What to see in Marbella: What you can’t miss

Marbella is a city located in the province of Malaga and is the capital of the Costa del Sol; it is true that for years has been reserved for people with high purchasing power, come on, with lots of money, but today there is Marbella for everyone. I will tell you what to see in Marbella.

It is a town with a great history, which grew in the late 50s, becoming the summer residence of many celebrities (you will all remember years later Jesus Gil, Julian Muñoz, the Pantoja …).

It is easy to understand that Marbella is an excellent destination to visit: good weather, unlimited leisure offer, and a lot of postures. In this post, I will tell you everything you need to enjoy a few days on the coast of Marbella. Let’s start!

Marbella is definitely one of my favorite places for “sightseeing” in summer, however, if it is the first time you visit I recommend you take a look at this free tour. It usually comes in handy to get context of a city and I always recommend it, plus it’s very free, don’t miss it!

What to see in Marbella? The coolest places

In Marbella, you will find many things to see, there is no doubt about it, but so that you will not miss any of the essential things, let’s start by knowing what you cannot miss on your tour:

Avenida del Mar

Avenida del Mar en marbella

The ideal place to start your tour is on Avenida del Mar, where you will find ten bronze sculptures designed by Salvador Dalí. The purchase by the mayor above Jesus Gil did not escape controversy, as it was said that they were fake. This fantastic area looks like an open-air museum and is free.

Being Marbella a small town, if you stay around the center, you will not need a car for anything, but if you decide to move with him do not worry because here you have several parking lots to leave your car completely safe whether you have a Ferrari or a Ford Escort.

Marbella Beaches

Playas de Marbella

At the end of the Avenida del Mar, you will reach the Paseo Maritimo and the Playa de la Venus, one of the busiest. It is an excellent place to take a walk in hours when the sun is not too tight; remember that Marbella is well south and very hot, eh … then do not say that I have not warned you.

The city has 23 beaches, among them the most touristy area, Nagüelles, and Bounty, where you can enjoy relaxing on account of the waves of the sea. If you go with your family, you should look at the beach of La Bajadilla, with its calm and shallow waters, and like the other two, it has all the services and several places to drink or eat something.

Alameda Park

Parque de la Alameda de marbella

This is another of the must-see places to visit in the city of Marbella, and it has a great attraction. This park is located at the old town’s entrance, with a circular fountain surrounded by beautiful Andalusian tile benches.

In addition, you will find a variety of trees that will give you shade. As a Basque with little tolerance for the heat, I think this is an ideal place to spend some time after lunch, a full-fledged siesta, as it is usually called in Spain.

Plaza de los Naranjos

Plaza de los Naranjos en marbella

This square is the center of the old town and is one of the most beautiful places in Marbella. It was built in 1485, after the Christian reconquest, and is surrounded by white houses with Andalusian style.

There you can find historic buildings such as the Casa Constitucional, the Casa del Corregidor, and the hermitage of Santiago, the oldest religious temple in the city. In addition, in the center of the square, you will find a Renaissance fountain and numerous orange trees responsible for giving color and name to this square.

You can also find several terraces where you can have a drink while you watch the other tourists walking and getting warm 😛

Old Town

Casco Antiguo

In the old part of the city, you will find a network of narrow streets with an Arabic layout and Andalusian architecture. You can take a walk through this area to discover the magical corners, being an excellent option for you to soak up the city’s culture.

On this narrow street, you will see many excellent little shops with products you can buy as souvenirs.

If you dare to walk around this area, you can’t miss Caballeros, Remedios, Alamo, Estación, and Soledad streets. However, it is worth visiting many more since you will find many options to soak up the local culture.

The houses you will find are white; most have balconies full of flowers and bougainvillea. You can also enjoy different local craft stores and taverns where you can enjoy a tapa and taste the region’s specialties.

If you want to learn more about the city’s history, booking a free town tour or private time is ideal. This way, you can make the most of your visit and discover all the city offers.

Calle Ancha

Calle Ancha

This is one of the most beautiful streets in Marbella; it ends at the Plaza de Santo Cristo. This stately street dates from the nineteenth century and links the historic center with the north. It is beautiful in general but stands out for having houses with large balconies and coats of arms on their facades.

The balconies of this street are usually full of flowers, which makes the road look simply fantastic. You will find a 15th-century hermitage and a beautiful fountain when you reach the square. You will also come across the house of Ana María Los Chatos.

Walls of Marbella

Murallas de Marbella

The walls are located in the area of Calle Arte and Salinas, where you will find the walls of the old Alcazaba. If this is your first visit, it is one of the most exciting places in the city; you can take some cool pictures.

The wall was built between the 11th and 11th centuries, and the ruins of this castle are another vestige of the Muslim civilization. It impresses with its imposing walls and defensive towers, so visit this area and take a picture (posture or not, you decide).

The Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving is very close to this area. There you will find more than 4,000 works that you can not miss, being a Renaissance-style building.

