Gastro agenda: the guide to trendy restaurants in Madrid 2022 is not to be missed

Descubre los mejores restaurantes de moda de Madrid y las nuevas aperturas que han cautivado a los amantes de la alta gastronomía en la capital

You will want to eat the capital in bites. The best trendy restaurants in Madrid 2022 await you with grand openings and endless culinary novelties. You will touch the ‘gastro’ heaven by the hand of the restaurants with the busiest agendas in the capital. Careful decorations down to the smallest detail, exquisite table service, and raw materials of the highest quality are just a few touches that combine common concepts of their philosophy. Discover and rediscover the best establishments in the capital with EDDK Magazine’s Gastro Guide 2022. Pay attention, foodies; you won’t know which one to choose!

ISA Gastro Bar: an Asian-inspired multi-sensory experience in the heart of the Four Seasons

ISA, the name that completes the gastro proposal of the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, promises to revolutionize the capital’s social scene. An actual meeting point for all willing to live an emotional experience through the five senses. This gastrobar bets on a “liquid concept” through Asian-inspired signature cocktails that elevate the existing proposal to a higher level, seeking to surprise and meet the expectations of most sybarites. ISA transfers the magic of a city full of light to a spectacular space with different rooms that can be privatized. Each has its personality while simultaneously surprising art in all its forms in every corner. The New York studio AvroKo has been in charge of the design.

At ISA, the concept of Haiku -a type of short Japanese poetry capable of expressing the complexity of feelings in the minimum number of words- is sublimely applied to cocktails, offering complex flavors with a minimalist approach. His cocktail menu is a bet for the elegant and sophisticated, where you start from the most subtle to the most intense flavors. Miguel Perez, from Madrid, takes the reins of the liquid part of ISA sharing his expertise with all customers and with the firm purpose of transmitting endless sensations through each of his cocktails. In a place like this, there will be no lack of Sake. ISA will be the temple for lovers of this drink from Japan.

Gastronomy, cocktails, and entertainment

Gastronomy and cocktails are complemented by the most fun, vibrant and entertaining entertainment for guests and the local public in general. Live music and DJ three times a week. ISA’s gastro offerings feature Asian and Mediterranean-influenced fusion tapas. Her mystery is the common thread. On its menu, you can find nigiri of salmon acevichado, pickled carrot, trout caviar, squid bao in its ink, golden roasted garlic aioli, or fried oyster with Kataifi, Melanosporum truffle, and Oscietra caviar. Sophisticated combinations that promise to surprise. But that’s not all; ISA promises to surprise with its Himiko Lab, a space where the desire to offer an exclusive first-person experience and to discover and delve into the process of creating the most extraordinary cocktails materializes.

restaurantes moda Madrid

Yugo The Bunker: Japanese haute cuisine that moves and excites with two new creations

The restaurant that recreates a traditional Japanese bunker offers a gastronomic proposal capable of making all your senses vibrate. Not only because in YUGO THE BUNKER, you can taste the highest traditional Japanese cuisine in first person, but also because of an atmosphere that envelops and transports you without moving from Madrid’s Las Letras district. Chef Julián Mármol once again surprises the most cultivated critics and the most sybarite palates with a unique bet in the form of two new creations. Once again, the Michelin-starred chef puts the world on his shoulders, ready to captivate, conquer and delight diners.


To Mármol, sushi suggests “art, depth of understanding and flavors loaded with ‘umami’ and combinations that give pleasure to the brain.” Now he presents two new gastronomic menus that surprise: NAKED, for those who appreciate the product as a work of art; ROOTS, an evolution of Omakase—as always, accompanied by the best offer of sakes, wines, and champagnes on the market. According to the chef, the main difference between the two menus lies in “complexity and evolution.” His inspiration when creating them is based on his way of evolving in Japanese cuisine: “as I get to know it more and study it, it gives me other perspectives to approach it, fusion without confusion.”

