New restaurants in Madrid: discover all the gastro novelties in the capital in 2022

EDDK Magazine presents the definitive gastro alphabet for those who consider themselves authentic ‘foodies.’ Discover the new restaurants in Madrid that aim to conquer the capital this new autumn/winter season. True sanctuaries where you can enjoy the pleasure of small bites full of flavor and inspiration. Seven unavoidable names will make this rentrée one of the most special. Bon appetit, Madrid!

New restaurants in Madrid were to be seen this season.

LEÑA: Paseo de la Castellana, 57

The embers of Dani García arrive in Madrid to continue revolutionizing the world of steakhouses to make diners enjoy unique flavors. Leña is considered one of the steakhouses that breaks all stereotypes and masterfully combines innovation, tradition, and product. The carefully selected menu with Dani García’s stamp brings together up to seven cuts of meat, grilled vegetables, internationally-inspired dishes, and classic recipes executed with high precision. An authentic gastronomic spectacle that takes place within a space of luxury and sophistication without losing that informal air that the Malaga chef seeks so much in his more casual formats.

Leña is the reinvention of luxury that is born after rising from the ashes of the embers.

Smoked Room: Paseo de la Castellana, 57

We continue to revere chef Dani García, who makes his double debut at the heart of the Hyatt Regency Hesperia Madrid. A total of 14 diners will be lucky enough to enjoy one of the new restaurants in Madrid that have stolen our hearts -and palates-. This boutique restaurant invites you to enjoy the Smoked Room Fire Omakase experience, a proposal that consists of letting yourself be carried away by the chef and enjoy. As confirmed by the chef from Marbella, this novelty will change according to the season’s products. Here, the technique becomes an indispensable part of each dish, turning the smoke into the dressing, being the touch of each fish, vegetable, seafood, or meat. Thus, the techniques used for the menu are smoking, embers and maturation. Let yourself be surprised!

Restaurante Leña: Smoked Room, en la barra de estilo japonés de Dani García | El Viajero | EL PAÍS

ISA Gastro Bar: an Asian-inspired multi-sensory experience in the heart of the Four Seasons

ISA, the name that completes the gastro proposal of the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, promises to revolutionize the capital’s social scene. An actual meeting point for all willing to live an emotional experience through the five senses. This gastrobar bets on a “liquid concept” through Asian-inspired signature cocktails that elevate the existing proposal to a higher level, seeking to surprise and meet the expectations of most sybarites. ISA transfers the magic of a city full of light to a spectacular space with different rooms that can be privatized. Each has its personality while simultaneously surprising art in all its forms in every corner. The New York studio AvroKo has been in charge of the design.

At ISA, the concept of Haiku -a type of short Japanese poetry capable of expressing the complexity of feelings in the minimum number of words- is sublimely applied to cocktails, offering complex flavors with a minimalist approach. His cocktail menu is a bet for the elegant and sophisticated, where you start from the most subtle to the most intense flavors. Miguel Perez, from Madrid, takes the reins of the liquid part of ISA sharing his expertise with all customers and with the firm purpose of transmitting endless sensations through each of his cocktails. In a place like this, there will be no lack of Sake. ISA will be the temple for lovers of this drink from Japan.

Gastronomy and cocktails

Gastronomy and cocktails are complemented by the most fun, vibrant and entertaining entertainment for guests and the local public in general. Live music and DJ three times a week. ISA’s gastro offerings feature Asian and Mediterranean-influenced fusion tapas. Her mystery is the common thread. On its menu, you can find nigiri of salmon acevichado, pickled carrot, trout caviar, squid bao in its ink, golden roasted garlic aioli, or fried oyster with Kataifi, Melanosporum truffle, and Oscietra caviar. Sophisticated combinations that promise to surprise. But that’s not all; ISA promises to surprise with its Himiko Lab, a space where the desire to offer an exclusive first-person experience and to discover and delve into the process of creating the most extraordinary cocktails materializes.

