The best French restaurants in Madrid to enjoy French cuisine

Descubre los mejores restaurantes franceses de Madrid y vuelve a enamorarte de la alta cocina de la ciudad de la luz

French haute cuisine has carved a niche for itself in the gastronomic panorama offered by the capital. And the opportunity becomes necessary when you have the best French gastronomy without having to take a plane, pack your suitcase or speak French. We bring you the most renowned and reputable French restaurants in Madrid to satisfy your hunger for French cuisine. We present five scenarios to make you feel like you are in the French capital. Enjoy one of the best cuisines in the world like never before.

Le Bistroman Atelier

Traditional French cuisine with an unmistakable flavor. Le Bistroman Atelier arrives in the center of Madrid to implement its concept of a French restaurant in one of the most romantic locations possible. This temple of French haute cuisine is located in the heart of Madrid de Los Austrias, between the Royal Palace and the Royal Theater. Le Bistroman, decorated in the purest Provençal style, displays its most careful, authentic, and traditional offer of French dishes by Chef Stephane del Rio.

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The essence of the tradition and flavors of French cuisine, combined with the spirit of creation, improvement, and dedication of the entire team, has made this one of the most renowned French restaurants in Madrid. Among our favorite dishes are the Magret of duck from the Landes with honey macerated with pine needles and seasonal fruit, Pichon du Mont-Royal in salmís cooked in its juice and accompanied by homemade pate made with the livers of the bird, or the Queen’s Bocado with shallot sauce. Delicious!

L’entrecot Café de París

The most famous entrecote in the world is served in one of the sanctuaries as far as French restaurants are concerned: L’entrecote Café de Paris. Following the aesthetics of the rest of the firm’s premises, L’Entrecote Café de Paris responds to a classic restaurant decorated with large mirrors, a wooden bar, and red leather and brass benches. Its decoration is reminiscent of the mythical Parisian restaurants, bringing to Madrid the “savoir fare” that characterizes them as a trendy restaurant. Its cuisine, with uninterrupted opening hours, is based on the dish born in the first Café de Paris.

restaurantes franceses Madrid

The recipe of this French restaurant in Madrid has been consolidated for years, now an international seal. It consists of a closed menu, prepared on the spot, which starts with a green salad of fresh plants with the special dressing of Café de París. A single dish, the Café de París entrecote, follows it. A piece of the best national meat with five possible cooking points: Bleu, Saignant, A Point, Rose, and Bien Cuit. It is served filleted and seasoned with the secret sauce created in 1930 by Monsier Bouvier and his wife. It is also worth mentioning a wine cellar that goes perfectly with the technique and flavor of this iconic proposal.


What used to be an old coal bunker with a modernist façade from the end of the 19th century is now Merci. Warm materials, wood, aged iron, mirrors, and a predominance of white, black, and wood colors. An elegant atmosphere, very well cared for, and excellent acoustic quality is just some of the elements that have contributed to its success. In Merci, you eat calmly and take the time to enjoy the dishes of seasonal products that are not hidden in sauces to enhance their flavor. Its honest market cuisine, with a sublime respect for the product, is ideally in tune with the simple elegance of the space.

The menu is extensive, but it can be understood at a glance by its basics: Creams and salads (in a nod to Petit Appetit); From the vegetable garden, one of its strong points and where one of its star dishes is hidden: Artichokes; To share, a nod to the Orient with nems; and then the main dishes, with options for everyone: Pastas and Eggs; Meats (with a good steak tartare) and Fish, where they have recovered, for example, a traditional and delicious dish such as sole Meuniere.

La Esquina del Real

The cuisine of this restaurant is classic French and delights those who have tried it since 1991. Of course, it owes its name to the fact that it is located in front of the Teatro Real on the corner. La Esquina del Real is one of the best French restaurants in Madrid. Intimate, dimly lit, and cozy atmosphere at the same time distinguished. Coquettish, but above all, different. A true enclave that will make you move to the city of light for a few hours.

restaurantes franceses Madrid

Among the dishes you can not miss in this sanctuary of French cuisine in Madrid are onion soup and homemade foie gras, warm cheese salad, and some privileged wines from its cellar. This space has established itself as one of Madrid’s most prestigious French restaurants without artificiality or decorative gimmicks based on technique and flavor.

Brasserie Lafayette

The brasserie reminiscent of the essential Parisian galleries, Lafayette, hides in the heart of Madrid, granting its diners a unique gastronomic experience. On the menu? Traditional French cuisine, prepared with great skill. Lunches and dinners start with their Echiré bread and butter and continue with starters such as the Breton oysters Legris nº3, their beurre maître hotel snails (cleaned and buttered with parsley, salt, and pepper), or the foie gras mi-cuit accompanied by brioche bread.


For the main course, you can try his confit of octopus with thyme, the duck breast with red fruit coulis, or the cleaned bouillabaisse. “We say it is clean because the bouillabaisse is a dish that is usually taken in two phases, first the soup and then the fish to be cleaned; here we prepare it in a single pass and with all the fish clean and ready to eat, accompanied by toast and rouille,” they relate. You can’t miss the Tarte Tatin or the French cheese board for dessert. Undoubtedly one of the best French restaurants in Madrid.

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