Opening two new spaces in Galerías Canalejas and Four Seasons is a source of pride and an opportunity to make myself better known. It’s where I was born and grew up; I feel like a Madrilenian. Julián Mármol, executive chef at Yugo The Bunker.

Japanese Gastronomy

The hallmarks of Japanese gastronomy are in the roots of Yugo The Bunker, specifically in its new tasting menu ROOTS. “This menu represents the logical evolution of our most recognizable gastronomic concept,” says the chef—an infallible bet for those who cannot conceive Japanese cuisine without some of its most popular elements. With NAKED, Mármol proposes “a journey to the essence of the noblest raw materials, a journey to the heart of Japanese gastronomy.

This is a radically honest proposal in which each bite is presented stripped of the accessory, only accompanied by that which adds depth to the main product”. Texture, flavor and emotion, that is the treasure that awaits us. Are you going to miss it? Stay also tuned to the two new openings of Mármol in Galerías Canalejas and Four Seasons: “it is the first Mexican with a Japanese philosophy, a gastronomic grill that promises to extol the product at a high level and where many things will happen.”

Benares: Indian haute cuisine in Madrid’s Chamberí neighborhood, straight to the palate’s heaven.

Madrid’s Chamberí neighborhood serves as the setting for one of the trendiest restaurants in Madrid this 2022. The Benares restaurant narrows the distance between the capital and India, inviting us to discover gastronomy full of nuances and color. Here, Indian haute cuisine is served at the table with the sole purpose of delighting the diner. Benares combines local seasonal produce and modern techniques, under Chef Ivan Ortiz’s leadership, with classic elements and traditional Indian recipes.


And although the truth is that this trendy restaurant in Madrid shares its name with a sacred Indian city, from its beginnings, it aspired to become a temple where to worship the high gastronomy of the place. Among our favorite dishes is the red tuna loin in Malai and Tarka curry or the Tikka duck breast with cinnamon and chili raita that you will find in the Tasting Menu. The Calipari scallops, tandoor jhinga, and Murg tikka masala are also not to be missed. 


A meeting point between Indian tradition and Spanish gastronomy. We start from the base with recipes that make up the Indian culinary glossary and outline them in our own way.

The origin of Benares

Benares is to be found in London, an Indian restaurant of reputed fame founded in 2003, with a Michelin star. It was in 2015 when it opened its replica in Madrid. Thus it responded to the need to create in the Spanish capital a restaurant of genuine and high-quality Indian gastronomy. A careful and sophisticated decoration, with an exquisite and relaxed atmosphere, invites you to enjoy yourself at the table.


In Benares Madrid, they elaborate all the products of their menu with first quality raw material, also focusing on seasonality. This is the only way to guarantee a unique flavor in the capital. Discover every one of their menus; there is always an option made with care for you. The different spaces that make up the restaurant -event room, private room, terrace, wine cellar, and cocktail bar- have been designed for your enjoyment. Open your mind, and extraordinarily discover the high Indian cuisine without leaving Madrid.

Bar de Fuegos: the kitchen of Michelin Star chef Mauricio Giovanini where fire, gastronomy,y, and art come together

A new experience in Madrid takes the Chueca neighborhood as a stage. Bar de Fuegos responds to a modern and innovative proposal from its aesthetics to the kitchen. A new concept of Michelin Star chef Mauricio Giovanini (Messina, Marbella) that blends with an atmosphere and a setting of art in large formats thanks to the interior design of Pato Duhalde. An informal, f,n, and open concept with a certain punk air where the fire is conceived as a fantastical element. It is unthinkable that Bar de Fuegos is not on the list of trendy restaurants in Madrid. Discover it at your own pace!

Bar de Fuegos is a restaurant of good food, rustic and exquisite. A classic concept, timeless and simple, but at the same time sophisticated and different. Here, the fires are the main protagonists; the charcoal stove is open so that the food is in full view of the diner, who can observe the skill of the grillers in action. Bar de Fuegos takes advantage of the flavors offered by the sea and the land to fuse them with the mastery of chef Mauricio Giovanini. This lively space has soul and extraordinary charm, offering a comprehensive menu adapted to all palates.


