Christmas Gastro Guide: the best Christmas dinners in Madrid 2022

Los restaurantes más exclusivos de la capital se visten de gala para despedir el 2022. Todo lo que estás buscando para tu cena de Navidad en Madrid te espera en esta guía gastro que hemos rescatado para ti.

The easiest way to reach heaven is, without a doubt, through the palate. Something that the most exclusive restaurants in the capital have taken advantage of. This Christmas, discover the authentic ‘places to be’ if you want to immerse yourself in Madrid’s most beautiful gastro world. Spaces where you can delight with menus with excellent taste, decorations that surpass the possible, and premium experiences to end the year in style. Get ready to enjoy the best Christmas dinners in Madrid that await you this new season. Enjoy!

TOTÓ and TATEL Madrid present their Christmas menu

TOTÓ: authentic Italian cuisine in the heart of the capital city

This represents the essence of Italian Mediterranean cuisine, with a solid commitment to high-quality traditional recipes and raw materials. An elegant and well-kept setting that stands out for its imposing bar; its interior decoration in wood, stucco, and beams with fantastic lighting; and its commitment to live music every day of the year in the heart of the capital, at number 38 Paseo de la Castellana.

TOTÓ will celebrate Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners featuring authentic Italian menus by its prestigious Roman chef Emiliano Celli. Dishes such as ravioli melanzana or panettone with crème anglaise and chocolate ice cream can be enjoyed on the night of December 24 in an exquisite menu paired with an extensive cellar of Spanish and Italian wines.

TATEL: a unique and different experience

TATEL represents the quintessence of the cozy and playful spirit that characterizes Spanish restaurants, with a carefully selected gastronomic offer based on the product and traditional recipes. Ando also presents its Christmas gastronomic proposal for those who want an unforgettable experience in an exclusive and fun environment. Haute cuisine, market products, signature cocktails, and a complete program of live shows and DJs merge to give life to two proposals that will make TATEL Madrid the “place to enjoy” this Christmas.

The Christmas Eve menu starts with a selection of starters to share, including 100% Iberian “Alta Expresión” D.O. Pedroches acorn-fed ham; live lettuce with pickled quail and white coconut garlic; and bluefin tuna tartar with free-range egg and potato crisp. The first course will consist of “Warm boletus cream, mushroom confit, and vanilla egg yolk,” followed by “Monkfish with carabinero emulsion and crispy coral.” Next, “Iberian secret marinated in fine herbs with fresh touches.” TATEL ends its proposal with a cheesecake in which David Rodriguez, Head Chef of TATEL Madrid, applies all his wisdom and heart.

Fortuny Home Club: the character and personality of its gastronomic offerings

Located on the emblematic Fortuny street in Madrid, this gastronomic space is always an option for those who do not like to get bored and want to bet on experience, diversity, and quality. Although there are usually four distinct spaces, La Cúpula, Henriette, Benedetto, and Morris Club, on particular dates in December, you can enjoy six closed menus in any of the restaurants that usually have their ideas.

In Fortuny, they are experts in being at the forefront of the most used culinary concepts every year, and therefore their options are the perfect mix between tradition and modernity. On the dates closer to Christmas Eve and Christmas, you can taste the classics of these days as delicious seafood of high quality, and some other proposals always focus on good raw material.

In short, if you do not want to cook on these special dates but do not want to give up the comfort of your home, Fortuny Home Club may be the perfect option to avoid having to choose. A classic among classics in Madrid that knows how to adapt to whatever is still to come.

China Crown:  all the concepts behind Asian cuisine and its Christmas offerings

The China Crown group also has something to offer for the Christmas holidays. And its experience in the sector has grown in the city of Madrid from its first restaurant, China Crown, specializing in imperial Chinese cuisine, to opening so many others, each with something special.


With the arrival of December, China Crown offers a series of Christmas menus that show off some of the most delicious Asian recipes. We tell you what you can expect from each of the proposals that China Crown, Shanghai Mama, Sushi Bar Tottori, and Le Petit Dim Sum restaurants have to offer:

Group and New Year’s Eve menus at China Crown

If China Crown is characterized by has managed to merge traditional Chinese dishes with ingredients from our country that give it that special and unique touch that has so many followers. And the menus they have created for this holiday season have not been left behind because they have exciting proposals, such as wontons with crab and truffle cream or xiao long bao of shrimp and scallops. Also, a delicious Peking duck with Beluga caviar breaks the schemes of all those who want to try something different from traditional Christmas recipes.

