Top 10 luxury boats and yachts for charter in Ibiza in 2021

It is well known that Ibiza is a paradise on a little piece of land. That’s why, now that the sun is shining, we couldn’t resist crossing out the days on the calendar to move to this magical place: crystal clear waters, stunning white sandy beaches, and a thousand coves to conquer under the Mediterranean sun. The best way to discover the charms hidden in the beautiful island at your own pace is, without a doubt, with boats and yachts for charter.

What about sailboats, catamarans, and yachts that, year after year, conquer travelers raising passions? If you are determined to sail the Mediterranean aboard the best boats this year, you should not miss this definitive guide. The truth is that renting a boat on the island of eternal youth has its unique charm, but EDDK Magazine brings you the ten best boats and yachts for charter in Ibiza this 2021. Let’s get some vitamin sea!

Boats and yachts for charter without a license in Ibiza? It is possible

This is undoubtedly the most recurring question among those considering renting a boat in Ibiza for the first time. And the truth is that your dream of being the captain of your ship can be fulfilled in this paradise at sea level without needing a license.

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The regulation states that you can govern motor boats with a maximum power of 15CV, up to 5 meters in length, as long as they are not more than two nautical miles away from a port. The best views of the coast of Ibiza are obtained between the waves, so forget about the recreational boating qualifications; enjoy your vacation! Boat rentals in Ibiza are the order of the day; take the helm!

Lizard Boats: Remus 525 

Among the available options that do not require a license, we can find Lizard Boats, the Remus 525. A boat with a capacity for six people, elegant, comfortable, and spacious. This boat has a large bow sundeck, bathing ladder, marine radio, bimini top, electric starter, and safety equipment. A total of 5.25 meters in length, we invite you to consider this option as one of the boats to rent without a license. Have fun!


Motonáutica Ibiza: dinghy Joplin Capelli Tempest 470 

If you are looking for a charter in Ibiza, Motonáutica Ibiza offers you the inflatable boat Joplin Capelli Tempest 470. A very comfortable 4.7 meters boat with an expansive solarium at the bow and spacious stowage lockers. As it does not require any qualification according to current legislation, it is ideal for first-time sailors who wish to get to know the Ibizan coast. A magnificent opportunity to relax in the sun.

boats and yachts for charter

Yacht charter in Ibiza without skipper: which is your favorite boat?

EDDK Magazine succumbs to all your prayers by offering a varied fleet to rent boats in Ibiza without skippers. Discover your favorite luxury charter in Ibiza to sail the Mediterranean waters in style.

Ibiza Go Charter: Catamarán Lagoon 570 

If you are looking for a catamaran rental without a skipper in Ibiza, the alternative Ibiza Go Charter offers is an ideal choice. The Lagoon 570 Catamaran, with 17.60 meters in length, 4G wifi internet, Lcd TV, and a highly equipped kitchen, is a dream to discover the best coves on the island. In addition, the charter has air conditioning, solar panels, and an auxiliary semi-rigid Zodiac with an outboard engine.

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Lanchas Ibiza: Lancha Sessa Key Largo 30 

Rent the Sessa Key Largo 30 to enjoy a day at sea with priceless views. The Ibiza motorboat option has a capacity for nine passengers and a length of 10.5 meters to relax under the sun. It is fully equipped and has, among other features, a Bimini top, cold shower, stern and bow sundeck, a cabin, and an aft table to share with your guests.

Lancha Sessa "Key Largo 30" Descripción - Alquiler Barco Ibiza Ibizawinds

Xaloc Charter: Pirelli 880, semi-rigid 

Xaloc Charter offers us to discover the island at our own pace with a RIB without a skipper. This 2016 boat has a capacity for nine people and a length of 9 meters. You can enjoy a bath, shower, ladder, solarium at the bow and stern, refrigerator, and awning. Discover the charm of the beautiful island from the sea.


Steamboat: Velero Katerina Wing 

Enjoying the sea of Ibiza aboard a stunning sailing yacht for rent without a skipper is possible thanks to Steamboat. This Hanse 508 of the year 2020, nicknamed Katerina Wing, has a length of 15.5 meters, perfect for enjoying the Ibiza coast. The boat’s capacity allows up to 12 people on board, and it has five different cabins and a harmonious design with views.

Velero Hanse 508 Katerina Wings - Alquiler de veleros, catamaranes y motoras en Málaga, Ibiza y Formentera - A Toda Vela Charter

Ibiza yacht charter with skipper: the best luxury charter in Ibiza

However, this is undoubtedly your section if you want to treat yourself to a luxury vacation at sea. The best boats for rent in Ibiza are brought to you by EDDK Magazine. Rediscover the wonders of the Mediterranean overlooking the coast of Ibiza and Es Vedra by the hand of the best luxury charter in Ibiza. Sophistication, elegance, and elitism are in harmony with the island!

Ibiza Winds: Yate Vanquish VQ43 Dutchess 

Imposing. Yacht charter in Ibiza has skyrocketed over the years; however, if you are looking for a vessel capable of making a difference, Dutchess is yours. One of the firm’s flagship yachts is famous for its unfailing ability to hold passengers spellbound. The design combines highly advanced technical features with a powerful and aggressive image.

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Super Yacht Charter Ibiza: Megayate The Wellesley 

The Wellesley is a mega yacht available for charter in Ibiza from Super Yacht Charter Ibiza. This is a 56-meter megayacht initially built in the Netherlands and refitted by the superyacht charter firm in Ibiza. She can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 majestic staterooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. With wood-paneled interiors, cozy leather furnishings, and carefully selected artwork, The Wellesley has an elegant yet traditional private members club style.

Megayate Oceanco "The Wellesley" - alquiler de barco en ibiza

Charter in Ibiza: Velero Midori Sunreef 

If your luxury charter goes through the rental of a sailboat in Ibiza to enjoy the island in its best version, the Midori Sunreef sailboat is our firm proposal. Midori Sunreef is a boat with names and surnames and a style of its own. With 21 meters in length, it is a perfect alternative to the typical luxury yachts of Ibiza. A capacity of eight people and premium equipment with a jacuzzi, air conditioning, and space for exercise makes this a dream boat.

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Ibiza Boats: Superyate Technema 95 

One of the best options if you want to rent a superyacht in Ibiza is to leave your dream in the hands of Ibiza Boats, one of the best boat rental companies in Ibiza. Enjoy the Mediterranean waters and the sun caressing your skin on this luxury boat on the beautiful island. This wonderful megayacht of 30 meters in length was built by the Italian shipyard Posillipo Technema. Sophistication, vanguard, and style converge in this luxury yacht with a capacity for ten people. Enjoy Ibiza from the sea.

Alquiler de barco en Ibiza - Technema 95 - Abyacht Broker & Charter
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