La Rita: Calle de las Infantas, 29

As if it were a movie script and Rita Hayworth was its protagonist. La Rita masterfully recreates what could be a restaurant of the ’40s run by “the red-haired doom.” A space where to worship the best contemporary gastronomy by the hand of its chef Pepe Sacristán and his head waiter Joel Brazuna. Located in what used to be Exlibris, La Rita offers diners a 260-degree turn with unique flavors, textures, and aromas while the music of “Gilda” plays in the background. At La Rita, the product is the protagonist, authentic and, above all, homemade, according to the season. Here, every spoonful becomes an unforgettable experience for the palate.

Aimed at all types of public, we can taste La Rita from a Cordovan salmorejo with quail egg and tuna belly confit to cod fritters with mango emulsion with leek ash. Another proposal where Rita Hayworth’s hand can be appreciated is in the brochette of monkfish and grilled vegetables with jasmine rice and soft teriyaki sauce emulsion. Also, among the great stars invited to the feast, the brownie of braised oxtail with walnuts, silky puree of tubers, and napped with its cocoa juices. As if it were a good ending, the cheesecake also makes an appearance, accompanied by Rita’s kiss and a shot of Margarita with a background of red fruits that makes the diner want to come back.

BAAN: Calle Villanueva, 2

BAAN is presented as the new home of Southeast Asian cuisine in the capital. Among the new restaurants in Madrid that aspire to set the autumn trends, BAAN already occupies a privileged place. In addition to its gastronomy, its spectacular cocktail bar also stands out, combining exotic creations with Asian reminiscences and essential classics. Anyone who visits BAAN will enjoy the cult creations and traditional recipes at the service of chef Víctor Camargo’s technique, with which he invites you to embark on a unique journey through Thailand and Vietnam, with stops in India, the Philippines, and China. Its offer is complemented by great distillates and more than 125 wine references, which become an essential ingredient of the experience of this Madrid hotspot. In addition, its entire gastronomic proposal is also available on its terrace, inaugurated this summer.

Jose Carlos Capel on Twitter: "Nuevo #Baan, cocina asiática reinterpretada. Dumplings, curris, samosas y carnes de maduraciones extremas. Un inteligente modelo comercial diseñado para agradar a las mayorías. Postres occidentales mal resueltos.

Terracotta: Calle de Velázquez, 80

Terracotta is a masterful ode to craftsmanship and gastronomy in equal parts. It is located at number 80 of the famous Velázquez street, Terracotta bets for honest cuisine. Also, for maximum respect for the product, and abandons a philosophy that emphasizes the know-how of the manual trades. Here the craftsmanship is observed and savored through the details that make up an exquisite decoration and the dishes presented with care at the table. Everything in Terracotta responds to the search for the essence, hence its name. In the kitchen, cooking techniques and cooking times are respected to praise seasonal raw materials, and the decoration is governed by the organic forms of nature and its materials.

Under the signature of the interior designer Helena Cánovas, trained with Lázaro Rosa-Violán, comes a holistic decorative concept inspired by the restaurant’s name and primitive soul. Creations that consistently respond to the search for the essence. Thus, techniques are respected in his kitchen, and long cooking times are used for dishes cooked from scratch with premium raw materials. Under the philosophy of respect for the trade and excellent work, the juices, funds, and sauces update all life recipes. Special mention to the handmade sangrias—the Iberian jowl säam glazed with pineapple and mint. The crispy zucchini flowers are stuffed with speck, mozzarella, and anchovies. And the broken eggs with Balfegó red tuna tartar, and the banana and white chocolate biscuit glacee with passion fruit.

Lagasca 19: as it could not be otherwise, located at 19 Lagasca Street

Lagasca 19, an honest, creative, and easy-to-share proposal, has landed in Madrid. The restaurant, located in the Salamanca neighborhood, offers a varied menu of reinterpreted classic tapas where the portions grow according to the diners. In addition to the menu, the restaurant offers three tasting menus to get to know the proposal ultimately. With Daniel Roca at the helm of this new project, respect for the product becomes the central pillar of the proposal, along with international winks from countries like Mexico, Peru, or Thailand. His menu includes dishes such as sweet croquettes of rusted meat and foie rougié, cuttlefish ceviche, grilled calarmacitos, or crispy jowl nem. After the success of Barra Alta and Masala 73 in Barcelona, César Guillen and Daniel Roca disembarked in the capital with Lagasca 19.

