Passion for Asian cuisine in the best Japanese restaurants in Marbella

Descubre a tu paladar las mayores exquisiteces que guarda oriente en los mejores restaurantes japoneses en Marbella este 2021

The exotic oriental gastronomy, unknown until a few years ago for most palates, has been gaining followers exponentially. Now, there are dozens of Japanese restaurants in Marbella, a highly demanded option among tourists and locals. Tradition, exoticism, and avant-garde coexist with the passion for Asian cuisine in the best Japanese restaurants in Marbella. Discover authentic temples of Asian cuisine and offers your palate an explosion of new and magnificent flavors. East and West are closer ties combining their traditional gastronomy and the passion and respect for the product of first quality. Itadakimasu!


Kemuri Marbella: a tribute to Japanese cuisine at Dani Garcia’s Izakaya

Kemuri Marbella is an exclusive space with a maximum of 45 diners capacity, which functions as an Omakase bar. It arrives in Marbella to offer the most traditional purity of the gastronomy of the country of the rising sun in a unique enclave. This new restaurant is a tribute from the Marbella chef to one of the most fascinating cuisines in the world. It will transport the diner to the heart of Kyoto, a symbol of Japanese tradition and craftsmanship.


Kemuri has a space designed based on the contrast of chiaroscuro typical of Japanese architecture. An intelligent play of light and shadows forms an enveloping environment where stones, rough stucco, and dark wood tones are combined with other elements such as shoji, traditional sliding doors of translucent paper, and wooden frames typical of Japan. Thus, in the main space, the Omakase bar is imposed, which will be in the hands of the chef to taste Kemuri’s sushi proposal. As a counterpoint, a reserved area will invite the diner to enter the most private and exclusive part of the restaurant, where the warmth of the atmosphere is brejathed.

99 Shushi Bar: Japanese haute cuisine in the heart of Villa Padierna

Contemporary, fresh, and natural. This is the definition of one of the Japanese restaurants in Marbella that raises more passion among its loyal diners. From Madrid to the Mediterranean through Dubai, 99 Sushi Bar claims its purest essence on the Costa del Sol. Located in the heart of Villa Padierna, this iconic restaurant offers intense, complex, yet authentic Japanese flavors in an enclave next to the serene lake. A space characterized by an incredible interior and a charming and cozy terrace where you can enjoy the delights of one of the great Japanese restaurants in Marbella.


A sophisticated, exclusive, multicultural atmosphere welcomes you next to the tee of hole 1 of the Flamingos Golf Course. The secret of Japanese cuisine at 99 Sushi Bar lies in raw materials excellence. If we add to this the preparation of the dishes at the moment and their immediate consumption, we obtain a unique enjoyment of the freshness of the food. As an experience, we recommend tasting the star dishes of the 99 group. Among them are the salmon and avocado tartar; tempura prawns; warm salmon nigiri; egg and truffle makes; Alaskan black cod with red miso; and, finally, some traditional mochis.

Nintai: the spontaneity of Omakase cuisine in contrast with silence, liturgy, and delicacy

Nintai has emerged as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Marbella since its recent opening. And this alone should serve as an endorsement of profound success. Nintai masterfully combines tradition and luxury; here, Asian cuisine takes on a new dimension. Marcos Granda’s restaurant is limited to twelve exclusive seats arranged around a wooden bar, the alma mater of the space. From this privileged location, one can watch how the itamae subtly cuts the fish and prepares impeccable sushi. This flagship restaurant has managed to create and develop a concept based on silence, liturgy, and the delicacy of Japanese cuisine. At Nintai, culinary artist Pablo Olivares offers a true gastronomic spectacle for the most trained palates.


Premium seasonal products, the most original combinations, and the sommelier’s unique pairings with sake or champagne will provoke umami. A concept that refers directly to the most delicious taste. All this is achieved in an atmosphere of complete calm and silence. At Nintai, everything is a matter of trust. You have to know that, no matter what day you go, you will taste an exclusive menu thanks to the spontaneity and seasonality of the fresh daily products, in harmony with the chef’s criteria. It is the perfect balance between letting yourself be surprised and counting on a total guarantee of success, watching the master improvise with ideal planning. Choose your preferred option from two impressive and exquisite menus: the Omakase Menu and the Grand Nintai Menu. Moving to Japan has never been so easy.

