Luxury interior design in Madrid: five luxury interior design studios for a project with a long tradition

Making your illusion a reality is in your hands. The turning point in the Project of your dreams depends only on you. Discover how you can mark a before and after with the help of the best interior design studios in Madrid. Five names with status and reputation await you in the Madrid Interior Design Guide that EDDK Magazine has prepared for you. Architecture and interior design in Madrid seal their union, providing the best services for a dream result. Sophistication, elegance, and personalization are the basis of Madrid’s architecture and interior design project. Leave your Project in expert hands, and get ready to enjoy!

Estudio Lamela: seventy years of Spanish architecture with worldwide recognition

Madrid’s interior design takes Estudio Lamela as the undisputed protagonist. Founded in 1954, sixty-seven years ago, it has become one of Madrid’s most renowned architects and interior design firms. Its prestige and reputation are also maintained at an international level. With an aspiration based on “an ethical, sensible architecture that overcomes the prevailing mercantilism and that lasts over time as solid and unalterable as possible.” Estudio Lamelas has managed to make history.

The architect must listen to the world’s voice, draw ideas, build bridges and imagine projects that pick up the echo of a society with new needs and old desires.

With offices in Madrid, Warsaw, Mexico City, and Rotterdam, Lamelas has taken luxury interior design to a new level. This important firm develops its services in all areas of architectural activity. Urban planning, residential, sports, sanitary, hotel… Its historical projects are O’Donnell 33, the Colon Towers, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, and the Melia Princesa Hotel in Madrid. In addition, we could not forget outstanding current projects such as the Canalejas Madrid Center, the new terminal at Schipol airport in Holland, and the Airbus Defense & Space campus.


Antana: interior design in Madrid in the form of a boutique construction company

If you are also looking for an interior design studio in Madrid with soul, we have a name for you: Antana. This is an inspiring boutique construction company that executes unique projects. Architecture and interior design in Madrid come together under this mighty name with the capacity to develop and coordinate design, Project, and construction work. Thus, its structure, architecture, and construction teams work aligned to maintain controlled quality, price, and established deadlines. In this way, they work linearly and jointly with the client.


The principles that sustain this entity are solid and firm, giving the client an extra guarantee when entrusting them with their Project. Both in the drafting of projects and the execution of works, Antana bases its work on four precepts. The client is placed at the center of the activity; excellence is promoted, organization and efficiency go hand in hand, and they advocate sustainability, health, and safety for both people and the environment. Among its outstanding projects, the interior design work in the Hotel CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha stands out.


Singular Project: interior decorators with an unbridled passion for a surprise

Architect Jorge Lozano leads one of the luxury interior design studios in Madrid. An expert team of architects, interior designers, and engineers combine their knowledge and efforts in Proyecto Singular. This is how the best ideas are born. They develop their work to create unique and exciting spaces that can remain in people’s memories. This interior design studio in Madrid confesses to specializing in restaurants and hotels, although they are increasingly opening their sights to any invitation to create new concepts.


In Estudio Proyecto Singular, the needs of each client are treated in a personalized way. Thus, each project is unique and is carried out with particular attention to achieving success in the final result. In addition to strengthening the relationship between specialists and allowing knowledge to flow, this theory provides the technical rigor necessary always to deliver a comprehensive project with attention to detail. Among his most famous projects are the Perrachica restaurant and the Cool Rooms Palacio de Atocha Hotel.

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Be4 Studio: interior design studio in Madrid with a personality of its own

One of the most repeated names regarding interior design in Madrid is Be4 Studio. The firm is parred excellence in architecture and luxury interior design in the capital. This is a luxury interior design architects studio in Madrid founded in 2018 by Aida Sepúlveda. Since the beginning of their journey, they have tried to think about each project uniquely, taking into account the needs and constraints of the client. They always took creativity and innovation as reference points in their work. More than 15 years of experience and development guarantee their seal.

The services offered by Be4 Studio are based on a clear concept that has allowed them to succeed. An idea of architecture where each design corresponds to a unique and exclusive work of art. This, in addition, must respond to the demands of customers using the emergence of new technologies to increase effectiveness in all aspects of architectural design. If you still have doubts and want to know some of the most notable projects of this interior design studio in Madrid, discover the know-how of Sepúlveda and his expert team. Dreamlike!

Trueba Studio: interior design in Madrid with contemporary reminiscences

Top quality architecture and interior design in Madrid. If you are looking for interior decorators with a plus in architecture, Trueba Studio is your place in the capital. It is a Madrid architecture, and interior design studio focused on contemporary spaces and furniture. A defined style and a careful work methodology make these interior architects in Madrid the most demanding in the capital. The contrast between new and timeless aesthetics drives the spark of their ideas and creations. Their diverse professional background allows them to tackle challenging solutions.


And precisely through this spirit, they achieve pleasurable experiences with inimitable results. Their architectural projects are based on residential and commercial complexes. However, they also work in developing conceptual furniture, Arts & Crafts, Graphic Design, and Business Branding. Discover their most important projects, including Trueba Studio’s recent tribute to Pierre Paulin. Each of the eleven pieces of the Capsule Collection has its own identity and a strong personality. Harmony, elegance, and premium finish a signs of their exquisite style.


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