And as if this were not enough, it is possible to buy their delicious Peking duck to take home 48 hours in advance and its complements, crepes, leek, and Goji quince. However, for those who try the China Crown proposal in the restaurant, the lucky grapes await them with a glass of champagne, cotillion, and a distillate chosen by the house on the last night of the year.

Shanghai Mama presents a perfect Christmas menu.

Are you looking for something different when visiting Asian restaurants? Then perhaps your best option is Shanghai Mama, another of the restaurants belonging to China Crown and one of the ideas for Christmas dinners in Madrid. Their tasting menus also include a duck, but this time lacquered, for Christmas Day, and several appetizers and starters that we assure you will make a difference.

Kao stuffed shrimp with ginger, crispy chicken, and seafood Kubiak with egg “Pita Pinta” or sautéed prawns with ginger are just some of the delicious options you will find in this restaurant, both at Christmas and New Year’s Eve. All this shows how when quality shines, it is possible to give a chance to more exotic options to enjoy a different kind of holiday.

The most exotic New Year’s Eve menu at Sushi Bar Tottori

Sushi Bar Tottori is the Japanese option the China Crown group has devised with restaurants in Madrid and the city of Alicante. They propose a tasting menu option that can be enjoyed at Christmas and the last day of the year. And with a variety of fresh produce and traditional Japanese recipes that will make lovers of this cuisine enjoy it to the fullest.

The menu of Sushi Bar Tottori is organized in six different passes. And with their respective pairing, the lucky ones who book can try various original dishes: French oysters with ponzu sauce and assorted sashimi cuts, sea bass Suzuki and sea urchin gunkan or Tonkatsu sirloin sandwiches with wasabi are just some of the options. If you are looking forward to the rest… You have to make a reservation!

See the group and New Year’s Eve menus at Le Petit Dim Sum.

Finally, suppose you do not know where to organize Christmas dinners in Madrid and want something different, homemade, and unique. In that case, you should consider learning the menu of Le Petit Dim Sum, the latest project of the China Crown group. For December 31, you can enjoy a menu for groups, with options A and B, which we are sure you will find the ideal dish for everyone.

Handmade sautéed noodles, different recipes to work the picaña, and an incredible selection of dim sums with ingredients as original as sweet potato, scallop, octopus, or Iberian pork are some of the combinations you will enjoy there. If you are not a friend of formalities and feel like trying a different New Year’s Eve experience… China crown Group always has something for you!

Zoko Group: the importance of the minor details

In Zoko Group, you will find a different gastronomic bet that will leave you speechless and with a good taste in your mouth. They offer a cuisine with fusions of Cadiz, Mexico, Peru, and Thailand. But betting on the Wild Tuna Almadraba Gadira as the star product in its carefully selected menu. The Zoko Group restaurants in Madrid maintain their original essence and go a step further. Sumptuous dishes with which to open the mouth from less to more complex. And a pairing to the height based on prestigious champagnes and generous wines to make this dining experience an unforgettable memory. In addition, Zoko Group has an unclassifiable signature cocktail with a touch of punk and spicy notes.

Christmas Gastro Guide

Zoko’ is one of the brands of the Zoko Group, a company dedicated for more than five years to the restaurant sector. Since then, they have distributed six restaurants between Madrid and Zahara de Los Atunes. Among them are ‘Zokarrá’ -a brand specializing in rice dishes- and ‘Salvaje,’ specializing in meats and fish cooked with fire and embers. In addition to these, there is their latest proposal. ‘Krápula,’ a restaurant at number 27 Jorge Juan street with traditional-oceanic food, which Zoko Group is calling to “the enjoyment-seekers and hooligan palates with a pedigree that goes in search of the best atmosphere and the best cuisine in the Retiro and Barrio Salamanca area.”

Christmas in Zoko

With one foot into Christmas, Grupo Zoko has opted for a series of menus that will delight any of its diners. A risky fusion with the smell of saltpeter, red tuna from Almadraba, lime, chipotle, and cinnamon. Be sure to try the wild Almadraba tuna bonbon, the josper Galician razor clams with corn foam and yellow chili, the steak tartar brioche with jerky, or the cod confit. Sounds fantastic. We can’t wait to try it again!

