Ibiza fashion with a Mediterranean flavor: premium brands that take boho chic style to another dimension

Those who have visited each of its coves, enjoying the smell of the sea and priceless views, know that the island’s style is part of its peculiarity. Flying to this slight stretch of land in the middle of the ocean means letting your hair down, leaving your worries behind, and discovering your most personal self. Ibiza has no room for constraints, rigidity, or rules. This 2022 bring out your wildest side, reinvent yourself, and make your style your brand inspired by Ibizan fashion. If you still have doubts at this point, let EDDK Magazine advise you; as always, we have solutions to your problems. In this case, the recommended recipe prescribes haute couture with Ibizan flavor. You can not miss the premium brands that elevate the ‘adlib’ style to another dimension. Let’s shop, babe!

Ode to adlib style: haute couture with Mediterranean overtones

The bohemian style stands out from current trends with a single purpose: to be faithful to its risky character. Rediscover your favorite type of the summer season through fluid designs, colors that take us to nature, and accessories that do not go unnoticed. EDDK Magazine invites you to enjoy this trend without giving up haute couture with a series of premium brands that will not leave anyone indifferent. Enjoy the adlib style like never before, from Ibiza dresses to the best Ibiza fashion online. Have a look!


Virginia Vald: a benchmark of passion for the essence of Ibiza and fashion

It was during a trip around the Mediterranean while living with her partner on a sailboat when Virginia Vald’s passion and creativity for the design came to fruition. What began as simple sketches ended up consolidating her as a reference in the world of bridal couture. However, her versatility and passion for Ibiza, which she feels is her “place in the world,” has taken her a step further. Proof of this is her recent designs inspired by the air and the Mediterranean essence.

I like to dress very emotional women, with a lot of sensitivity and who feel strong.

Virginia finds her inspiration in the beautiful island, different ethnicities, and her clients. It is not for nothing that her Ibiza dresses and Ibiza-inspired clothing are considered heirloom garments.

If she had to choose three adjectives that define her garments to perfection, Vald does not hesitate: “different, sensual, Ibizan.” Three characteristics are reflected in every one of the collections that the designer has launched for this new season, 2021. Resort Line, Salinas, Ibiza, Sunset, and Cruise, are the names of the five collections that aim to return the iconic ‘boho-chic’ style to the white island without losing the perspective of haute couture. Fabrics that make you fall in love, ruffles that offer strategic volumes, and lots of movement and transparencies that invite the art of seduction. Discover the garments that have captivated us to become the focus of all eyes this summer.

Delbes Ibiza: reconstructing its history, origins, and the most artisanal techniques

Sonia Ferrer is the creator and designer behind the brand. From her workshop in San Rafael and drawing inspiration for her creations from a mountain in the north of Ibiza, she produces pieces seeking absolute coherence with everything she believes in and her life. This is precisely the engine of his inspiration. Delbes Ibiza presents itself as a marvel of artisan craftsmanship. History, tradition, design, art, and craftsmanship come together freely in Sonia Ferrer’s workshop. And the truth is that its success has served as a guarantee for words spoken with love and care at the same time:

I have the ability and the knowledge to make this an art form, a way of life to show to the world, to give it added value, and to make it a way of life.o

The Ibizan regional costume, the peasant dance, with its movements, its fall, and its forms, are part of the designer’s roots. Therefore it is not surprising that they serve as a hallmark of Delbes’ garments. The firm, born about six years ago after a year of traveling motivated by the need to experiment, is today a benchmark in design and quality of clothing in Ibiza.

If your garment does not go out of fashion, it can become one of those pieces that we inherit with love

Delbes Ibiza’s philosophy is to “create objects of desire and love” and “recover and show the unknown part of the island.” Absolute sensitivity, respect for the garment in every one of its transformations from the initial sketch to the last finish, and an unmistakable style make Delbes one of our top brands.

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Avant-garde and craftsmanship in women’s esthetic lines: Ivanna Mestres

The search for a fashion brand that tries to describe the essence of Ibiza in the field of fabrics and textures has to pass by Ivanna Mestres. Ibiza fashion in its purest splendor: exclusivity, sustainability, and femininity is part of all her lines of work. Ivanna Mestres not only does runway work, but she does that too. Her designs for all kinds of events and her line of wedding dresses are some of the most striking collections that can be found on her website. But there is also a collection of casual clothes, boho and perfect for plans as diverse as a dinner at a restaurant in Ibiza or a date with the sunset on a beach.

Lace, transparencies, and complex angles are part of the magic of a brand that has been gaining more and more space on the island. The designer has been living there since 2005 and is increasingly included in the circles of fashion events. She was making clothes in Ibiza, and trying to give each garment a piece of her soul maybe two of the main reasons for her success.

Ravens View: cosmopolitan and Mediterranean; the island’s exclusive design and sustainable fashion label

Ravens View was born under a concept of sustainable fashion that finds its inspiration in the innovative and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the island of Ibiza. This is, perhaps, its constant source of creativity for such a diverse and current line. Thus, with a work ethic much more than careful where the know-how and the care find prominence, Ravens offers a selection of exclusive design garments with an excellent finish for women and men. In Ravens View, all products have been designed and manufactured between the island of Ibiza and the mainland, under careful and personalized control. This is the only way to guarantee exceptional quality standards and perfect sizing.

