather, amazing food, lots of sports and activities, good schools and many different nationalities. This is something you can´t get at any other place except Los Angeles.

Any personal recommendations of favorite places to go or any plans to share with our audience?
My favorite lunch places is El Ancla and La Plage Casanis. And my favorite tennis clubs is Puente Romano and Aloha Tennis. When it comes to gym and paddle I think Real Paddle Club is the best one!

Do you work only Marbella or properties from other countries?
We only work over Costa del sol and our target group of buyers are Mostly entreprenurs and CEO´s.

Are you specialized agents of a specific area of Marbella or a specific type of property?
I would say that we are specialized in taking care of this target group of people and for us it doesn´t matter what budget they have or what type of property the want to invest in. We want really satisfied clients and “OUR FOCUS IS TO MEET EVERY CUSTOMERS EXPECTATIONS. OUR AIM, HOWEVER, IS TO SURPASS THEM”.  Happy clients gives new clients. It´s that simple.


3 STEPS AHEAD: The agile and professional process is your greatest differential value? From personal and contractual advice to home staging and marketing, tell us more about this.
3 steps ahead comes from the clients perspective. We want our clients to be on top of their own investment through us and it doesn´t matter if it is just an investment or if it is a life changing decision for the whole family. Marketing is in my blood and I want our clients to identify themselves with the lifestyle in Marbella looking at our channels of marketing and what we are communicating. 

What other qualities would you highlight about 3SA (team, concept, services, …) and what are your medium-term objectives?
My staff is the best. We talk 7 languages and have more than 40 years of experience from real estate at Costa del sol in the team. Knowledge is key in this business and the more we know the better deals we can make for our clients.

Radiography of the 3SAEstate client: what is the demographic and socioeconomic client profile?
Entrepreneur or manager of a middle or big company. The goal however is to start selling also to celebrities. Tennis players, football players, actors etc. With my experience working with TV for many years I know that these clients are very comfortable with me as a person. I can handle them and I understand the value of confidentiality.

And especially, what do you think are the challenges and trends facing the Costa del Sol with the current situation?
The world will be more segregated than ever after this and people will move here part time and full time. This will totally change the real estate market to a different level and situation never seen before. People can work wherever they want to day and this is a variable that never been in play when it comes to real estate investments at Costa del sol. C areas will drop around 15-20 % in price but A areas will probably get a higher demand than before Covid-19.

What are the main things that you should look at when investing in a new property?
Location and infrastructure around the property thinking about permanent living. Stop think “holiday home” and your investment will become even better.

In terms of luxury, what makes a property more luxurious than the other?
My personal style is andalusian contemporary. I think that combination is the best. High quality construction in a beautiful way.

Finally, what would be a hot spot to invest in right now in Marbella?
All places within the “golden triangle” and also around Benalmadena and Sotogrande.


For more information about 3SA Estateand its properties:

Web: www.3saestate.com

Instagram: @3saestate

Facebook: facebook.com/3saestate


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