Church of Santa María de la Encarnación

Iglesia de Santa María de la Encarnación

This is a magnificent temple that you can not miss and was built in the early seventeenth century. It has a red stone façade and a rococo style, which makes it stand out in the area where it is located.

In addition, it has a tower of more than 50 meters high, and inside, you will find the Sol Mayor Organ that you should not miss. Around the church, you will find many small streets you can walk through, such as Alderete, Caridad, Soledad, and Misericordia.

The ideal will be to finish your tour in the Chapel of San Juan de Dios, a temple that was part of the Royal Hospital. The Catholic Monarchs built this after taking the city; if you are a history by geek here, they tell a lot about it.

Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús

It is located 6 kilometers from the city center, and you can quickly get there by bus or car. It is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive areas that you will find in Europe and where you will find multiple jewelry stores and all kinds of luxury stores.

You are starting with yachts of several meters and very luxurious, high-end cars, exclusive boutiques, and lively nightclubs. You can also swim at the beach of Puerto Banus and get close to the lighthouse. From there, you will have fantastic views of the peak of La Concha, which you can not miss.

If you like cars, you will enjoy your visit to Puerto Banus, there is much more to see, but the Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin parked there are incredible.

Where to stay, the best areas.

Marbella is a big town or a small city, you do not have too much problem staying in one neighborhood or another, but I leave here a little more information, and also, this post with the best hotels in Marbella.

Old Town

An excellent area to stay and go sightseeing in Marbella, you have a little bit of everything in terms of prices. This area makes everything very close, from the promenade to the rest of the places to visit.

Cool hotels:

  • San Cristobal
  • Boutique B&B

Puerto Banús

This is the best place, especially if you intend to spend a few days between partying and enjoying. Of course, it is not the cheapest area, but it is very cool in exchange.

Cool hotels:

  • Iberostar Selection Marbella Coral Beach
  • Boutique Hotel B51

The rest of the areas are also valid; as I said, any site is delicate because everything is relatively close.

Tourist map

Are you one of those who learns much better with a map? Then great, here is the tourist map with everything you need. Take a look at it and take it with you on your trip; it will accompany you and help you to find your way around. I also indicate the top golf courses and spas to relax:

Where to eat in Marbella

Andalusia and Spain generally are ideal places for a gastronomic route. Still, we are talking about Marbella… a city with many gastronomic cultures that mixes the classic Andalusian with the modern of a cosmopolitan city.

This means that you have thousands of places to choose from, from luxury restaurants to more humble places; which one should you choose? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you here:

Eating cheaply

  • Los Cañizos: located on the promenade, a place with fantastic views and lots of fried food in a good way.
  • Arco Tapas: they have a little bit of everything, homemade food with lots of tapas and desserts, also inexpensive.

Cool places but a bit more expensive

  • Mamzel: is a restaurant that blew me away, a fantastic place that mixes New York and Parisian styles…it is undoubtedly innovative in terms of design and cuisine.
  • Breathe is another very natural and customer-focused place; it is one of my favorite outdoor restaurants for me.

As you can see in Marbella, you have a variety to choose where you want to eat; you decide.

What to see in the surroundings of Marbella?

Marbella is a lovely city that you can discover quickly because it is small. So, if you have more time, you can visit its surroundings to enjoy your travel experience much more.

For this reason, I invite you to visit the following places:

Dunas de Artola

Dunas de Artola

They are located 15 kilometers from Marbella, and it is a simply beautiful dune system. In this dune system, you will find a beautiful unspoiled beach and the Torre Ladrones, which are of Roman origin and certainly not to be missed.

Colomares Castle

Castillo de Colomares

It is a castle in Benalmadena and was built to pay tribute to Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America. No doubt if you are in Marbella, you can not miss it, because it is very close to the city.



This city is located in the north of Morocco, with fantastic Medina and Kasbah architecture. From Marbella, you can book a guided boat tour to enjoy a truly unique experience.

Ronda and Setenil de las Bodegas

Ronda y Setenil de las Bodegas

Ronda and Setenil are two of the most beautiful towns you will find in Andalusia, which you can’t miss. Both towns have great tourist attractions, and if you book a tour of both cities, you will see the best of each one and enjoy a truly unique experience.



Thanks to its proximity to Malaga, you can get to know one of the cities with the best quality of life in the country, and I’m not just saying that. You can take the opportunity to extend your vacation and spend at least two days discovering what Malaga has to offer. I will tell you much more in the guide above.

How to get to Marbella?

There is no doubt that the best option to get to Marbella is by plane directly to the city of Malaga. This city is 50 kilometers away, and you can take a bus that leaves now or rent a car to enjoy making a route along the Costa del Sol.

In most cases, to enjoy your trip, the best thing to do is to rent a car to enjoy your trip at your own pace. This way you will not have to depend on public transport schedules. Remember that if you do not want to miss anything in Marbella, booking a free or private tour is always better for discovering more about the city’s history.

In short, Marbella is a super cool place, valid both for summer and to spend the end of the year; if you have any questions, leave them in the comments, and I’ll help you, see you next time! I hope you enjoy this list of what to see in Marbella🙂

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