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It is a fact. We live in a hurry and are always running from one place to another. Therefore, it is more than usual that we miss the opportunity to know the cities we visit for work or those in which we do not spend too much time, and social commitments monopolize all our attention. However, in EDDK Magazine, we want to help you solve this problem, and we have designed a must-see route you can not miss the next time you visit Marbella. The best thing is that you only need 24 hours to dedicate to yourself and the city.

Start the day early and enjoy a good brunch.

When the weather is not in our favor, it is essential to make the most of the hours of sunshine so it is not superfluous to start the day early. The early morning hours are perfect for walking or running along the promenade of Marbella, activating us to start the day while enjoying privileged views of the beach. After exercising, it’s time to head out for a good breakfast or brunch in some of the best restaurants or cafes spread throughout Costa del Sol’s capital.

Marbella Club Hotel

The Marbella Club Hotel features the cuisine of Chef Juan Gálvez, who designs the menus of all the resort’s restaurants, imprinting his signature of sophistication and quality in all his dishes, including those specially designed to be enjoyed at breakfast or brunch. The menu of the MC Café space offers a wide variety of dishes to enjoy first thing in the morning, ranging from sweet options, such as banana bread with chia and coconut or vegan vanilla pancakes, to savory options, such as black bread with smoked salmon, eggs Florentine or the typical English Breakfast.

Together with the menu, the rustic decoration of the café and terrace will make you live a dreamy morning.

Dezentral Coffe

If you want to get away from the beach area and go into the city center, a good option for breakfast or brunch is Dezentral Coffe, a cozy cafe designed for lovers of coffee and homemade products. Its menu features German bread made daily, homemade cakes, delicious and unique fruit salads, a wide range of pastries, and, of course, a variety of coffees and natural milk shakes.

The shopping experience in Puerto Banús

With our batteries charged and the city awake, it’s time to get to know the commercial side of Marbella. Puerto Banús is the most famous tourist enclave in southern Europe since it is considered the most developed entertainment center at a socioeconomic and cultural level and enjoys a very prominent international prestige and recognition. The nautical port has become a small town that breathes by itself within the heart of Marbella, distilling luxury, glamour, and commerce in equal parts, so we can not fail to reserve a few hours of our day to discover the endless boutiques and establishments that are arranged in the streets of the famous port of Marbella.

Puerto Banús Shopping. Tiendas de lujo | Puerto Banús ®

Gucci and Jimmy Choo

Perhaps the first boutique you should visit in your shopping experience in Puerto Banus is Gucci, as you will see that it is the best ally when you have little time. In addition to having a vast collection available for women, men, and children, the Marbella establishment offers a series of alternatives designed for gifts. They are guaranteed success and make your morning shopping in the city faster and easier.

Far from proposing recurring perfume or any beauty product from its line, Gucci prefers to risk more exclusive gifts with character, which carry the firm’s spirit and make the person who receives them feel unique.

Gucci includes a refined bag model, continuing with the young trend that aims to recover the fanny pack. And with a belt among its gift options for women. Meanwhile, for men, the firm has chosen, among other things, several very peculiar shoe models, such as these boots with embroidery and perforations.

Bolsa con Cinturón GG Marmont | Bolsos gucci, Bolsos y Bolsos para damas
Botas Queercore Gucci de Cuero de color Negro para hombre - Lyst

Gucci also has its home collection, making it impossible for us to return from Marbella without a detail to glamorize our home. Velvet and jacquard cushions, mugs, chairs, screens, and even wallpaper are some of the products available in the Dècor range of the Italian firm.

Jimmy Choo is another of the essential firms in Puerto Banús, especially if you visit during the coming months, as you can see their new Christmas collection, which is divided into four lines. The Icons present copies with their own lines of the firm—luxury Addict, which has exceptionally luxurious exclusive pieces. Cult Status is developed around classic men’s footwear and Cinderella, a small collection of shoes covered with Swarovski crystals perfect for a special occasion.

Jimmy Choo hace realidad las zapatillas de 'Cenicienta' (VIDEO) | La Verdad Noticias

The boutiques in Puerto Banus are characterized by belonging to international haute couture firms. Although all of them exude luxury and elegance, each has a personality you can only discover through their doors while walking through the area. Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, and Dior are just some of the boutiques you will find.

Shall we eat?


We can go to Ta-Kumi, a restaurant and gastro bar specializing in Japanese cuisine, for lunch. It is located in central Gregorio Marañón street, in the middle of luxurious urbanization in Marbella. It is very close to pedestrian areas, allowing access to the establishment by walking in the surroundings.

With a Japanese-style décor reflected in the simple lines and neutral colors of the furniture and ornamental panels, the restaurant’s interior already takes us to the perfect Asian atmosphere. And to enjoy the concept of fusion cuisine by Toshio Tsutsui, considered one of the best chefs on the current scene. The chef is assisted by Arbeloa, who brings a Mediterranean vision to the business.

An elegant and modern presentation characterizes Takumi’s dishes. And fits perfectly with the conceptual cuisine of a team that gives us typical Mediterranean flavors combined with the exotic nuances of Asian cuisine. This fusion gives rise to recipes such as Sea Bass or Sea bream Teppan Yaki. Also, White Fish Sashimi, Avocado Futomaki, or Sweet Prawn Nigiri from Motril with caviar.

The restaurant has been referred to in the press numerous times and rated as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Spain. GQ Magazine included it in the top ten of the most exquisite establishments where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine.

BIBO by Dani García

Another option to eat in Marbella is BiBo by Dani Garcia, a concept of cuisine with eclectic nuances that fuses a traditional and Andalusian gastronomic base with flavors from around the world. If you want to know in depth how to eat at BiBo, you only have to reread the space we dedicated to it in our article Delicious summer: 4 restaurants to enjoy in summer.

Whichever option you choose to enjoy the food in Marbella, you should take advantage of the afternoon to stroll through the city’s streets. The Avenida del Mar is perfect for enjoying the most urban Marbella while contemplating the sculptures of Dalí scattered along the promenade.

Escultura Salvador Dalí Marbella | Salvador dalí, Marbella, Esculturas

The Plaza de Los Naranjos is also an excellent option to experience the atmosphere of Marbella quietly. In the square and its surroundings, you will find several terraces where you can stop if the weather is nice. On the other hand, Alameda Park is perfect for enjoying nature a few meters from the promenade.

Exhaust the afternoon at Ambrosia Gourmet Market

To finish off the afternoon and exhaust the last hours of daytime activity, we will live a gourmet experience at Ambrosía Gourmet Market. It is located in the prestigious La Alhambra-Vasari urbanization in Puerto Banús. The market is divided into two floors. Full of food and beverage stalls perfectly meet the gourmet concept, making the market a gastronomic reference point in our country.

At Ambrosia, you can live an authentic gourmet experience on three levels. First, you can taste the products in the market and restaurant areas, which is perfect for ending the day with a different kind of dinner. On the other hand, you can buy the national and international delicacies sold in each stall. Finally, you will have the opportunity to experience a culinary experience in a cosmopolitan and select social and cultural environment.

The perfect finishing touch for nightlife lovers

If you are reluctant to end the day, do not worry, you can still rush the last hours enjoying the famous Marbella night in some of its exclusive clubs, such as La Suite, in the Hotel Puente Romano, where you can enjoy a unique pub atmosphere without stridency, in the purest New York style. On the other hand, if you feel like having a drink in a private and exclusive beach club, you can visit Sisu Boutique Hotel Marbella, where the party and the best atmosphere are guaranteed.

You no longer have excuses for not getting to know the cities you travel to. With EDDK Magazine, time is on your side.

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