Yugo The Bunker: Japanese haute cuisine with Michelin Star to thrill with two new tasting menus

In the heart of the Barrio de las Letras, Yugo The Bunker promises an unparalleled experience. Awarded a Michelin Star in 2019, it is chef Julián Mármol, passionate about Japanese cuisine, is at the helm of the stoves. The restaurant surprises for Christmas with a new proposal of two tasting menus where the excellence of the raw material is the fundamental axis. Texture, flavor, and emotion are the treasure that awaits us behind the two new and excellent creations of Mármol. Discover, as always, the best flavor paired with the best range of sakes, wines, and champagnes on the market.

Restaurante Yugo The Bunker, una taberna japones de la II Guerra Mundial en  Madrid

The hallmarks of Japanese gastronomy are in the roots of Yugo The Bunker, specifically in its new tasting menu ROOTS. “This menu represents the logical evolution of our most recognizable gastronomic concept,” says the chef—an infallible bet for those who cannot conceive Japanese cuisine without some of its most popular elements. With NAKED, Mármol proposes “a journey to the essence of the noblest raw materials, a journey to the heart of Japanese gastronomy. This is a radically honest proposal in which each bite is stripped of the accessory, only accompanied by that which adds depth to the main product”. This Christmas, enjoy the highest Japanese gastronomy with Yugo The Bunker.


Papúa Colón: Do you dare to explore the unexplored?

Located in Plaza de Colón, Papúa restaurant aims to challenge all your senses. Now that freezing temperatures are settling in the capital move to the jungle without leaving Madrid. Product, flavor, and technique come together in this dream restaurant. The best gastronomy, a unique location next to the Fernán Gómez Theater, and a decoration that will leave no one indifferent. At the helm of the stoves, Andrés Castaño, the right hand of chef Aurelio Morales since 2016 at the CEBO restaurant of the Urban hotel.


With a varied menu for all audiences, it offers dishes to whet your appetites. Such as a bite of Caesar salad in rolls with air Parmesan and lime. Or passion for foie gras, where we find passion fruit stuffed with caramelized foie mousse; potatoes and batatas bravas ‘Papúa Colón’ or the mythical and traditional croquettes of cocido madrileño (Madrid stew). Among the main dishes on the extensive menu are the prawn ravioli, as Joel Robuchon used to make them. Also, the bombita rice with ‘beurre blanc’ with white and green asparagus and emulsion, an emulsion of roasted poultry juice. Without a doubt, you will want to come back every time. Enjoy this gastronomic and sensory experience like never before.

Papagena: a Christmas dream for opera lovers

On the sixth floor of the Teatro Real building, it is possible to enjoy, from this same year, 2022, a gastronomic space that is here to stay. It is called Papagena and is commanded by the prestigious chef with two Michelin stars, Ramón Freixas. Its name is based on the character of Mozart’s Magic Flute, Papageno.

Throughout the year, it has become the place to be for those who like to combine theater or opera and a delicious dinner. With avant-garde and international touches, Ramón Freixas’s cuisine blends with the aesthetics provided by the prestigious interior designer Luis García Fraile.

But for the Christmas season, they have been able to update and have a lot to say. First of all, the sommelier Xandra Falcó is also working with them, who will bring a varied selection of the best wines to the magical nights at the end of the year. But the chef also proposes three menus for small groups of at least ten people, which can be ideal for Christmas dinners in Madrid.

King crab salad with mini-vegetables. And 12-spice lacquered suckling lamb ingot with pumpkin and chestnut, or its already famous veal consommé with its microraviolis in two courses. These are just some of the main courses of a menu that should at least be taken into account. For example, if someone wants to enjoy an unforgettable dinner with incomparable views of the most beautiful area of Madrid.

Dani García Group: inimitable

Dani Brasserie: A first high Christmas

From its location on the seventh floor of the Four Seasons Madrid hotel, Chef Dani Garcia’s restaurant, Dani Brasserie, celebrates the first Christmas with height. Thus, despite the approaching atypical Christmas, there will be no shortage of tasty proposals to celebrate them. Those looking to enjoy them in a restaurant with a privileged location in the center of Madrid, Dani Brasserie welcomes them with a proposal à la carte. For this festive season, Dani García has prepared several menus reflecting the restaurant’s purest essence.

