Luxury Beauty&Wellness Guide in Madrid: the best salons and treatments of 2022

Descubre cuáles son los mejores centros y tratamientos de alta gama en Madrid para mimarte y relajarte de la mano de grandes expertos. Treat yourself!

This year is the time of the ‘reset’ in all aspects, so taking care of yourself is a crucial issue from EDDK Magazine; we propose you do it in the best luxury beauty salons in Madrid. Get away from stress, focus on your well-being, and discover the best and most innovative health, beauty, and wellness treatments. Enjoy the benefits that a ‘slow motion’ routine can provide you with the best beauty experts. Their expertise and passion will show you the impressive results of the latest trends and why it is necessary to dedicate the time you deserve.


The Red Beauty Club: the leading integral beauty club in the capital city

With the soul of a clandestine club, The Red Beauty Club has dyed red and beauty around Paseo de la Castellana, 45, in Madrid, the capital’s financial heart. 

Much more than a center for beauty and medical aesthetic treatments, this beauty club seeks excellence in all its services. It strives to ensure that each attending person can disconnect and integrate into a world of fullness, wellness, and absolute relaxation.  The Red Beauty Club conceives beauty not as something external but as a global concept in which everything is connected.  In the center, which has more than 700m2, everything is cared for down to the smallest detail, with the latest equipment to provide the best possible service to its customers and make them feel at home.


The Red Beauty Club has a 360º menu of services to offer a complete wellness experience. Hairdressing and hair treatments, facial care, innovative dry manicure, and its medical aesthetic services stand out for their effectiveness in proven results thanks to the incorporation of powerful equipment and the extensive experience of its team. All of them are performed by professional experts that make The Red Beauty Club one of the best luxury beauty salons in Madrid.


With this powerful and exclusive treatment, we can reshape the figure and drastically reduce localized fat thanks to the ultrasound technology that incorporates Alma Primex. With unique and lasting results from the first session and fewer sessions needed, let yourself be guided by the experience and advice of its medical aesthetic team to achieve your goals with full guarantees of health and results.

Alma Primex is the most innovative and recent treatment that reduces unwanted localized fat and achieves a body reshaping and a lifting of the skin to restore a youthful and smooth appearance by combating flaccidity. It reduces the volume of the abdomen, waist, thighs, and buttocks in less time and necessary sessions without damaging the tissues with the most potent last-generation ultrasound on the market.

We recommend you request your diagnosis to know and enjoy the most exclusive beauty and wellness experience in Madrid, thanks to The Red Beauty Club, the beauty hotspot of the moment, to take care of you. Schedule your appointment with EDDK Premium for personalized advice and the best conditions.

Gema Cabañero: restore years to your face with Symmed Elite’s triple advanced technology

Looking your best means going to professionals, so what better time to return to the Gema Cabañero anti-aging & advanced aesthetics clinic? Gema Cabañero has launched a new precision technology called Symmed Elite. It is an innovative method of unique and comprehensive resistive capacitive radiofrequency work, which incorporates specific protocols for facial, body, and hair treatments. This new protocol promises reducing, moisturizing, firming, and toning effects. Thus, this avant-garde method created by Termosalud incorporates triple S technology, which is unique in the market.


Summer Elite is a practical, painless, and non-invasive treatment that offers the best results in all its applications: Symmed Total Face&Neck facial treatments, body treatments, and specific treatments for hair care Symmed Total Hair. The benefits it brings are essential to show off your best ‘me.’ Among them, it rejuvenates the appearance of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen fibers; it oxygenates and deeply nourishes the skin, providing a firming and moisturizing effect; it restores luminosity to the skin; it combats flaccidity and improves muscle tone by delivering nutrients and oxygen to the connective tissue; and, finally, it favors the elimination of liquids and toxins. A treatment that shows know-how, as always, is exquisite.

