Ibiza Wedding Guide: where and how to celebrate the best weddings in Ibiza in a boho-lux style.

Bodas Ibiza 2022: lugares, organizadores, decoración y más. Cómo y dónde casarse en Ibiza y hacer de tu día un momento para el recuerdo

Ibiza is a paradise at sea level, so it is not surprising that die-hard lovers of the island decide to choose this enclave as the setting for their Wedding. The Spanish geography hides in its interior, specifically on the island of Ibiza, the best place to make your special day an unforgettable memory. If getting married on the magical island has always been your dream, your favorite option, you can not miss the best places to toast to a ‘happily ever after.’ EDDK Magazine gives you five examples of celebrating the best weddings in Ibiza in the summer on the way to the altar. It’s wedding time!

The best places to get married in Ibiza, here

Amante: one of the most beautiful places to organize your Wedding in Ibiza

An ideal location to celebrate all the love in the world is at your Wedding in Ibiza on the beach. Amante is a spectacular restaurant perched in the bowels of the cove Sol d’en Serra. Immersed in the heart of a natural park surrounded by lush forests, it has views you will love at first sight. The ideal place on the cliff of the cove is to see the imposing Mediterranean at your feet. This stunning natural setting and its perfect views of the Sea and Formentera make it the ideal place to say ‘I do’ in Ibiza.

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Amante’s elegance complements its cliff-top location with a clean, modern design. Our staff’s professionalism and attention to detail provide the perfect combination of quality and natural beauty. First-class service in an informal and relaxed, perfect for celebrating a wedding or civil ceremony in harmony with the surroundings. Amante is distributed on three levels: the main bar and restaurant, the chiringuito, and the beach area. Each group creates a unique, intimate, and natural setting ideal for all the moments of your day. Discover an easier way to organize your Wedding in Ibiza by leaving everything in the expert hands of the Amante team. Just married!

Sa Ferradura: the private island where Cesc Fàbregas tied the knot arouses passions

In the north of the white island hides one of the most privileged places for weddings in Ibiza. Sa Ferradura is located on a small peninsula of 35,000 square meters in the bay of Sant Miquel, 22 kilometers from Ibiza. One of the jet set’s favorite enclaves is to celebrate private parties and events and walk down the aisle. With privileged views over the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, this exclusive and sophisticated enclave is one of the infallible bets for weddings in Ibiza.

Sa Ferradura: La villa turística más exclusiva de Europa es sostenible y está en Ibiza | Gente y Famosos | EL PAÍS

The villa is an orchard on the edge of the Sea in the north of Ibiza. It sits on a minimal horseshoe-shaped peninsula, hence its name. Also, it is accessed by road or boat and has emerged as one of the best European villages years after year. Dozens of illustrious surnames are on the waiting list for a vacation in this little paradise. But man also lives by dreams. Can you imagine celebrating your Wedding in Ibiza in a place like this in the style of Cesc Fabregas? Of course, you can; it’s an absolute dream!

Hacienda Na Xamena: the reality of a wedding in a dream location north of Ibiza

This incredible five-star resort in the north of the island is as close to a dream as it gets for those privileged enough to celebrate the most important day of their lives: incomparable views and a wild Mediterranean nature surrounding a white, comfortable, and aesthetically perfect space.

If only imagining yourself with the love of your life enjoying these views makes you think you are convinced, it is because you still do not know how much the Na Xamena hacienda has to offer: stunning cuisine thanks to the Eden restaurant, which offers seasonal recipes and approach where the taste of nature is noticeable in every bite. And as if this were not enough, some rooms lack nothing to make your guests as excited as you are and one of the best spas on the island to relax before and after the big day.

In front of Es Vedrà: the magical islet serves as the godfather of ceremonies for the most romantic Ibiza weddings.

Es Vedrà has been, since time immemorial, an object of desire on the island of eternal youth. A sunset, the waves as a soundtrack, and your loved ones; on the horizon, imposing Es Vedrà. Can you imagine organizing your Wedding in Ibiza overlooking this iconic islet? If the answer is yes, congratulations, you will indeed have one of the most romantic weddings in history. Legends, extraordinary energy, and even alleged UFO sightings envelop it in an aura of mystery and magic. An emblematic spot and one of the favorite enclaves for lovers of the island to enjoy priceless views.

