The best Christmas haircuts and hairstyles that are on trend

Fran Galán, estilista del salón The Beauty Concept Hair, desvela sus propuestas de peinados para las próximas fiestas navideñas y una entrada radiante en 2023

This fall, we can see color proposals, cuts, and hairstyles that are not too flashy. Stylists aim for serene, feminine hair with a luminous, healthy, and adaptable look for all types of faces. Therefore, this year’s Christmas haircuts will be less daring and much calmer than other occasions.

Proposals for Christmas hairstyles and haircuts

Fran Galán, the stylist at The Beauty Concept, wanted to follow this global trend with a different touch that will not go unnoticed this holiday season.

Glam Wave: A classic side parting, a different wave to what we are used to wearing in our day-to-day. A polished wave with extra shine and additional volume in the same direction creates a “water” effect that you will want to show off. A very polished, elegant, and brushed wave with a fantastic fall. It is recommended to subtly gather the side part on the desired side, which is more flattering to the face and gives prominence to the rest of the hair. Another option to wear this wave is to gather the front part of the hair simulating a headband, and apply volume to the rest of the hair.

peinados navideños

High ponytail with extra volume: Crown-length ponytail textured with waves and extra volume thanks to its innovative way of gathering the hair. The ponytail is formed by two superimposed ponytails, hiding one on top of the other to create a voluminous effect using a broken wave to create more texture and dimension. It is recommended to polish the ponytail and stretch it to make a lifting effect. It can also be created in this same way, but with a super smooth finish and a lot of shine with the ends facing inwards, giving a “ponytail” effect.

peinados navideños

Other haircuts

Ballerina bun: Classic, a simple and elegant hairstyle that can be combined with side or center parting. Not very marked stripes that can be combined with the “wet” effect. This chignon will produce a total lifting effect on our face and accentuate our makeup.

Wet” effect. With side parting, slicked back hair without a break to simulate a tufted impact, and even middle withdrawal with unruly ends without any characteristic order. In all of these options, we can see an excellent fixation of our hair. With a gel that is moldable during the process and a spray or serum to finish and provide extra shine. Before applying the gel, it is recommended to fix the hairstyle with a strong hairspray to create the desired shape.

peinados navideños

With these simple yet elegant hairstyles and haircuts, we can understand how to approach the holidays this year. The global trend of risk and sophistication will no longer be with us this Christmas.

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