But first, Coffee! These are the most beautiful coffee shops in Madrid

Have you ever thought about where Madrid’s most excellent coffee shops are? Finding a coffee shop in Madrid is easy, but finding the perfect cozy coffee shop of your dreams is another story. Anyway, we will speak about the most beautiful coffee shops in Madrid.

The atmosphere is essential in coffee shops. That cozy atmosphere, along with comforting hot drinks and delicious pastries, makes you feel so happy and at ease that you will want to stay there for hours reading, working on your laptop, or chatting with friends.

It’s like being at home but away from home. Cafe owners know this and try to create the best, most amazing, unique places for everyone. There are many amazing cafes in Madrid, and the options for unique restaurants are endless. Below, we share the most beautiful coffee shops in Madrid.

Salón des Fleurs

Imagine yourself sipping a hot coffee among the most beautiful flowers. That’s Salon de Fleurs, a beautifully decorated flower shop with some lovely chairs and tables to have a coffee in the cutest atmosphere. This cozy place in Madrid combines a tea salon/cafeteria + a flower shop.

Cafeterías más bonitas de Madrid

A door invites you to experience what they call “vintage living,” with large windows that let in lots of light and make the place bright and warm. A spiral staircase takes you to the top floor, where you can find many ornaments related to tea and flowers. They also have an extensive menu of teas, coffees, and homemade desserts.

Toma Café

Toma Café offers excellent specialty coffee, roasting beans, and specialty coffees. They even offer options such as cold brew and filter coffee. There are three Toma Cafés in the city, and they offer a variety of coffees, toasts, wines, beers, and snacks.

The coffee here is so delicious that they also sell it online so that you can prepare and enjoy it at home, from a ground espresso to a mocha. If you want to learn how to make homemade cappuccino, click here.

Café Run Run Run

The name says it all, this is a café for athletes and non-athletes. Also, it is a space that houses a running club for locals. Café Run Run Run offers the healthiest options to eat in a unique environment, with the concept of “clean eating.” Discover in this exciting article the guide to healthy restaurants in Madrid.

Some coffee shops tend to be decorated with old or traditional designs, so when you enter Café Run Run Run with its modern décor, it feels like a breath of fresh air. With vibrant colors and chairs like Legos, this place seems to be part of a futuristic movie.

Café de Oriente

Facing the Royal Palace of Spain, the Café de Oriente is a luxury establishment that lives up to its privileged location. This café also looks like a palace with colorful furniture and elegant decor.

An actual gourmet experience and a sensory treat, with outdoor tables on the impressive Plaza de Oriente. This cafe is very popular with tourists and locals, which is always a good sign. Everyone loves the beautiful traditional interiors, impeccable service, and excellent food.

La Duquesita

First opened in 1914, La Duquesita has been open for more than a century and is one of the oldest confectioneries in Madrid. It was closed for years before being reopened by confectioner Oriol Balaguer in 2015.

las cafeterías más bonitas de Madrid

The decoration is elegant and majestic, with high ceilings, palatial mirrors, and dreamy chandeliers so that we can enjoy it as in the past. On the other hand, the specialties of this pastry shop are an exquisite mix of traditional sweets, cakes, and pastries, with some variations in terms of flavors and techniques. In addition, it serves delicious coffee and also hot chocolate.

Monkee Koffee

With striking red doors, this cafe serves some of the best blends and specialty coffees worldwide, including Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, and many others. It is a great place to have cold-brewed iced coffee. They also have a fantastic variety of homemade pastries and desserts to accompany your coffee.

cafeterías más chulas de Madrid

When you approach the Monkee Koffee counter, you will find a menu with different types of coffee smoothies and food. They also offer a range of sandwiches or salads to suit all tastes.

La Bicicleta

La Bicicleta is a bar, cafeteria, restaurant (breakfast and lunch), and workspace. It is a place with many personalities, where the passion for bicycles and the taste for urban art can be seen in the decoration. The huge windows and comfortable sofas invite you to work or relax with homemade pastries, healthy food, and a complete weekend brunch.

In addition to being a coffee shop, it also serves and opens as a bar after hours, offering cold, well-poured beers and well-made cocktails. The baristas are friendly, the seating is ample, and the drinks are delicious.

Ruda Café

Ruda is a small specialty coffee shop where you can enjoy 100% Arabica coffees from different origins. It is located near La Latina metro station and is an excellent place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, as the espresso and filter coffee drinks are great.

Cafeterías bonitas de Madrid

Ruda Café is a place that also serves excellent coffee and cooks delicious pastries and refreshing teas. The interior has many bricks and a wall equipped with shelves full of coffee beans, teas, cups, and other coffee accessories.

Pum Pum Café

The atmosphere of this cafe, with brick walls, is very hipster. The space is small and cozy, ideal if you want to read a book, chat with friends, or work. This place is highly recommended for coffee and breakfast lovers.

Pum Café stands out among the competition for its breakfast/brunch offerings: splendid eggs benedict and avocado toast, a variety of healthy juices, baked goods, and organic products. Visit this page to know the most special brunches in Madrid.

We hope you liked this selection of the most excellent coffee shops in Madrid; remember that some of them sell specialty coffees that you can prepare from the comfort of your home. If one day you don’t feel like going out
If you don’t feel like it, go ahead and learn various recipes, from making homemade cappuccino and even a latte.

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