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If you wish to celebrate your Wedding here, you should know that the esplanade in front of Es Vedrà is privately owned. However, NM Ibiza can help you manage the space for your big day. However, this is not the only corner of the island where you can celebrate your magical moment without giving up the island. The pier of Cala d’Hort, the tower of Savings, Cala Llentía, the cliffs of Es Vedrà, and the Sea itself offer a privileged view of the island. Do you already have your favorite place?

The Ibiza Wedding Planner: an experiential wedding on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

Many dreams of a wedding in Ibiza on the beach; therefore, to organize it, it is best to leave all the preparations in professional hands. The Ibiza Wedding Planner offers lovers of the white island experiential weddings for a memorable day under the Balearic sky. If you are looking for your Wedding to be a special day for you and your guests, you can also relax and leave aside the innumerable worries and management of the production of your Wedding. Suppose you are looking for a specialized agency in Ibiza that you can trust and a reliable person in situ to whom you can delegate all the arduous processes of the organization. In that case, The Ibiza Wedding Planner is your fairy godmother.

bodas Ibiza

The Ibiza Wedding Planner offers organization and production services, styling, and coordination to make this day the most special one. Not only will they take care of the location search, planning, styling or decoration, and budgeting. In addition, this prestigious organization offers a fully coordinated event and accompaniment from start to finish. This is the only way to guarantee an incomparable result. Creating the Wedding of your dreams is just a click away; what if you tell them, with your eyes closed, what your dream Wedding in Ibiza is like?

A dream wedding at ME Ibiza: the place where memories will last forever

Located in the beautiful area of Santa Eulalia del Río, the hotel ME Ibiza has become an ideal place to celebrate the most important day of your life. And this is because, firstly, this area of the island is the quietest and most relaxed, where nature merges with the space of ME Ibiza and only necessary time and place. And secondly, because they have extensive experience in preparing such events.

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The philosophy of ME Ibiza is to be a perfect place for everyone. This is true regarding its hotel and gastronomic facet, as well as weddings. Whether you want a classic wedding or a more groundbreaking one. Or if you want something simple and intimate or a big dream wedding, the place is perfect for you. Not only will you have the space on the first floor, with its infinity pool and its original gastronomic area. Also, the incredible rooftop called Radio ME, from which you can see the island’s best sunsets and where everything is prepared for a party of height. Signature cocktails from the hand of Kwänt by the Sea, delicious local cuisine with touches of fusion, and fresh, high-quality products.

And in case you are looking for an entire organization, ME Ibiza is also the perfect place for bachelor parties. Its innovative villa, Suite ME, which is nothing more and nothing less than a private villa but with all the guarantees and services of the hotel, is the ideal place to spend a night saying goodbye to a stage of life. Four hundred square meters divided into three private rooms and a shared pool. Food and drink in the villa and a host of services included, such as massages or live music.

Tipis Ibiza: dreams become a reality when you are the one who creates them

Love is the simplicity we breathe. In Tipis Ibiza, dreams become a reality when you are the one who creates them from scratch. Making weddings in Ibiza their main inspiration and motivation is, perhaps, the key to their success. Tipi Ibiza was born 25 years ago as a beautiful idea with the practice of shamanism. Since then, the ancestral knowledge of the Lakota culture made its founders fall in love with it. And it is precisely here that a dream come true was born. Inspiration, beauty, illusion, energy, and dedication. These are the foundations that support Tipis Ibiza.

Tipis Ibiza is your safe bet if you want to organize an original wedding. Four different styles to make your ceremony the event of your dreams. The Wicca ceremony unifies your souls by tying your hearts to the infinite by invoking the four elements. Discover the American Indian wedding ceremony, the first ceremony, or the ceremony of the seven springs. Make your Wedding a memorable day with Tipis Ibiza. What is your favorite boho-lux style?

Other services for weddings in Ibiza that might interest you for your big day

Although a unique and magical experience, getting married in Ibiza can be overwhelming. Therefore, EDDK Magazine offers you other services that may interest you on your way to the altar. Once you have chosen the couple and the location, there are many other things to consider. Among them are photographers or videographers in charge of capturing the happy moments in the company of your loved ones, wedding planners who will help you organize your Wedding in Ibiza, or even Adlib designers so you can look at your most Ibiza version on such a special day.

