Five Galician restaurants in Madrid were to surrender to the seal ‘Galicia Calidade’

Marisco, pescado, carnes de primera, lo mejor de los productos de la huerta… Devora exquisitos manjares en los mejores restaurantes gallegos de Madrid

Galicia that place in the world that extends an invitation to surrender body and soul to hedonism. Beyond spectacular landscapes and picturesque villages, Galicia boasts one of the best cuisines in the world. Its varied and exquisite raw materials guarantee success that other cuisines worldwide cannot even match. Unrepeatable seafood, the freshness of its fish, first-class meats, and the best garden products come together in its gastronomy. So, suppose you also feel homesick for the development and flavor of D.O. ‘Galicia Calidade.’ In that case, we invite you to discover five Galician restaurants in Madrid to add to your gastro agenda.

Lúa: Eduardo Dato, 5

The Galician restaurant in Madrid has parred excellence. Here, in Lúa, the pleasure of a good meal is enjoyed with all five senses. Precisely for this reason, they have sought inspiration from our mother’s and grandmother’s traditional recipes to evolve into their avant-garde cuisine. A new market cuisine that pampers the entire creative process, from the daily selection of the best ingredients to an exquisite staging. Lúa professes a traditional cuisine of the 21st century. Its chef, Manuel Domínguez, prepares a tasting menu that varies according to the market. This way, it follows the natural rhythm of the seasons, offering a rich, varied, and balanced cuisine.

In Lúa, they work daily to achieve excellence, taking care of all the details and respecting the product. Lúa is not only luna in Galician. Lúa is know-how, it is a passion for cooking, it is always a smile, it is elegance, it is exquisite and delicate. The best gift to give yourself or to offer. In addition, Lúa has a home delivery service, so you can enjoy the best Galician restaurant in Madrid without leaving home. And this Galician restaurant in Madrid, besides being a Michelin star, has a service where the customer is always the protagonist.

Alabaster: Montalbán, 9

Among the Galician restaurants in Madrid center, Alabaster needs no introduction. This restaurant is the branch in the capital of the famous starred restaurant in La Coruña, ‘Alborada.’ Here you can enjoy the authentic taste of Galicia without having to travel. Alabaster offers a harmonious and casual design. In its two spacious dining rooms, reserved areas, and bar area, everything is measured and cared for in detail to give the customer the best feeling. Its philosophy, its atmosphere, and its way of understanding cuisine. Alabaster is all that. And also its atmosphere. It’s the dining room. A cozy space commanded by Óscar Marcos, an experienced professional who, together with a large dining room and kitchen team, hopes to delight diners.

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Its menu, service, and concept have positioned it as one of the best Galician restaurants in Madrid. So it is unsurprising that he gets a star like his ‘big brother.’ Try the fried langoustines on Japanese bread, the grilled sea bass with green chickpeas and consommé of its bones, or the Galician blonde steak tartare. Traveling through new wines, and discovering and experiencing them, is part of the nature of this restaurant. What is a good meal without good wine? Let us advise you on the best pairing for your favorite dish; you will not regret it!

Desde 1911:  Vivero, 3

This Galician restaurant with a terrace in Madrid is the best port in the capital. Desde 1911 is the tribute that Pescaderías Coruñesas has wanted to make to the family legacy, based on the search for excellence and deep respect for the sea, and to those generations of fishmongers who, with hard work and journey, managed to make Madrid the capital of fresh fish and seafood in Spain. Desde 1911, it could not be understood without the figures of María Juliana Azpíroz and Evaristo García, both belonging to families with a great tradition in the work of most artisan fishing. In addition, of course, to their children, fourth – and proud – generation of Maragatos fishmongers and muleteers. After more than a decade at the helm of the family business, the García Azpíroz family has fulfilled their dream of opening Desde 1911, one of the best Galician restaurants in Madrid.

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Nordic-inspired in its distribution and decoration, the restaurant has three differentiated spaces: the dining room, with views of the kitchen through a large window; the central patio, open and landscaped with leafy deciduous trees, a source of light and a setting for appetizers and after-dinner meals; and the reserved area, a dreamy place. The menu of Desde 1911 is the maximum expression of the seafood of the day. For that reason, it reinvents and evolves every day, changing entirely according to the catch of the day just arrived from the Galician coasts. Desde 1911 gathers and decides the products and dishes that will be enjoyed in the restaurant that day, offering a unique and unrepeatable gastronomic experience daily.

O’Pazo: Reina Mercedes, 20

This is your place if you are looking for a different Galician seafood restaurant in Madrid. This is where the purest Galician tradition is perched in the capital, a true empire of seafood and fish. So if you want to eat an octopus in Madrid or a wild fish, you can not overlook this place. Its specialty is the sea, not in vain is one of the five restaurants of Pescaderías Coruñesas. Since 1981 when Evaristo García acquired it, the main objective of O’Pazo was the search for the best product on our coasts and a simple preparation in which the natural flavors were enhanced. In 2008, a thorough renovation was done to bring the restaurant in line with the product offered. Today it is considered one of the best fish and seafood restaurants in the world.

Every day, succulent fish and fresh seafood arrives at this spectacular seafood market and is served perfectly prepared. This avoids thick sauces and complex dressings that prevent the diner from appreciating the quality of the raw material. In this way, they advocate respect for the product, the quality of the raw material, and its accurate preparation. “Our elaborations are simple and natural, thus enhancing the taste, smell, nuance, and texture of the best seafood and fish in the world.” Discover why it is one of the Galician restaurants in Madrid of reference.

NaDo: Prim, 5

Galician restaurants in Madrid have a formidable competitor: NaDo. NaDo was born in the Atlantic. The textures, flavors, and colors of the ocean that bathes Galicia are its raison d’être. Located on A Coruña, surrounded by fishing and market activity, the new home of Iván Domínguez breathes dynamism, sincerity, spontaneity, consistency, and fun. He transfers an extension of his life and environment to the plate with flavor and absolute respect for the product as a flag. NaDo is a large kitchen open to the customer. A space created based on a chromatic palette that evokes the traditional maritime identity of the local environment in the marina of A Coruña.

Like the navigator who traces his route, following an ancient navigation chart, of primitive explorations, Iván Domínguez goes out to sea to explore and rediscover the paths that taste has left in our memory. In NaDo, he sits us at the table and becomes the host of this Atlantic Galicia, with its products, people, and identity, cooking his dreams to ‘lume Manso.’ As in the traditional taverns of the fishing villages, life and rotation define its menu, alive and constantly evolving. They have a menu that frequently changes depending on the season and a menu as dynamic as what the sea and the land offer us daily through their producers and friends. Dishes with personality, tasty and without artifice that seek to please and entertain with the Atlantic as a storyline.


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