A tour of the best restaurants in Formentera for this 2022

Knowing the best restaurants in Formentera and where to stay to enjoy this summer of 2022 is a huge advantage. The wild and small Mediterranean island is one of the best places to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Relax, rest, and a paradisiacal atmosphere that could only be combined with good gastronomy accompanying every memory.

That’s why today we want to tell you which are the best and most highly rated restaurants on the island. But also by ordinary people lucky enough to get to know these privileged locations where the absolute protagonist is the food. In Formentera, the place invites you to enjoy fresh products of the highest quality, such as fish or meat, but also some novelties with more exotic and international recipes.

Let’s get started!

Nobu Formentera: an exquisite restaurant on the rooftop of Teranka 

Nobu is in a unique location where art, gastronomy, and design form an authentic project, where you can find the peace and tranquility of the island. The restaurant joins the gastronomic circuit of the hotel Teranka Formentera, offering high-quality cuisine in an exquisite atmosphere and the island’s heart. With this opening, Nobu increases its expansion throughout Spain.

Teranka Formentera hotel raises its gastronomic offer with the opening of Nobu. The menu features a selection of creative dishes that fuse classic Japanese cuisine with Peruvian flavors. The words that stand out are tartares, ceviches, nigiri, and Sushi Maki. Desserts are perfect for the “sophisticated sweet tooth”: the cheesecake, the chocolate fondant with matcha ice cream, or the chocolate brulée with milk and miso are the best options.

In the restaurant, we can find a lounge bar, where we can enjoy a variety of cocktails, fine wines, and the best Japanese sake in a space where live DJs create a musical atmosphere that completes the exciting and sophisticated Nobu-style experience. 

Casa Pachá Formentera: Mediterranean essence and intense sea flavor

The last year 2021, Casa Pachá landed in Formentera with the idea of giving back to the island the essence it should never have lost from the seventies. A modest space where you can enjoy the little things, the corners full of light, and the crystal clear water in the background of each landscape. And also of a gastronomic concept linked to the traditional beach bar. Some more eccentric and exclusive touches are intermingled with a menu that bets on always flavors. What is, for economical prices that clash head-on with much of the island’s offers today?

Los mejores restaurantes de Formentera

An authentic space

Casa Pachá is also a great hotel to stay at. Its architecture seems to be created from the sand enjoyed on the incredible beaches of the Es Caló area, where it is located. The director of the space, Óscar Romero, has spoken on numerous occasions about the central idea that led him to seek what he has created today on the island. And it is an authentic space, far from the beach clubs that are so fashionable lately. With honesty, reasonable prices, and where the most important thing is to enjoy the place.

Los mejores restaurantes de Formentera

The flavors of the sea are the main point of its menu, where the oysters are one of the great successes. This, and all kinds of fish, fried or grilled, are especially recommended by the sea bass. Also, other classics of the island’s recipes, such as rice with bogabante or grilled crayfish, join the party of flavors. And to top it off, priceless views of the beach. Its famous cheesecake delights all sweet lovers.

Casa Pachá is one of the best restaurants in Formentera. And not only for the quality of its food but also for the effort they make to turn the experience of its visitors into something unique and unrepeatable. Friendliness, closeness, and a free and relaxed atmosphere are the magic formula to make all those who seek to enjoy the island and its virtues fall in love with it.

Italian memories in an Ibizan space: ChezzGerdi

It is said that Es Pujols is a place that is part of the history of Formentera and where wishes can come true. Primarily if the wishes are related to enjoying authentic Italian cuisine, quality, and accompanied by dreamlike views, that place is called ChezzGerdi, and it must have an obligatory place in the list of the best restaurants in Formentera.

It is located on the outskirts of the tourist area of Es Pujols, right in front of the sea and surrounded by the most charismatic nature of the island. And there they founded a concept that until today they have clear. This consists, basically, of the absolute certainty that food is the fastest way to get pleasure. Around this, they have formulated a space where Italian gastronomy is the central pillar. Still, it cannot live without using raw materials from the island, and also of some mixture with the best of the Mediterranean cuisine.

A cheerful, free atmosphere that makes you remember every minute that you are on vacation. Away from the stress and routine of everyday life. The place is so magical that many people celebrate a wedding, which is one of the events you can enjoy at ChezzGerdi. The music throughout the evening, some concerts or DJs programming give the missing ingredient. So it has become one of the favorite choices of all locals and tourists every year.

