The taste of the north without leaving the capital: Asturian restaurants in Madrid are a success

Descubre dónde degustar el sabor más auténtico del norte de España en los mejores restaurantes asturianos de Madrid. ¡Una verdadera gozada!

Pote, fabada, cachopo, verdinas con bogavante, caldereta asturiana, chorizo a la sidra, leche frita… Asturian food triumphs in Madrid, and no wonder. The unmistakable flavor of one of the most beloved homelands of the peninsula has settled in the capital. And now you can taste authentic Asturian cuisine in five of the best Asturian restaurants in Madrid. Let yourself be surprised, seduced by its aroma, texture, and flavor, the quality of service, and an outstanding pairing. EDDK Magazine reveals, spoon in hand, the best Asturian restaurants in Madrid to warm up this winter. Add to your gastro agenda these new additions; they do not disappoint!


Manuel Fernández, or Manolo, as he likes to introduce himself, passionately runs the Asgaya Restaurant Group. Asturian has dedicated his whole life to hospitality by birth and heart and Madrid-born by adoption. That is why it is no surprise to his diners that he is one of Madrid’s best-known Asturian restaurants. In Asgaya, which in Bable means abundance, they practice honest, sensible, and generous cuisine in a sophisticated and cozy space. This Asturian restaurant in Madrid has divided into several atmospheres: a large lounge, several reserved areas, and a glassed-in terrace open all year round. Ideal.

Here they work on updating the Asturian recipe book. All this from relaxed creativity, using the best raw materials on the market, and being faithful to their philosophy: renewing tradition. This translates into a deep respect for the essence of famous Asturian cuisine, its flavors, and aromas, which nevertheless leaves room for modernity well understood. Among its most famous dishes is the best fabada in Madrid, creamy spider crab lasagna with vegetables over antique cream, smoked sardines with wild herbs, or grilled scallops with pea cream.

El oso

El Oso is, among the Asturian restaurants in Madrid, the best representative of this land in the capital. And this is due to the prestige and quality of its traditional cuisine. A few minutes from the center of Madrid, in the distinguished urbanization of La Moraleja, El Paso, an Asturian restaurant with market cuisine. The first quality raw material is the hallmark of this luminous establishment, where María de Lorenzo prepares a cuisine that clings to the roots of northern Spain. This restaurant’s menu has passion and a history of commitment to conscious regional food based on local character and customs.


The restaurant is divided into several rooms, all tastefully decorated in light tones. The stylistic line chosen is logical and appropriate for the food served there. There is no room for unnecessary frills, but there is room for sensible, sensible, and noble preparations. Sitting at the table, we can enjoy the irresistible Russian salad with white tuna; Cantabrian anchovies, prepared and filleted by hand; onion stuffed with tuna; cod fritters with cane honey and, of course, fabada, prepared with home-grown ingredients and homemade company. Be sure to discover their selection of traditional stews, fish, and meats of El Oso.

La Hoja

Feel Asturias, enjoy its traditional flavors, and savor its exquisite natural products. Delight yourself with its traditional stews and renewed dishes is also possible in Madrid. La Hoja Restaurant, which started its activity on February 23rd, 1981, has become one of the primary references among Asturian restaurants in Madrid. At the helm of La Hoja, Francisco Rodríguez strives daily with his team to maintain the highest standards of quality and service. This is the only way to show off with genuine pride the title of Ambassador of Gastronomy of the Principality, at the time one of his most prized titles. And who does not surrender to the best Asturian food in Madrid?

restaurantes asturianos Madrid

This Asturian restaurant in downtown Madrid, located in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood, offers a seductive, attractive, and formal proposal. From your table, you will be transported through each dish to a world of flavors and sensations that will not only surprise your palate but also make it happy. Its classic and traditional menu contains exquisite dishes such as the best bean stew in Madrid, Verdana with lobster, the best fish from the Bay of Biscay, and a selection of meats that will surely satisfy lovers of the product. A wine pairing at the height and a delicious dessert menu put the finishing touch to a gastronomic journey through the north of Spain.

La máquina de Jorge Juan

If you are looking for an authentic Asturian cider house in Madrid, La Máquina de Jorge Juan is your natural ‘place to be.’ All the gastronomic essence of La Máquina Original in the most “it” street of the capital of Spain. Here you will live and taste the best cosmopolitan, relaxed, and fun atmosphere in the bar area. For other occasions, you will enjoy its cozy lounges, ideal for business lunches, family, and friends. A unique space designed according to the context in which the main protagonist is not lost sight of the product of each of its dishes. Sophistication and exquisiteness converge in the fabulous Asturian restaurants in Madrid, so La Máquina cannot be left behind. Said and done.

La Máquina’s menu reflects the group’s commitment for more than 35 years: to offer the highest quality and excellent service. Here, national products play a significant role in each section that makes up its carefully selected menu. Try the grilled octopus, the red shrimp with garlic, the langoustine, or the grilled golden razor clams. From its ‘tradition’ section, its fabada and callos a la Moda de Oviedo (Oviedo-style tripe) are worth a try. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the grilled wild turbot and sea bass in salt puff pastry—an absolute delight.


The Feito brothers, Manolo and Ernesto, form a saga of good restaurateurs. All the flavor of the well-done and learned in the kitchens of a careful family tradition in the Asturian Principality, is present in Madrid for more than 30 years. And the prestige of one of the best Asturian restaurants in Madrid has its reason. The Ferreiro restaurant offers meats and fish from the north and homemade products from the Asturian orchard. In addition, the cold meats are an absolute pleasure for anyone visiting this magnificent restaurant. Are you going to miss it?

restaurantes asturianos Madrid

In its menu, classic and traditional, you can not forget one of Ferreiro’s fabada, with fabes D.O.P of Asturias. The same happens with the verdinas, the grilled hake, the veal cachopo, or the grilled pixin with garlic. Among the desserts, you can not miss the rice pudding with caramel crust, the frixuelos stuffed with cream on the hot chocolate sauce or homemade cheesecake. Enjoy all this in its spacious and cozy dining rooms or private lounges. As if all this were not enough and you do not want to miss the opportunity to taste the best Asturian food in Madrid without leaving your living room, Ferreiro has a home delivery service.

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