Nikkei restaurant in Madrid reclaims its leading role: fusion, crossbreeding, and avant-garde

Japón y Perú se sientan a la mesa en cualquier restaurante nikkei en Madrid. ¿Conoces el concepto que ha revolucionado el panorama gastro de la capital?

Perhaps, on this occasion, we should start at the beginning. For those unfamiliar with Nikkei restaurant cuisine, EDDK Magazine would like to introduce you to it to speak later about the Nikkei restaurants in Madrid. On April 4, 1899, 790 Japanese disembarked on the Peruvian coast after a long voyage aboard the Sakura Maru – cherry blossom in the Japanese language. These pioneers shared the hope of finding new horizons and opportunities in the haciendas of Peru. The Meiji Era led to the enrichment and modernization of the country for a large part of society, but its changes did not benefit the peasants equally. They were forced to pay high taxes to work on an increasingly industrialized land. The number of emigrants increased, numbering in the thousands, and they soon set out on new paths, building a new mestizo community.

The descendants of those emigrants defended their Peruvian identity but remained faithful to the traditions and knowledge of their Japanese predecessors. Thus, the term nikkei defines all those Japanese emigrants and their customs, so extrapolated to gastronomy, the concept refers to Japanese Peruvian cuisine. Now that you know the origin, if you are looking for a Nikkei restaurant in Madrid, keep reading; we will show you the best ones!

Ponja Nikkei

This Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant is part of the Quispe group, a specialist in Peruvian haute cuisine projects. Ponja Nikkei is a concept of Haute fusion cuisine located in the vibrant neighborhood of Salesas, in the heart of Madrid. It is a tribute to the Japanese cultural heritage in Peru, which has contributed many nuances to the latter. Its gastro proposal has a varied offer of cold cuisine based on ceviche, tiraditos, and sushi. All of them are prepared at the moment with the best raw material. The aim is to achieve an explosion of flavor in every bite through its fusion. In addition, they have an exquisite offer of hot starters and main courses such as rice, wagyu, baos, and gyozas, typically Japanese but with Peruvian flavors.

Gaman by Luis Arévalo

If there is a Nikkei restaurant in Madrid with a name and a surname, that is Gaman by Luis Arévalo. Considered the best Nikkei restaurant in Madrid thanks to a concept that goes back to its origins. Gaman represents the evolution of Nikkei cuisine, much more cosmopolitan and global, in which the product, treated with the most traditional Japanese techniques, becomes the absolute protagonist. All this from the personal point of view of the chef referred to as the precursor of Nikkei cuisine in Spain. In Gaman, they select the best products of the market daily to offer an exquisite tasting of their dishes at the chef’s choice. An Omakase menu where the customer can enjoy bites that combine flavor, aroma, freshness, and technique.

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Hasaku by Jhosef Arias

Hasaku by Jhosef Arias is a Nikkei restaurant where Japan and Peru combine at the table in a delivery restaurant with its personality. Enjoy a unique experience and delve into Peruvian gastronomy with Japanese influence thanks to a menu made with care and detail. Here appears as the main protagonist a concept of makis with the Peruvian essence as a differential feature. In addition, for those who want to go a step further, they offer two tasting menus that will not leave anyone indifferent. Try the tempura Tigre Tigre, the American gyoza, the char siu bao, or the nikkei ceviche. In the maki section, don’t miss the acebichado, the chief, or the diablada; you will love this Nikkei restaurant in Madrid!

Ronda 14

The authentic place on earth where the gastronomies and cultures of Peru, Asturias, and Japan converge. Ronda 14 is the Peruvian restaurant in Madrid with a Nikkei soul that has conquered us. Opened in 2015, the bet of Conchi Álvarez and Mario Céspedes has already established itself as more than a novelty to be known, becoming a reference to enjoy every time you visit. The menu of Ronda 14 is designed to enjoy under the premise of always using the best product with elaborations that enhance its qualities, fusing it with funds and stews that surprise the diner with new and risky flavors. You can’t miss the Nikkei ceviche with sweet potato puree or the tiradito with yellow chili cream.

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Asiako is the disruptive proposal of the Mr. Ito Group that has taken fusion cuisine to a new dimension by giving it a peninsular approach to Nikkei. Located in Chamberí, at 5 Marqués de Riscal Street, this innovative restaurant is run by chef Sergio Monterde. In this place, which has a decoration in which wood, brick, and warm and rustic tones are the protagonists, you can go to enjoy the bar or give yourself a full-fledged tribute. 

If you want something more informal and quick, like tapas, the ideal is to go for its sophisticated menus, such as grilled edamame or Asian-Basque pintxos. Suppose you want a more formal and calm experience. In that case, your place is the dining room, where the fusion of gastronomies continues with dishes such as grilled lettuce hearts with Hokkaido dressing, smoked Idiazábal, into cream, Chinese chives, and walnuts; the Tamago-tortilla with cider soufflé with kimchee and spider crab; or the wok shells, thai green sauce veloute with txakoli and citrus. Ideal.

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