The passing structure will be the same for each day-Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve. Appetizers to whet the appetite, a starter with seafood, followed by a fish and a meat dish. And for the final touch, a pre-dessert and dessert. Incorporating some typical dishes from the restaurant’s menu, the menus specially created for these celebrations feature products of excellent quality. Such as smoked eel, caviar with king crab, XXL delicate clam, canaille, Huelva langoustine, red mullet, and suckling pig, prepared with the personal touch of Dani García. Undoubtedly, an irresistible bet.

BiBo: The democratization of haute cuisine

BiBo is the proposal of chef Dani Garcia that offers an authentic Andalusian recipe book. But with many cosmopolitan winks motivated by the chef’s travels around the globe. An ideal plan to enjoy at the table with friends and family. BIBO offers two options of group menus for December to enjoy the democratization of Dani García’s haute cuisine. And in its purest form: Menú Claus (50 euros) and Menú Noel (40 euros). Both start with dishes to share full of Andalusian flavor. After the starters, an individual plate and a dessert are served, all accompanied by a fantastic pairing that rounds off the experience to make it unique.

Bibo, el nuevo restaurante en Madrid de Dani García, chef con dos estrellas Michelin

At the end of the year, Bibo will dress up and offer three menus in which classic French dishes with the Dani García touch will be the protagonists. These special menus include pumpkin, sour cream, and herring roe; foie and apple millefeuille; mushroom and black truffle tart; grilled lobster, tarragon beurre blanc, and edamame; or guinea fowl stuffed with black trumpet puree. All this is accompanied by the best references of its wine cellar to say goodbye to 2020 in style. The menus include grapes and a cotillion bag.

  • New Year’s Eve Menus BIBO Madrid: Happy 250€ / New Year 300€ / New Year 350€.
  • New Year’s Eve Menus BIBO Marbella: Happy 295€ / New Year’s Eve 350€ / New Year’s Eve 385€.

Florida Retiro: art and gastronomy go hand in hand in Madrid

Christmas comes to the heart of Madrid through Florida Retiro and its different gastronomic and entertainment proposals. Enjoy the spaces of La Sala and El Pabellón, decorated with the Christmas spirit that characterizes these particular dates. Exclusive Christmas and New Year’s Eve menus. Also, fun touches of humor with special guests such as Agustín Jiménez, and lots of flamenco art by ‘El Negri’ and his Group La Barbería del Sur, are some of the plans that Florida Retiro has prepared for the coming holidays.


However, emphasizing the gastro level, visitors will be able to delight in El Pabellón with the offer prepared by Iván Cerdeño and his kitchen team. Menu or a la carte options that can be enjoyed daily include typical dishes from Cerdeño and Florida Retiro cuisine and seasonal novelties. Cerdeño has defined two exclusive New Year’s Eve menus for the last night of the year. One is to be enjoyed at El Pabellón and the other at La Sala, where a unique entertainment show will be held to accompany the dinner. We can’t think of a better way to bid farewell to this turbulent 2020.

Oter Group: premium product and traditional cuisine

This Christmas, so atypical, the Oter Group proposes to celebrate these special dates around the table with what characterizes them most: the best product and traditional market cuisine. Grupo Other has presented its special menus for these dates to offer a complete gastronomic experience in which the product is the protagonist. On these menus, we can find dishes such as entrecote of beef on the coals with rustic potato, grilled black tripe pixin with baked potatoes, or scallops au gratin with Albariño. In addition, each menu has a suggested pairing based on the labels of the wineries of each restaurant.


And that’s not all. Grupo Oter has designed an exceptional gala menu for each restaurant to celebrate New Year’s Eve and put the finishing touch to the end of the year. Diners will enjoy a welcome aperitif paired with G.H. Mumm, various starters and main courses, and a sweet finale with homemade desserts, Christmas sweets, and lucky grapes. This year, if you don’t want to give up the comfort of your home, Grupo Oter has launched two delivery menus that will allow you to enjoy a gala dinner at home for two. Impossible to resist.

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