The New Tai Pan: cuisine to move next to an eclectic Polynesian bar

Located in the heart of the exclusive Puente Romano Hotel on Marbella’s Golden Mile, it hides the most popular upscale Chinese restaurant in Marbella for decades. Tai Pan specializes in exquisitely prepared and presented dishes, focusing on Cantonese cuisine. Directed by Ping Mak, it is, without a doubt, a reference in Marbella as far as Asian gastronomy is concerned. The New Tai Pan project has been redecorated by Jean-Pierre Martel, responsible for much of the interior design of the Puente Romano and Marbella Club.

Style, elegance, and comfort take this entire space to make you enjoy traditional flavors. The menu, prepared with care and attention to detail, is divided into eight categories. They are starters, soups, seafood, rice dishes, meats, and vegetables. A secret? Discover the crispy crab with sea salt and pepper; the Wanton soup; pork in sweet and sour sauce; rice with shrimp wrapped in a lotus leaf, or the curry prawns. You won’t regret it!

Ta-Kumi: tradition and gastronomy share a table

Ta-Kumi has established itself as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Marbella. A unique space where tradition and gastronomy share the table. Ta-Kumi, “artisan” and “master”. A word that sums up the spirit and essence of this house of Asian haute cuisine, in addition to the union of the initials of its two chefs: Toshio and Alvaro. “A great team is always the key to sustained success over time.” This reflection is, perhaps, the fundamental pillar that has raised them to triumph.

mejores restaurantes japoneses marbella

A carefully selected and extensive menu welcomes you to the most traditional Japan through top-quality food. Dishes like prawns with kimchi, bull tartar with truffle, and quail egg yolk or tuna tataki stand out. Among the traditional sashimi, our favorite is the Sashimi Moriawase; however, among the thin-cut sashimi, the Tiradito de Pez limón stands out. The menu is complete with hot and cold nigiri, gyozas, rolls, tempura, yakisobas, fish, and meat. In addition, upon request, you can enjoy specialties such as Wagyu Sukiyaki or Shabushabu of national beef and pork. Incredible!

Sakura: an undisputed leader among the Japanese restaurants in Marbella since 1997

It was in 1997 when this emblem of Japanese gastronomy opened its doors in Puerto Banús. Since then, it has become one of Marbella’s most-demanded Japanese restaurants. Its chefs of reference have a long history in Japanese cuisine, so that they can offer customers the best products and techniques. Discover a wide variety of traditional dishes, let yourself be surprised by the ‘savoir faire’ of the masters of the kitchen, and live an experience from another world.

The Japanese restaurant Sakura has a menu prepared with the utmost respect for quality raw materials. Here you will find a wide selection of exquisite delicacies from the land of the rising sun. Among the chef’s suggestions, the tuna tataki, roast duck, sakura roll with crab, tuna, avocado, and the Funamori sashimi boat stand out. Delve into Japanese cuisine and discover a world of exotic flavors.

Ikigai Izakaya: a fresh and multicultural formula with oriental essence

Undoubtedly, Ikigai Izakaya is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Marbella. Ikigai has established itself over time as a new and multicultural formula with a clear Asian essence. According to the management, its cuisine is based on technique and product. These, they point out, are the foundations for applying fantastic sauces and ingredients to their elaboration. One of the keys to their success is that these vary according to seasonality, thus adapting to the demands of nature and surprising the customer.

A succulent and exotic fusion menu awaits you in this eclectic restaurant, where Japan takes center stage. Discover the grilled yakiniku ray with green beans, chili sauce, and miso with kefir lime leaves. On the other hand, for seafood lovers, grilled oysters served in Miyajima style stand out, cooked on their shells on the charcoal grill and garnished with yuzu teriyaki. If your passion for meat is so strong that you can’t let it go, go for the grilled duck breast with grilled cabbage and shitakes velouté. The name spectacular is an understatement at Ikigai.

Yiu&Gabo: travel to Asia without leaving the Costa del Sol.

Yiu & Gabo is an Asian restaurant that seeks to offer the taste of oriental food at an exceptional level. A philosophy that has led him to rise as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Marbella. Passion and excessive attention to detail make its cuisine and facilities a unique experience—an eclectic, sophisticated atmosphere, with a staging around its gardens and pool ready to impress.

mejores japoneses marbella

Yiu & Gabo’s menu is spectacular and features impressive dishes served under a careful presentation down to the smallest detail. Among our favorites from the menu will always be the Vietnamese rolls served with mint and lettuce, the fried sea bass with sweet and sour sauce, the crispy aromatic duck, or the sautéed beef with bean sauce and green peppers. For noodle lovers, you can’t miss the opportunity to try the special Yiu&Gabo noodles. Let yourself be surprised by a wide selection of food pairings to accompany your favorite dishes. Cheers!

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