Los mejores restaurantes de Formentera

Juan y Andrea: a Formentera classic with international fame

And one of the mythical restaurants of Formentera is Juan and Andrea. It is located on the famous beach of Illetes, one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Behind its foundation is a lovely love story between Juan and his wife, Andrea. They fell in love and went to live in an area of the island that was not even accessible by land then. Juan was a fisherman and was in charge of daily fishing. In the meantime, Andrea cooked for some of the boats that passed by in the early seventies.

But little by little, the place became better known. The beach began becoming one of the most famous and visited on the island, and, in this way, its restaurant became one of the great classics. Fish and seafood recipes are combined with incredible rice dishes in a natural environment, with palm trees, and without great pretensions. What more could you ask for? Almost 45 years of dedication to turning the experience of enjoying his restaurant into a memory that will never be forgotten is the key to his success.

A secret garden that reconciles us with the environment: A mi manera Formentera

For all those people looking for a particular restaurant where the treatment towards the products that make up the carte is above all, they should come to know A mi Manera. It is one of the best restaurants in Formentera. Its philosophy is to have an organic garden where the natural seasonality of fruits and vegetables is respected. And where, of course, are not treated with chemicals or artificial products.

Los mejores restaurantes de Formentera

To enjoy having absolute knowledge about what we eat, where it comes from, and how it has been prepared is a privilege we have forgotten. And this is precisely the philosophy of a restaurant that cares about the quality of its recipes being based on suitable products—no need for embellishments. The same happens with the rest of the products, such as meat or fish, which are obtained daily to fill the palates of customers with flavor without using too many fireworks.

The space of A Mi Manera Formentera is in the middle of nature. And although it does not have sea views, it becomes a haven of peace, where you can always feel at ease and enjoy the good things the island can bring, gastronomically speaking.

Los mejores restaurantes de Formentera

Es Molí de Sal: Mediterranean cuisine in an old salt mill

One of the most famous restaurants in Formentera is, without a doubt, Es Molí de Sal. Its well-deserved fame is based on a privileged environment where to taste some of the specialties that its faithful followers look for year after year. Of the island’s old salt industry, some remains have reached our days, and today house this emblematic restaurant has been renovated to become a unique and unrepeatable space.

Anyone who comes to Illetes beach in the morning can see Es Molí de Sal from a distance, and it will catch their attention. Windows, wood, and a perfect aesthetic to become one of the places you dream of when planning a trip to Formentera.

But the exterior is not the only reason why those who once fell in love with this restaurant come back every year. To think of Es Molí de Sal cuisine is to reflect on how the Mediterranean tastes. Fresh products of the highest quality in recipes will surprise the palates of those who like to try different things. Thus, its already mythical dish of fried lobster with potatoes, egg, and sobrasada is a sample of how you can give prominence to a good product and give it a different and personal touch.

Los mejores restaurantes de Formentera

In Es Molí de Sal, everything is made with ingredients from the sea, and any of the ideas you discover where there are clams, oysters, lobster, squid, prawns, or sea urchins from the area, is a sure hit. The prices are not the cheapest on the list, but how they have designed an ideal environment to enjoy high cuisine is well worth it.

El Mirador de Formentera: a meal from the heights

In this list of the best restaurants in Formentera can not miss the one that provides the best views of the whole island. El Mirador de Formentera is a place you must know to take in your memories an incredible panoramic view of the place you will never forget. And it is that this nice restaurant is located at the highest point on the whole island. With a bird’s eye view, you can understand how long the island is and how far it reaches, and when the days are sunny, you can even see Es Vedrá and the coasts of Ibiza.

Los mejores restaurantes de Formentera

And this is not the only thing that Mirador de Formentera has to contribute to this list of the best restaurants on the island. Its experience in the profession since the sixties has also made it an authentic reference to the most traditional food in the area. The identity of the recipes, using local products, keeps the nutrition of El Mirador away from fads.

His recipe for biscuit salad, made with dried fish typical of Formentera, is an excellent example of how some try to preserve the originality of cultures. The same happens with his recipe for blind paella, typical of Formentera, which has been famous for years and is an example for many of those who came later to the hospitality industry on the island. However, there is also room at Mirador de Formentera for variations, where typical products are still used but with a different touch. This is the case of baked provolone with sobrasada, one of the house brands.

This summer, you can enjoy endless gastronomic experiences in the best restaurants of Formentera. A good atmosphere, delicious food, and breathtaking scenery wherever you look are waiting for you in the smallest of the Pituisas islands.

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