To start the experience of fires, you can’t miss the prawn nems, the roasted cauliflower with spices, kimchee cream, and sour cream, or the Don Rescoldo salad; getting down to business, the two best types of meat on the menu: the Argentinean high loin or the German tenderloin matured for 45 days; and as a finishing touch, the pineapple (also grilled!) with lime soda and pisco. A delicious and refreshing end to an authentic and tasty evening.

La Mamona: a 365 terrace where the raw material shines in every dish

La Mamona Aravaca has become one of the capital’s most unique, wild, traditional, and gastronomic spaces. It is a space dominated by the beer bar, located in a large fully glazed room, and a large terrace that can be used 365 days a year. Undoubtedly this will be one of Madrid’s favorite places for lovers of winter terraces. You can enjoy a high-level menu with unbeatable quality and variety at the high and low tables for the most exquisite palate. In addition, it should be noted that La Mamona Aravaca is the first restaurant of the group to release a new menu with a gastronomic proposal focused more than ever on quality products.

Tradition and an ode to the product are the cornerstones of the philosophy of the chef behind the stove. Let yourself be delighted by an honest, unadorned cuisine where the raw material shines in each dish. In his new menu, we can find revised classics of the restaurant, such as the mamona 2.0 salad with homemade tuna belly, made with spectacular Barbastro pink tomatoes and accompanied by sweet onion, olive powder, and a delicious gordal olive smoothie. Among these novelties, there are versions of traditional dishes with the LALALA touch or novelties ideal for sharing, such as the tortilla vaga de foie and San Simón cheese, the eggs stuffed with smoked ratatouille. One of those places that invite you to stay, share and enjoy the little things life offers.

La Mentira: the new restaurant in Madrid where nothing is as it seems

Located in the heart of Madrid, it is under badly one of the best new restaurant openings in the capital. This restaurant, with a clandestine air and art deco style, offers international street cuisine with an authentic nonstop menu. The best restaurant in Madrid to see and be seen. Reminiscent of the happy20ss when prohibitions and censorship followed one after the other in violation of the law.


This new gastronomic space offers a rogue and cosmopolitan atmosphere with international flavors that surprise. The presentation of its dishes, informal but carefully prepared, surprises us with the variety of flavors it offers. A mixture of American, Asian and European flavors prepared with incredible taste. Our favorites? The ‘El Toston’ taco, an interpretation of a sea bass ceviche on a corn toast and avocado cream, or the Dyozas, duck gyozas covered with stew reduction that will take you on a trip from the most traditional Madrid to Beijing. Undoubtedly, among the best new trendy restaurants in Madrid 2022, La Mentira is in the top position.

Zaga: savor the essence of northern Spain without leaving the capital city

The north of Spain is captivating for being one of our great natural paradises and for its gastronomy. Discover, without leaving the capital, the purest essence of the north of the Peninsula in an intimate, timid, and exceptional restaurant: Zaga. The restaurant that champions the quality of the product in the bar and tablecloth offers a culinary experience at the height of the gastro heaven in an enviably cozy environment. At Zaga, they believe in the product and that everything should revolve around it, never the other way around. For this reason, the restaurant is already heating the stove with several northern dishes to satisfy the palate of those still looking for “traditional” quality in the capital.


For starters, Zaga offers some “traditional” starters full of flavor, such as squid rejoice in Santander style or anchovies from Santoña in butter. Undoubtedly, squid is the Cantabrian appetizer par excellence without leaving Madrid. The secret of ZAGA is in the frying, freshness, and quality of the squid. Continuing with the gastronomic route, the restaurant proposes a typical Galician dish: grilled octopus with mashed potatoes once we have opened our mouths. In this case, the embers are the critical tool for this explosion of flavors. This makes such a simple dish one of the favorite and most demanded in the capital. Undoubtedly it will always be a good option for sharing and as a main dish.