Ravens View Clothing is the story of a life project. Raven is the creative mind behind the brand that was born from his work, love, and determination to have a different project. He and his work are the reflections of a philosophy reflected in the result of his careful collections. In direct contact with the world of fashion thanks to his mother, a reference to Ibizan style, Elisa F. His passion for graphic design led him to live between London and Barcelona; however, every time he returned to the island, his interest in fashion ran wild. Her innate knowledge and effort allowed her to venture into the Ravens View project, a marvel of a firm that combines cosmopolitan airs and the Mediterranean essence.

Ibicencan-flavored brands that bring the Mediterranean spirit to life

Calvo Hats: unique ‘boho-chic’ hats that will revolutionize Ibizan fashion this 2021

Calvo Hats is the flagship of the all-terrain designer and “hatmaker” Mar Calvo. An aggressive and creative single mother who manages to masterfully combine her part-time job with the production of her hats. From her Instagram profile, she gives to her followers and “to the world” her art pieces, in which word of mouth, the quality of the result, and the originality and specialness of her pieces are the basis of her success since she started this journey.

The ‘boho-chic’ style takes a new dimension from the expert hand and creativity of Mar Calvo. What emerged as a result of her passion for hats as a hobby today is a way to express herself. She has worked with the best Adlib designers, and her creations are already a symbol of Ibizan handmade fashion: “I have never created a collection.” Mar shows us that she is not an ordinary designer with these words.

The philosophy of my brand is to believe that each individual is special and unique. I create hats for people

Mar studies each of her clients and, with their help, create a fully customized piece. “They guide me through the process; they help me.” This way, Mar guarantees a successful result capable of deceiving every one of her clients. “I create a hat and deliver it. No two hats are the same, and there never will be”, she seems to promise us. Discover a style that will leave no one indifferent.

Cuca Fashion: creativity and boho-chic charisma through macramé by María Poschner

“It is love disguised as beauty. Cuca envelops you, pampers you, wakes you up to show off the magic in you

These are the words with which María Poschner, founder of the haute couture firm, defines Cuca Fashion. Cuca’s exclusively designed garments promise to leave no one indifferent.

All of them have one element in common: macramé. It is a rustic and straightforward material that creates weavings using decorative knots. Macramé is a French word meaning knot, derived from the Turkish word macrame. This technique, combined with exquisite know-how of other textures, results in sophisticated and original pieces. Pieces are based on a clear inspiration from Ibiza’s adlib fashion.

Feathers, pearls, and jewels superlatively combine with macramé in Cuca Fashion. “A wonderful mix that perfectly describes that explosion of sensations, of feeling.” Cuca Fashion’s pieces blend perfectly with the ‘boho-chic’ spirit of the beautiful island. Perhaps that is why, although its presence is more robust in Palma de Mallorca and the iconic Marbella, they always refer us to Ibiza. Discover the Cuca Fashion pieces that aspire to become the season’s bestsellers, and don’t miss yours!

EMONK IBIZA: most Ibizan fashion surrenders to the craftsmanship of the firm

Adlib fashion is a handcrafted style with natural tones, embroidery, and traditional lace under a purely Mediterranean essence. Adlib fashion is linked to conventional Ibicencan clothing. Straw hats, esparto grass slippers, and shawls are part of its inspiration. An inspiration on which Emonk Ibiza is based, one of the firms that most vindicates Ibiza fashion for women, Ibizan dresses and the ‘boho-chic’ style in all its splendor.

Shoes, hats, feather extensions, and endless accessories are part of the house’s online Ibiza fashion collection. Armonk is a collection of exclusive pieces handmade in Ibiza with antique tribal textiles, vintage jewelry, and handmade braids. Each piece, they explain from the firm, is unique and inspired by a bohemian lifestyle and their travels worldwide in search of treasures to give each piece a new and unique soul. Among our favorite parts are the Frida espadrilles, the ‘Isla Collection Spring & Summer hats, or the ‘hippie posh’ feather extensions. Which one is your favorite?

Ibiza Nights: glamour is a state of mind induced by Ibizan fashion

Las Noches Ibiza is, since time immemorial, been one of the most recognized Ibiza fashion brands for women in Spain. With its characteristic ‘hippy glam’ style, Las Noches Ibiza is the fruit of the coveted creation of Eric and Jack. Glamour is a state of mind induced by Ibiza fashion for women. This is precisely why Las Noches Ibiza is aimed at women with bright personalities who want to be noticed, to be in the spotlight, and to attract attention wherever they go.

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The story of this signature adlib style claim in its ‘hippie glam’ version began ten years ago. Back then, Jack and Eric said goodbye to their high-flying careers in Paris and welcomed Ibiza. It was here that they opened their first boutique. They began selling tailored military jackets, hippie skirts, and the now iconic Maharaja beach bags.

The instant success of the collection inspired the duo to embrace the vibrant, colorful, and feminine spirit they are known for today. Thus, Las Noches Ibiza became the fashion reference brand for high-end beachwear, embellished chic hippy dresses, and the beautiful accessories it is today. You’ll fall in love!

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