Five proposals for tasting menus in Madrid to satisfy the most discerning palates

There are gastro proposals that inevitably make us fall at their feet just by hearing their name. This is the case with the Madrid tasting menus we propose enjoying haute cuisine. Gastronomic sanctuaries where the pleasure of eating is elevated to an almost religious experience. Discover the authentic temples of cooking in the capital and let yourself be surprised by the best-tasting menus in Madrid.

Hotel Orfila: enjoy the neoclassical luxury and the best taste of Mario Sandoval’s hand


The Hotel Orfila in Madrid presents a culinary project of luxury and haute cuisine in an exceptional atmosphere. Enjoy an exquisite Michelin Star tasting menu in Madrid seated at the table in the best company. The creation of chef Mario Sandoval, awarded with two stars, consists of 7 dishes with wine pairing. The menu has been carefully prepared by the master chef in harmony with his kitchen team. Every one of his dishes has one purpose: to delight the diner. To do so, they are based on the cooking and preparation of exquisite seasonal products that leave the visitor with an unforgettable sensation. If you are looking for a perfect way to enjoy a romantic evening, Hotel Orfila offers the possibility of acquiring this tasting menu in Madrid as a gift.

CEBO: contemporary, progressive, and free-flowing cuisine in the form of a tasting menu in Madrid

Surprising an increasingly well-traveled public with traditional and 100% recognizable flavors is not easy. Aurelio Morales’ DNA is based on technique, ingenuity, and meticulous background work. CEBO’s cuisine maintains the balance between design and product and delves into the traditional recipes and the local pantry. Discover one of the most coveted restaurants with a tasting menu in Madrid.


A unique gastronomic experience can be enjoyed with the compilation of CEBO’s iconic dishes in its ten-step tasting menu, ‘Nuestros Clásicos.’ You can also be surprised by Aurelio Morales’ new proposal in short format, ‘Somos,’ or its complete form, ‘Somos CEBO.’ This is where the products will be the surprise and the spectator the protagonist; you can’t miss it!


Restaurante Ramón Freixa: the authentic Michelin Star tasting menu in Madrid


The Salamanca district, next to the secret garden of the Hotel Único Madrid, is where art meets gastronomy. Dishes that hide stories and that are discovered bite by bite. Sequences where tradition and avant-garde coexist. Madness and common sense. Compositions that do not forget that the protagonist will always be the flavor have deserved the international recognition of chef Ramón Freixa, who treasures 2 Michelin stars and 3 Repsol suns in this restaurant. Technique, product, and feeling converge in his three tasting menus in this restaurant in Madrid. Undoubtedly, our favorite is the ‘Freixa Universe.’ Let yourself be seduced by an inimitable savoir-faire.

Gofio: canarian, creative and signature cuisine

Gofio seeks emotion from subtlety, art linked to flavor, taste, visuals, and playfulness. Gofio’s cuisine is based on the products of the land, some more known and others less, in spicy elaborations of intense flavors. The chef Safe Cruz comes from a family of farmers in El Tablero, Tenerife. This is how he was trained with care, day after day, in the pure Canarian cuisine, of which there was and almost no more.

For that reason, Gofio gathers in a gastronomic proposal the personal attempt of the master of the stoves to take “to the maximum expression this natural treasure of the Canary Islands.” If you are looking for a cheap restaurant with a tasting menu in Madrid without giving up the flavor, this is your place. Gofio has two tasting menus – ‘Gofio’ and ‘Canariedad Máxima’ – that evoke a journey through Cruz’s very personal vision of Canarian cuisine. Embark on this journey!

Ático: avant-garde gastronomy, concerned with the quality of natural and fresh products

Touch the sky of Madrid between the illuminated rooftops of the Gran Vía. As a backdrop, the frenetic pace of the unstoppable capital. This is where the most casual bet of chef Ramón Freixa and his Michelin-starred tasting menu is sheltered. In an informal and everyday environment, in the heart of The Principal Hotel, the chef displays his usual creativity, offering a casual and relaxed menu without leaving aside its authenticity. Ático is an elegant and sophisticated yet warm place that invites you to explore the culinary heritage and take a tour of the different corners of Spain through various proposals. It is Ramón Freixa in Prêt-à-Porter key. Discover its intimate and exquisite tasting menu in this iconic enclave in Madrid, and let yourself be surprised.


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