Royal Touch: a space dedicated to beauty and self-esteem, but above all to health

Fernanda Silva is the owner of a space that has managed to make a place in the aesthetics of some of the most important cities in our country. In Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, or Mallorca, it is possible to enjoy unique and more than proven treatments from the hand of a woman with more than 18 years of experience. This is Royal Touch, and it is also the name of one of the most demanded methods of the year 2022.

The one in Madrid, in particular, is located in central Recoletos street, number 19. A perfect space to carry out the great innovation of Fernanda Silva concerning the rest of the centers: a fusion between the molding massage and lymphatic drainage, which manages to eliminate all retained fluids, as well as improve the immune system and reduce the general swelling.

But this is not the only procedure that can be carried out in one of the best luxury beauty salons in Madrid in 2022 and 2023. It is also possible to enjoy the Touch Face, only for the face, or the Shiny Touch, which includes a phase of exfoliation to get the ideal texture in our body. Not to mention the same treatment for men, pregnant women, and even women on one of the most important days of their lives, a wedding, with the Bridal Touch.

HairSpa Maison Eduardo Sánchez: a holistic experience with French reminiscences

If there is a place where you can breathe passion and love for the world of beauty and hairdressing, that is undoubtedly Maison Eduardo Sanchez. The fusion of glamour, French hairdressing technique, and a multicultural team’s professionalism will welcome you to a unique experience. Discover the essence of the Leonor Greyl Institute and its savoir-faire in the exclusive cabin of the luxurious Maison Eduardo Sanchez salon.


Advanced and innovative protocols based on natural active ingredients are considered beauty treatments beyond simple care. Effective rituals are based on a unique diagnosis and specific equipment to nourish, oxygenate, decontract and care from the roots. Authentic holistic experiences entirely customizable for treating hair in depth, not for nothing, are considered one of the best luxury hairdressing salons!

Leonor Greyl HairSpa treatments are a unique and transformative experience for the hair. A shinier, more flexible and easier to manage mane; sublime results that will leave no one indifferent.

Those who book their favorite hairdressing and esthetics services or wish to purchase Maison’s products and book through EDDK Premium will enjoy special conditions and discounts. In addition, during the booking process -both by phone and online- they should refer to the EDDK code to enjoy these benefits. If you wish, we can arrange your appointment with the salon here.

Tacha Beauty: sculpt your figure with Martine De Ridgeville

If there is a space that stands out among the luxury beauty salons in Madrid, that is Tacha Beauty. A true paradise of holistic wellness where body, soul, and spirit unite. That is why the firm of Natalia de la Vega, an all-terrain woman if ever there was one, has opted for a new treatment to sculpt our figure based on the integral diagnosis ‘Body Knowledge’. Remodeling, promoted by Martine de Ridgeville, includes different versions: female body contouring to keep cellulite at bay, male body contouring for a defined waist and back, and the facial alternative. Thus, De Richeville has developed a founding gesture that works on the body’s energies, rebalancing blood and lymphatic circulation.


From this movement, the beauty guru creates a manual therapy called Remodeling. It is designed to redefine the silhouette and rid the body of toxins. A high-end body treatment of which we already consider ourselves faithful followers. Unlike other techniques, the Remodelage protocol works on the deep layers of the skin and the oldest fat deposits. This activates the metabolism, stimulating the emotional memory of the cells and restoring their balance. The results of this new body treatment will make Tacha Beauty your temple of wellness reference among luxury beauty salons in Madrid. Promise!

Caudalie Boutique Spa: efficacy and innovation for the best results in your treatment

Inspired by the Spa Vinothérapie de Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux, France, the Madrid boutique takes up the emblematic codes of the brand with colors, shapes, and materials that will transport you to a field of vines. In this SPA Boutique, all of Caudalie’s exceptional treatments are performed by its expert wine therapists, who combine the brand’s unique protocols with natural ingredients and the latest active ingredients patented by the brand, including in collaboration with Harvard Medical School. The cabins, authentic bubbles of well-being in the heart of the city center, invite you to relax through a multi-sensory experience with facial and body treatments. Today Caudalie plants its expertise in the heart of the Salamanca district at Calle Claudio Coello 51.

