A masterful combination of flavors from here and there: five fusion restaurants in Madrid

Descubre cinco direcciones donde probar las mejores mezclas culturales. Los restaurantes fusión en Madrid han llegado para quedarse

Finding spicy flavors, exotic ingredients, and traditional recipes on the same menu is possible today. And is that fusion restaurants in Madrid are a reality that, little by little, has taken greater prominence in the gourmet scene of the capital. In these mestizo restaurants where fusion food in Madrid is a mantra, finding an option for every palate is viable. No more fights when going out to dinner about the tastes and preferences of each one; the fusion restaurant is your winning horse. That’s why we reveal five addresses to add to your gastro repertoire to look good with everyone.

Papúa: plaza de Colón, 4

“The jungle is under your feet,” say some gigantic words in relief located on Madrid’s Plaza de Colón. And so it is, at number 4, one of the most spectacular fusion restaurants in Madrid: Papúa. The first thing that catches the eye is its overwhelming decoration, the work of architect Adolfo Monserrat. From the giraffe that welcomes diners to the exotic plants that sprout everywhere to the ceramic and plaster animals that populate every corner. Everything is exuberant in Papua Colon. And although a circular cocktail bar is present at the entrance, it is best to take a seat and enjoy a little at a time.

The menu of this fusion food restaurant in Madrid is original, delicious, and with options for all tastes. Behind the stove, the young chef Andrés Castaño. In his hands shine the product, the treatment, and the imagination. We can check it from the first minute, with that PCR that they offer as an appetizer (detail of the house, which will not be included in the final ticket), a kind of vichyssoise with leek, peanuts, and romesco that feels luxurious. At the same time, the dishes of the order arrive. The Caesar salad, croquettes, and prawn ravioli Joel Robuchon style stand out from the menu. Have you tried them?

Amazónico: Jorge Juan, 20

If there is an Asian fusion restaurant in Madrid, it is Amazónico. Here any dining experience becomes a walk through the corners of the jungle. The restaurant recreates lush vegetation arranged between brick walls and strategic lighting points, creating the right atmosphere to enjoy a fusion cuisine in Madrid with Mediterranean, Asian and tropical flavors. An international proposal traveled and cosmopolitan, full of aromas and sensations.

amazonico restaurante madrid eddkmagazine

A spectacle of fire for the eyes and a pleasure for the five senses. An oasis of flavors waiting to be discovered. Brasas, tandoori, Frog Legs with Mango and Habanero Sauce, Hamachi Usuzukuri with Cherry Tomato, or its wide selection of meats and fish are just some of the dishes you can enjoy. Enter an unknown world, a unique experience for the senses, full of spectacle, music, and energy. The sophistication of the wild will make you live a unique experience in one of the best fusion restaurants in Madrid.

Ronda 14: Gral Oraá, 25

The authentic place on earth where the gastronomies and cultures of Peru, Asturias, and Japan converge. Ronda 14 is the fusion restaurant in Madrid with a Nikkei soul that has conquered us. Ronda 14 Madrid is a Peruvian and fusion cuisine restaurant with the best reception in the capital. Opened in 2015, the bet of Conchi Álvarez and Mario Céspedes has already established itself as more than a novelty to be known, becoming a reference to enjoy every time you visit. Its sophisticated and calm decoration invites you to linger; meanwhile, enjoy each of the dishes served at the table.

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Ronda 14’s menu is designed to be enjoyed by always using the best product with preparations that enhance its qualities, fusing it with backgrounds and stews that surprise the diner with new and daring flavors. You can’t miss the Nikkei ceviche with sweet potato puree, the tiradito with yellow chili cream, the anticucho gyozas with chopped chili lime and cilantro, or the bonito tataki with chifa sauce. Delicious!

Asiako:  Marqués de Riscal, 5

What does the Basque Country have to do with Asia? If we think of customs or culture, apparently little. What they do share is a unique gastronomy that is recognized worldwide. By taking both concepts, the pure, iron, and fire Basque cuisine and the exotic flavors of the Asian continent, Asiako was born as one of the new fusion restaurants in Madrid. From the hand of the prolific Mr. Ito Group, which already bet on their other concepts to merge Spanish ingredients and raw materials with Japanese techniques, chefs Sergio Monterde and Raul Romero have created this proposal that goes a step further.

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As it could not be otherwise, the grill is the protagonist, a primordial, ancestral and fascinating element. In it, the best coals and woods in the world, such as the precious Binchotan, manage to enhance the flavors. To fully immerse yourself in its menu is to understand how some flavors marry with others. This gives rise to surprising bites, from their dim-sum filled with Betis cow’s tail and smoked Idiázabal, to a grilled cabbage seasoned Japanese style with smoked cheese, antxoa cream, Chinese chives, and walnuts.

Cokima: Andrés Mellado, 21

Cooking Kitchen Madness. That is the name from which Cokima takes the acronym. And the fact is that their proposal aims to make the city’s fusion cuisine go crazy. They define themselves as scoundrels and practice cooking robust flavors and contrasts. Chef Daniel Esteban created all this. Here they have sought to innovate and do it well. Therefore, the raw material and quality ingredients are the basis of an urban proposal, at the same time, street and rebellious, but without losing that hand of a cook trained in large houses. And far from opting for one type of cuisine or fusion, he plays with everything: Mexican, Asian, Peruvian and Spanish cuisine.

From the local gastronomy, they take flavors such as their Joselito ham croquettes, almost liquid inside and breaded with panko, or their particular version of the squid sandwich, for which they use baby squid that they put inside a bao bread with mint aioli. If there is an unbeatable dish on their menu, it is the brioche stuffed with matured beef ribs. They cook it at low temperature for 18 hours, put it in brioche bread, and accompany it with pickled onion and green shiso leaf. Yummy!

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