Luxury Beauty&Wellness Guide in Marbella: the best salons and treatments of 2022

Personal care, sometimes relegated to oblivion by the -damn- routine, is essential to achieve that wellness we hear so much about. This season, Marbella’s best premium beauty services have a first and last name. Discover the best way to take care of yourself by entrusting your health and well-being to expert hands. The best luxury beauty treatments in Marbella and the most exclusive centers of the city await you for a high-end result. Facials, body treatments, luxury hairdressing sessions, or wellness treatments will be your best ally this season; enjoy a moment for yourself in the best luxury beauty salons in Marbella!


Glow Beauty Puerto Banús: handmade beauty treatments with hyaluronic Acid

Glow Beauty is located in the heart of Puerto Banús, one of Marbella’s best luxury beauty salons. This temple of advanced aesthetics offers a fascinating world that combines health, beauty, and harmony in a paradise of well-being. For many reasons, Glow Beauty has established itself as one of the best beauty centers on the Costa del Sol, placing itself at the forefront of facial treatments. Among our must-haves this season is the Second Peau treatment from the Parisian firm Biologique Recherche.

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This beauty ritual begins after an exhaustive skin analysis, creating a personalized combination of highly cosmetic products and manual techniques. Second Peau is the first medical Hyaluronic Acid electro-threaded mask. It deeply regenerates the skin while stimulating collagen synthesis. This is why it is in itself a powerful anti-aging treatment. Undoubtedly, one of the best facial treatments in Marbella.

Royal Touch: a space dedicated to beauty and self-esteem, but above all to health

Fernanda Silva is the owner of a space that has managed to make a place in the aesthetics of some of the most important cities in our country. In Marbella, Barcelona, Madrid, or Mallorca, it is possible to enjoy unique and more than proven treatments from a woman with more than 18 years of experience. This is Royal Touch, and it is also the name of one of the most demanded methods of the year 2022.

The one in Marbella is located on Estébanez Calderón street, 6. A perfect space to carry out the great innovation of Fernanda Silva concerning the rest of the centers: a fusion between the molding massage and lymphatic drainage, which manages to eliminate all retained fluids, as well as improve the immune system and reduce the general swelling.

But this is not the only procedure that can be carried out in one of the best luxury beauty salons in Marbella in 2022 and subsequent 2023. It is also possible to enjoy the Touch Face, only for the face, or the Shiny Touch, which includes a phase of exfoliation to get the ideal texture in our body. Not to mention the same treatment for men, pregnant women, and even women on one of the most important days of their lives, a wedding, with the Bridal Touch.

Narybu Salón: luxury hairdressing in Marbella takes place in this hair temple

Narybu is everything you need to relax and regain balance in your life. An experience that, in addition to making you feel better and more beautiful, will make you enjoy the best luxury beauty treatments in Marbella until the end. It is well known that beautiful hair is healthy hair, something with which they share in Narybu. This precise drives luxury hairdressing in Marbella to develop here, where the best hair treatments are born.

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Narybu’s expert team analyzes the needs of your hair and offers you the most advanced treatments to make your hair look natural beauty. Hairdetox is this season’s star hair treatment to show off a fabulous mane. The definitive solution to excess scalp oil. This detox treatment deeply synthetic residues based on natural ingredients with the Pramasana treatment. The result is a root that usually breathes again, guaranteeing a healthy and beautiful mane. Narybu is undoubtedly one of Marbella’s best luxury beauty salons and hairdressers.

Pure Skin Boutique Spa: the best body treatments in Marbella with international prestige

Under an innovative concept, Boutique Spa is developed, one of the best luxury beauty centers in Marbella: Pure Skin. The firm was founded in 2013 by beauty expert Sofia Saide. With over 30 years of experience, Sofia remains committed to offering only Marbella’s best premium beauty services. The techniques and products used in her flagship have been specially selected for their effectiveness and the ethical production of their ingredients. This is how this authentic oasis of wellness rises and remains at the top, offering its clients professional and exclusive luxury treatments guaranteeing a relaxing experience and visible results.

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Among the best body treatments in Marbella is Citrus Body Perfection. This beauty treatment by Natura Bissé cares for your body with high concentrations of vitamin C, green tea, and rose oil. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it is ideal for skin with loss of elasticity and dehydration due to the sun and other environmental agents, regardless of age. It stimulates collagen production and restores firmness to the skin – you’ll love the results!

Marbella Club Wellness: Thalassotherapy in one of Marbella’s most exclusive wellness centers

Marbella Club Wellness is a luxurious and a sanctuary for body and mind. Purify, recharging energy and revitalizing are the primary purposes of one of the best wellness centers in Marbella. In this way, they draw on the profound benefits of the Mediterranean Sea water that help to improve health. Among its wellness rituals is Thalassotherapy, a discipline with a long tradition that is the core of its main treatments. Ancient Greek and Egyptian practices demonstrate seawater’s strengthening, revitalizing, and beautifying powers, relieving stress and bringing vitality to body and mind.

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The change of season can alter your biorhythm; therefore, EDDK Magazine recommends one of the best body treatments in Marbella in this magnificent wellness space. Vichy’s intensive detoxifying Thalassotherapy with Thalion is a treatment that is performed in two steps under a gentle rain of seawater. The deep exfoliation with sea salt and natural oils is accompanied by a full body massage using seaweed. As dead skin cells and toxins disappear, your skin is left smooth and revitalized—the perfect choice before any other body treatment. Relax in the best hands; your body will thank you.

Le Petit Milk&Roses: nails done in the best beauty salon in Marbella

Le Petit Milk&Roses is one of those luxury beauty centers in Marbella that will leave you speechless. Not only for its ‘girly’ decoration with a marked preference for pink but also for the manifesto of love for oneself that they promote and one of the best premium beauty services. “I commit to love myself, take care of myself, accept myself and respect myself always”. Thus begins a declaration of love and intentions with oneself and its visitors. Fall in love with this exclusive and coquettish space, its way of understanding beauty and personal care, and its know-how. If you are looking for a special place to take care of your nails, Le Petit Milk&Roses is definitely your ‘place to be’.

Leave your hands in the hands of the best experts to show off a trendy manicure. Whether you want a manicure and pedicure in your favorite primary colors or use the best nail art techniques, Le Petit Milk&Roses will take care of everything. Discover the Shellac long-lasting manicure to show off great hands with the season’s colors. Also, prepare your feet for the good weather with their kerosene and black diamond pedicure treatment. Hands up!

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