This new boutique also highlights the sources of inspiration and commitments of Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, founders of the brand. Among them, they offer practical, sustainable, and sensory products. An example of this is its Premier Cru Facial protocol. This sophisticated and emblematic treatment combines the best anti-aging active ingredients to reduce the eight signs of skin aging. This treatment acts as a youth cure thanks to specific pressure and massage techniques combined with an innovative roller technique. The skin regains vitality, firmness, and radiance, and wrinkles and fine lines are visibly faded. Discover it!

Mia Bella Elite Studio: beauty ‘on the go’ in one of Madrid’s best boutique beauty salons

Mia Bella Elite Studio opens its doors in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood, at 7 Conde de Aranda Street, to offer a new beauty concept to Madrid’s elite. This exclusive space designed following the parameters of a boutique aims to become the center of reference for the day-to-day. Its philosophy is to care for and pamper its clients professionally, uniquely, and closely to build customer loyalty so that they become part of the Mia Bella Club.

Through membership, you can access numerous advantages such as the privatization of the space, VIP schedules, home service… In addition, you can also enjoy special conditions. And access to priority reservations in their services through EDDK Premium Services by contacting us or through WhatsApp: +34 652177915.

This new Beauty and Wellness space offers a wide range of beauty treatments, including eyebrow design, eyelash tinting, makeup, facials, four hands massages, or mani-pedi. Our favorite treatment for this summer? Without a doubt, Body Slim is the firm’s latest proposal to prepare your body for operation bikini. It reshapes, reduces, and firms to show off your best version. In addition, as if all this were not enough, Mia Bella allows you to enjoy specific programs for brides, beauty parties, or afterworks in an exclusive, warm and discreet environment.

Discover the team of professionals managed by Mar Posadas, director of the center, and let yourself be pampered with the most innovative cosmetics. This way, Mia Bella bets on unique and personalized experiences where trust, flexibility, quality, and safety are absolute values. In addition, inspired by the trend ‘Beauty on the go’ based in places like Manhattan, Paris, or London, Mia Bella wanted to grant this service to its customers.

Book your appointment, and the Mia Bella team will go wherever you want. Fancy!

Opuntia Organic: ancestral wisdom in one of the raw wellness referents in the capital city

Located in the heart of Hermosilla Street, in Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood, hides this cozy wellness corner where body and mind intertwine. Undoubtedly, Opuntia Organic is one of the capital’s most welcoming beauty and wellness spaces, a door to nature in the center of a big city. Reconnecting with yourself and with the Earth as a source of care and protection is, perhaps, the differential value provided by one of the most exclusive salons in Madrid. Thus, through a philosophy developed with care, Opuntia Organic develops its treatments through powerful brands. Among them are the exclusive cosmetic products of LE PURE. Based on 45 years of scientific research on medicinal plants and their optimal dosage in each formula, these are perfectly in line with the house’s philosophy.

Pioneers in the basic concept offer a wellness experience through wellness rituals and pure, realistic cosmetics, full of properties and benefits, thanks to their particular elaboration process.

Opuntia Organic | Home

Raw cosmetics are part of a culture of alliance with the environment and respect for the consumer’s skin, based on the discreet handling of raw materials, which come from chemical-free crops and are treated without the use of heat.

Discover an exclusive beauty & wellness menu in this particular temple of holistic wellness differentiated by facial or body treatments. The Ritual that has stolen our hearts is the Andean Mystic Body Ritual, which involves the traditional art that Andean shamans have known since time immemorial and is masterfully reproduced by the center’s creators, a reference in raw culture.


Following the techniques and teachings of the ancestral doctors of the Andes, the sensory experience of touch has been perfected to create this Ritual. Likewise, the four elements of nature have been represented in the organism as a way to access the individual’s energy levels. Get rid of negative energy and the pathologies it brings with it, discover all this Ritual can do for your well-being, and you will come back for sure!