Wedding photographers in Ibiza: make your happiness last forever

EN Media Studio

If anyone is on Earth capable of capturing the essence and soul of memorable moments, it is the professionals at EN Media Studio. After more than five years behind the cameras of EN Media, Nacho and Fany have combined all their efforts and expertise to travel the length and breadth of the country to satisfy the desires of countless couples. Their know-how and differential value are to flee from fixed poses: “we work from actions, we like spontaneity and capture the moment in motion, highlighting the naturalness of couples,” they say. Their portfolio and indisputable seal advocate warm tones, as it creates a more intimate, personal, and homely atmosphere. Undoubtedly, a perfect choice for weddings in Ibiza on the beach. If this is your dream option, do not hesitate to let this expert team advise you.

Dynamic, cheerful, and accommodating. This couple of photographers combine exquisite professional treatment with the necessary closeness to make your wedding project an idyllic photo album. Lovers of coffee, adventure, and excessive laughter can make you shine and vibrate from the back of the shutter. Leave in their hands all the details you want to remember; they will take care of photographing your Wedding in Ibiza in an extraordinary way. Promise!

bodas Ibiza

David Azurmendi

Deserved winner of two Wedding Awards, David Azurmendi is the ideal person to trust to photograph your Wedding. If you want to make a timeless wedding reportage to see in one or ten years that can move you to that beautiful moment, you are in the right place. Your Wedding deserves a unique memory in which no moment is missing; therefore, the photographer proposes to be accompanied from start to finish but without you noticing, without interruptions, in the shade, so that you have a natural wedding reportage. He proposes to “immortalize those moments that make your heart beat a little louder than usual instead of those awkward poses that do not convey anything and lose value over time,” he confesses. That’s why his work methodology encompasses the best of motion shutter. Are you going to miss it?

Wedding Planners in Ibiza: authentic fairy godmothers

Make my day Ibiza

You have chosen one of the most beautiful places in the world to celebrate the most magical day of a couple. From a little online advice to the integral organization of your Wedding is possible with Make my day Ibiza. And its primary purpose, from a deep knowledge of every corner of the magical island, lies in “helping you to get everything just as you have always dreamed of.” Their professional, friendly, and accommodating treatment will make trusting and working with them an absolute pleasure. Let them prepare an unforgettable day that materializes all your fantasies; it will be a dream come true!

Ibiza for Wedding

The island of Ibiza is the ideal setting to celebrate a wedding, something they know in advance in Ibiza for Weddings. Impeccable organization; simple weddings on the beach or overlooking the sea; luxury events and beautiful villas to make your day the most special one. Ibiza for Wedding is a successful company with more than ten years of experience performing weddings in exclusive locations between Italy and Spain. Their team of professionals is at your disposal to ensure that the event is a success, including legal information for both civil and religious weddings here in Spain. Their proposal is for an exclusive service based on their experience in the Balearic Islands, offering you with certainty the best location for your Wedding, as well as all the benefits surrounding this special event.

Adlib designers: brides with a Mediterranean aura in Ibiza bridal dresses

Virginia Vald

It was during a trip around the Mediterranean while living with her partner on a sailboat when Virginia Vald’s passion and creativity for the design came to fruition. What began as simple sketches ended up consolidating her as a reference in the world of bridal couture. However, her versatility and passion for Ibiza, which she feels is her “place in the world,” has taken her a step further. Proof of this is her recent designs inspired by the air and the Mediterranean essence. Adlib fashion is inevitably written with a V.

Charo Ruiz

To relax perfectly dressed and enjoy one of the most important days of your life to the fullest. That is charm and the driving force that has led Charo Ruiz to become a benchmark of bridal fashion with the Adlib seal. Charo Ruiz is another of the great names of Adlib Fashion. She has undoubtedly taken the name of her brand and Ibizan style far beyond the borders of Ibiza, dressing models of all nationalities. Not in vain is the favorite designer of countless celebrities passionate about the island and its beauty. The rigor in the creative process and the technical development of the collections is the challenge that Charo Ruiz Ibiza poses each season to maintain the personality in each piece. Discover why there is no better way than to get married in Ibiza with one of her designs.

Tony Bonet

Tradition and craftsmanship dress Adlib brides by Tony Bonet. Tony Bonet was, for 12 years, a designer for Bianca, one of the forerunners of Adlib fashion, until 2011, when he created his label. Perhaps it is impossible to conceive a conversation about the Ibizan technique without his name and surname coming up. Tony Bonet combines the Adlib philosophy with new trends, respecting its purest roots but without renouncing freedom, achieving a groundbreaking mix. His cuts are tight to release large volumes, mixing lace with drapes and ribbons. Their fabrics are always rich in some of their collections; in addition to, cotton, tulle, and lace stand out. Look your best version on this great day by the hand of Bonet.

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