Lagasca 19.jpg

Beirutista: Calle Ruiz, 20

Beirutistahttps://beirutista.es/ lands in the heart of Malasaña to showcase the most authentic, honest, and cosmopolitan Lebanese street food. The delicious dough was prepared and baked in their workshop. Tasty meats include shawarma, falafel, and a selection of seven types of hummus. They come together in a menu that looks at the most contemporary Beirut. Also not to be missed is the Moutabal, an incredible roasted and smoked eggplant with fresh pomegranate spread. Or the Fatayer, a dough fermented for 48 hours, covered with a mixture of cheeses and parsley. All this, prepared in their kitchen with great care and ready to enjoy both in their cozy space divided into two floors and to take home with their delivery and take away options. Discover El Líbano without leaving the capital!

Beirutista: el mejor modo de comer en Malasaña como en el Líbano. - LOFF.IT

Mano de Santa: Calle del General Díaz Porlier, 95

When chefs Nacho Chicharro and Dani Garrido, bartender Álvaro Cañellas and his partner José Tomás Garrido decided to embark on the adventure of creating their restaurant, they were very clear about what their goal was. To be able to transmit their way of understanding and living the hospitality industry from both sides, that of the restaurateur and that of the public. Thus, Mano de Santa began to take shape. The restaurant with which these four friends, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the restaurant industry, sought to conquer Madrid. An opening that arrives with the premise of becoming a home, refuge, and escapes route for those who enjoy good cuisine or cocktails and live intensely in the small pleasures and details. A secret? Do not miss their homemade vermouth at aperitif time!


La Parrilla de La Máquina: Calle de Jorge Juan, 22

La Parrilla de La Máquina is one of the new restaurants opened in Madrid that aspires to revolutionize the gastro concept in the city. It proposes to serve at the table “the best products cooked in the best way to the fire of our grill. An exclusive, sophisticated, and well-cared-for atmosphere invites you to sit at the table and enjoy. Here you can taste unparalleled cuts of meat, vegetables grilled over oak charcoal, fish, and seafood of the highest quality. All this is paired with the best references of its excellent wine cellar. Also, you can enjoy every bite in one of the best-decorated spaces in the city. Let yourself be surprised by the care of its menu, its unmistakable flavor, and its captivating atmosphere. You will come back!

Inicio - Grupo La Máquina

El gran barril de Castellana: Calle Poeta Joan Maragall, 23

The latest project of Grupo Other opens its doors to consolidate itself as a multi-space where diners can taste the best seasonal fish and seafood in situ and buy fresh produce at its fish market. Thus, the name ‘El gran Barril de Castellana,’ one of the new restaurants in Madrid that aim to conquer the stomach of the capital with the sea, is presented. This new restaurant reconfirms the group’s commitment to the fishing and seafood tradition, bringing to the capital a wide range of seafood of the highest quality. Thanks to all this fresh product, head chef Francisco Martínez Sarabia introduces his market cuisine with a dynamic menu that values the seasonality of the raw material, as it depends only on the times of the ocean itself. In addition, as an added value, its atmosphere and decoration will dazzle you. Promise!

Zest Almagro: Calle Fernando el Santo, 4

Zest Almagro is the new trendy place to combine a healthy lifestyle while enjoying a cuisine of reinvented popular hits. That’s why it couldn’t be missing among our new favorite f/w restaurants in Madrid. Zest Almagro is a place that surprises with the intense flavor of each of its dishes, for its textures, for the similarity with the original recipes in which it is inspired, and for not ending up with a feeling of heaviness after an order in which we should not deprive ourselves of anything. It is also surprising for its calorie comparison, which is delivered to the table after the meal showing the calories of the Zest version compared to the standard version. Its menu, designed to promote pleasure without guilt, takes its gastronomy to seventh heaven. Impossible to overlook it!

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