More about ZAGA

In addition, another of the most demanded dishes, grilled hake with baked potatoes, is prepared in the same kitchen. At ZAGA, they prepare it from start to finish with quality products and traditional preparations to enhance the flavor of the raw material. The experience of a good meal is not only in what we eat but in how we do it; therefore, we invite you to taste these delicacies accompanied by a good Albariño or Ribeiro. You will love it!

Santerra: the most promising bush cuisine in Madrid’s history

Santerra, the Michelin Guide restaurant in General Pardiñas, in Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood, opened its doors in 2017. Since then, an unstoppable success endorses its gastronomic restaurant, the neotaberna, and fine bar; it’s a most informal proposal where you can enjoy the classic dishes of a Madrid bar. However, Santerra Restaurante’s flagship has managed to enrapture the harshest critics and the most trained palates.

Basing the menu on a product and technical cuisine that changes every season, Santerra reinterprets traditional dishes carefully, creatively, and sophisticatedly. It is this delicate way of treating haute cuisine with which they work, perhaps, which has led Santerra to become one of the best restaurants in Madrid this 2022. At the fires, the chef Miguel Carretero, with an exclusive gift to serve to the table the flavors of the La Mancha mountain, where he grew up and enjoyed his childhood. Meet his most personal bet with the tasting menu ‘Monte Bajo,’ one of the gastronomic visions with more personality of the capital. Of course, one of the best new restaurants to include in our list of ‘places to be.’

La Fonda Lironda: traditional slow-cooked cuisine with an unstoppable ambiance

Any self-respecting guide to new restaurants in Madrid for 2022 should include the latest creation of Grupo Carbón Negro: La Fonda Linda. A décor inspired by 1950s New York and an opulent bar reminiscent of the old boites of the 1960s welcome us. Based on the stews, the slow fire, and the cuisine of the old inns, La Fonda Lironda has turned Madrid’s Plaza de Colón upside down. A carefully selected menu with traditional avant-garde cuisine makes this restaurant one of the best in the capital this 2022.

With contemporary touches and an updated menu according to the demands of frenetic Madrid, it does not forget that a traditional recipe book propelled them to the top. Among its star dishes is the one that pays homage to Juanjo López, from the Tasquita de enfrente, the Russian salad “as he likes it, decorated with an extra red tuna tartar and the possibility of adding caviar.” The starters are accompanied by cocktails signed by Carlos Moreno, who has created an extensive classic menu with contemporary touches. For example, Mi bloody Tiene cherry, a Bloody Mary with Grey Goose, tomato juice, yuzu juice, and pesto salt. Cheers to the new restaurant in Madrid.

Mune: an exquisite gastronomic journey to Lebanon

Discover the trendy Lebanese restaurant in Madrid this 2022. You will come back for sure. Mune is that little piece of Lebanon in the heart of Madrid that will make you teleport you to the Middle East without leaving the capital. You will enjoy a gastronomic journey through the rich and colorful Lebanese cuisine through a menu prepared with love and care. Mune is the traditional name for preserving fruits, vegetables, cereals, and meats.

A lot of charm and an international atmosphere can be breathed from the entrance, where listening to a melody of different accents is customary. If it is your first time with Lebanese gastronomy, we recommend a varied menu; we promise you will reach the gastro heaven from the first bite, among the assortment of cold mezze, Hummus (chickpea cream with tahini, extra virgin olive oil, and lemon), Labne (cow yogurt cream with fresh mint and extra virgin olive oil), and the delicious Muhammara (cream of roasted peppers, walnuts, and pomegranate molasses).

If hot mezze is your choice, be sure to try the great Rakayek (crispy halloumi cheese rolls), Fatayer (dumplings stuffed with spinach), and Falafel (crispy croquettes of chickpeas, vegetables, and spices with tahini sauce) served with yogurt sauce. You will love Lebanon above all things! Don’t miss any of the best trendy restaurants in Madrid 2022; check them out!