The Beauty Concept Hair: art, gastronomy, and culture around a 360° hair salon experience

Fifteen years after revolutionizing the beauty world with The Beauty Concept -a medical aesthetic center of reference in our country- Paz Torralba surprises again. The Beauty Concept Hair was born as a space dedicated to hair care, coloring, and cutting that transcends what is expected of a traditional hairdresser. Is it secret? Incorporating lifestyle-based experiences while guaranteeing a unique concept. Forget any reference to the past. The Beauty Concept Hair is, above all, a place where you can enjoy the sensation of stopping time. A feat signed by the Gärna Studio team where art is always the main protagonist.

salones belleza lujo Madrid

We wanted to transport the customer to an unprecedented, stimulating and highly experiential territory, where the world of hair is enriched with lifestyle elements such as art, culture and gastronomy.

Located in Ortega y Gasset, 47, The Beauty Concept Hair is a revolutionary concept store today. In The Beauty Concept Hair, you can enjoy a 360º hairdressing experience without giving up any idea that crosses your imagination. Beauty Concept Hair has leading brands such as Davines, Olaplex, Redken, and Miriam Quevedo. It offers all kinds of hair treatments such as hair coloring, highlights, shading, hairspray, straightening, reconstruction, extensions, cutting, services for brides and updos… All this from the hands of excellent professionals such as stylists Ana Isabel Alcázar, Diana Santana, Fran Galán, and Raquel Moreno, with proven experience and eagerness to revolutionize the world of beauty & wellness. You can not miss it!

salones belleza lujo Madrid

Secret Lab: the benefits of a handmade massage

The latest beauty trends that have raised passion in Madrid this 2021 could not ignore The Secret Lab’s star body treatment. The well-being and health of the body are the basis for achieving the best results in aesthetic body treatments. Following this principle, the In&Out Massage protocol was born, designed to work on the exterior, the skin, and the interior, the deepest tissues.  Thus, through a powerful message that runs through your body based on manual draining and reducing techniques and Evocare technology, it is possible to reshape your figure and recover the alkaline tendency of the cellular tissues.

Resultado de imagen de the secret lab

The hands become electrodes that conduct electromagnetic waves throughout the body, optimizing and enhancing each movement of the massage.

The benefits of this complete and effective body treatment are completed with the alkalinization of cellular tissues thanks to Advocare. Thus, we recover our cells’ alkaline tendency from the ions generated by this radiofrequency, favoring a solid and healthy body. Rediscovering Madrid through the best high-end centers of the capital is a relaxing way to invest in your health. Enjoy the benefits of a handcrafted massage with In&Out.

Level up your wellness: The reinvention of paradise in the form of a spa

Undisputed. The Spa of the iconic Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid has already earned the title of the best luxury spa in the capital. The city’s most significant urban oasis is a temple of beauty and wellness where to worship the body and mind. This magical place is the reinvention of health and relaxation, offering guests and visitors a unique space with premium experiences. Three signature treatments of the house welcome you to a full range of possibilities. Retiro Massage is inspired by the wellness and peace offered by Madrid park. Piece de la Résistance, translated into Spanish as the ‘Jewel in the Crown,’ breaks with all known standards so far. And Canalejas Experience, a miraculous antidote.


A unique environment where the chain’s hallmark blends perfectly with an iconic location. Entering the spa located on the fifth floor of the hotel is to cross the doors to a world of light and harmony.

Thus, to offer its clientele wellness in its most exclusive and differential expression, the Spa has inaugurated a short massage modality as a nod to its location. And it´s called ‘Tapas de Bienestar’ (Wellness Tapas). These massages aim to achieve relaxation in a time reduced to 35 minutes, adapting to all kinds of needs and days. Without a doubt, going for tapas has never felt so good.  The reinvention of paradise occurs in one of the best luxury beauty salons in Madrid, the Four Seasons Hotel.

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