Big Mamma Group: the craziest adventure with Italian flavor revolutionizes the capital city

Villa Capri: an Amalfi charm in the heart of Madrid

One of the places that have been the strongest this summer, 2022, lands at number 118 of Hortaleza street in Madrid. The new Big Mamma Group trattoria, the little sister of the inimitable Bel Mondo, aspires to become one of the hotspots this summer in the capital. A fresh breeze with touches of the 70s, citrus notes of lemon, and a marine cavern where the party never ends. Villa Capri, Big Mamma’s craziest adventure, transports you, almost without knowing how, to the stunning Amalfi coast to give you a refreshing experience to quench the high temperatures of Madrid. Its chefs, loaded with good vibes, offer an ideal menu to share.


Every one of Villa Capri’s dishes results from purely homemade preparations “cooked daily and with a double dose of love and products brought directly from our trusted suppliers.” Villa Capri’s goal is “to offer delicious and generous food at the best price, taking care of every single detail for each of our customers.” Their month’s menu allows you to enjoy delicacies such as Pugliese burrata, Sean Taconnery, Mr. Lobster Lover spaghetti, or the iconic Shuffle Truffle pizza. If you think that in Villa Capri, the only protagonist is the food, you can’t miss its careful decoration by Studio Kiki; you will change your mind!


Bel Mondo: Italian-style fellicità

She was conceived as the perfect mix between a summer palace on the shores of Lake Garda and the bachelor pad of the trendy 80’s babe. Bel Mondo extends over 900 square meters of pure happiness ‘ all Italiana. Undoubtedly, the best of the Big Mamma Group has managed to reap an unstoppable success that has shot them to the top. Bel Mondo is, among the new Madrid restaurants, the capital’s new ‘foodie’ temple.


From lounges with a stately feel to an impressive Amalfi-style terrace and a fun cocktail bar surrounded by vinyl. More than 150 Italian products guarantee a traditional flavor that, mixed with the expertise of the historic chef Ciro Cristiano, will take you to seventh heaven. Tutto`é fatto in casa. E Basta. Under the motto of the chef and his dream team, countless culinary delights are presented based on premium raw materials. Proof of this is its creamy croquettes, Andria’s burrata in Plugin, or the Shuffle Truffle pizza. Enjoy the best Italian restaurant in Madrid this 2022, do not stay without a reservation!

El Patio: the heart of the Four Seasons, a meeting point in the capital city

High ceilings supported by green marble columns topped with gilded capitals dating from 1925 welcome us to what was once the trading floor, the main hall of the Banco Español de Crédito. Here, in the Palacio de la Equitativa, where the bustle of bankers and banking transactions once echoed, we now savor fine Earl Grey tea, enjoy the bubbling of a crystal glass and appreciate the cutting of an irresistibly delicious cake. Perhaps, this is the reason that leads us to say that El Patio will be one of the trendiest restaurants in Madrid this 2022. Undoubtedly, a nice place with historical reminiscences where to enjoy the capital.

El Patio del Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, de ser el centro de una gran institución financiera a corazón del nuevo gran hotel de la ciudad

El Patio has emerged as a meeting point for Madrid’s elite. A place to enjoy from an early breakfast to a luxury dinner, including the iconic vermouth and a spectacular lunch. And it is here where we stop because experiencing La Hora del Vermú in such an iconic space as the Four Seasons Hotel is an almost religious act. It is served directly from an exclusive custom-made traditional sherry cask, the first of its kind since the 1960s. However, at El Patio, you can also enjoy the best pâttiserie from chef Carles Codina, who has a wealth of experience behind him. As El Patio moves into the evening, guests may be tempted by the intriguing menu of cocktails inspired by Madrid’s characters and historical figures. One recommendation? La Modistilla. Cheers!

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