The best luxury restaurants in Marbella where to enjoy haute cuisine in 2022

Alcanza el paraíso gastro de la mano de los mejores restaurantes de lujo en Marbella: icónicos Estrellas Michelín y restaurantes de moda.

Some say that eating is one of the great pleasures of this life, and who dares to deny it? Enjoy authentic delicacies, carefully selected and exclusive menus, and a gastronomic offer at the height of the most sybaritic palates on the Costa del Sol. The best restaurants in Marbella 2022 invite you to sit at the table and let yourself go through a gastronomic journey. Find out which restaurants are trendy in Marbella, which are the newly awarded Michelin Star, and where to be seen on the famous Costa del Sol. The best luxury restaurants in Marbella open their doors to us; go ahead!


NOBU Restaurant & Lounge: the cuisine that does not go out of fashion among Marbella’s restaurants

Here, at Nobu, gastronomy takes on a new dimension. Nobu is the first restaurant in Spain of chef Nobu Matsuhisa; undoubtedly one of the luxury restaurants in Marbella. This restaurant invites you to redesign your gastronomic evenings in the heart of the Golden Mile. This temple for foodies combines traditional Japanese cuisine with Peruvian flavors under the command of Eleni Manousou, the first executive chef of the firm. With the exquisite decoration of fine lines and contrasts, Nobu has established itself as one of the trendiest restaurants in Marbella. And the truth is that we are not surprised.

Nobu Restaurant & Lounge abre su primer local en España

Its carefully selected menu promises to seduce you. Bull Tartar with Caviar, Black Cod with Miso, or its famous Japanese Wagyu Sirloin are just some of its star dishes. If you add to all this its signature cocktails, ability to conquer the most demanding palates, and lounge area, ideal for extending your nights to the rhythm of the DJ, you will always come back. The latest novelty that has placed Nobu at the forefront of luxury restaurants in Marbella is its exclusive To-Go menu for those days when you feel like dining by candlelight in your living room.

Leña: the steakhouse of reference with Dani García’s stamp

It could be none other than the inimitable Dani García, who reinvented one of the tremendous culinary trends of the moment: the embers. What used to be the three Michelin Star restaurants in Marbella would re-emerge as an imposing steakhouse with embers as the main protagonist. However, not everything is slow to fire, and meat, tradition, and avant-garde coexist at the table of one of the trendiest restaurants in Marbella. Leña is a steakhouse that offers its diners an irresistible duality: the balance between Dani García’s technique and honesty and respect for the product.

Restaurante Leña | Marbella – Hidalgo Monci

Thus, the national scene’s most renowned chef proposes a menu focused on the raw material and their versatility in front of the embers. Although, against all odds, he does not forget that acclaimed personal touch and a marked international influence. This is the result of the chef’s travels and experiences worldwide. Thus it was born and evolved into one of the best restaurants in Marbella in 2021. A space of luxury and sophistication that promotes that informal touch that the master of the stoves longed for.

Erre & Urrechu: a nod to art in the heart of Gran Meliá Don Pepe

A restaurant with a perfect location, at the foot of Sierra Blanca and in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Erre & Urrechu is an experience born from the union of the Cantabrian and the Mediterranean, with nuances and specific smoked according to the product we want to cook. “Erre, both the fire and the smoke are the careful beginnings of our gastronomic experience,” they say from the establishment.

They differentiate three different kinds of wood: wood of oak for meats, orange for vegetables, and olive for fish, as the tradition of espresso in Malaga. His passion for the product and the high-quality cuisine make Erre & Urrechu take care of the selection of raw materials used in their dishes. They emphasize seasonal organic vegetables, wild fish from the Andalusian coasts, and the best national and international meats, in which they use the Basque technique with external caramelization. In addition, this restaurant prepares dishes suitable for vegans with organic vegetables from the hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe’s garden.

On the other hand, we can enjoy Erre & Urrechu’s wine cellar with more than 200 references of different local, national, and international wines, as well as delicious signature cocktails designed by Erre’s expert bartenders.

Boho Restaurant: a gastronomy that brings magic and charm to everyday life

Boho Club Marbella is a concept that only those who have experienced it know perfectly. This wellness complex, as they call it, brings to the off days of any person a myriad of feelings that start from the pleasure of good food and reach the comfort of a good hotel.

Throughout the year 2022 in Boho Club, they have been able to adapt to what was asked of each circumstance: new menus and menu options each season, different spaces in the complex depending on the season and temperatures, but all are always seasoned with the same passion for things well done.

Summer brings cocktails and appetizers by the pool, and autumn and winter bring seasonal creams, game meats, and specific products such as mushrooms or truffles. For Christmas, at Boho Club, you can also enjoy a special tasting menu by the hand of its prestigious chef Diego del Río.


However, there is a common thread between the different moments of the year at Boho Club and its steadfast belief in the daily pursuit of excellence. It is a way of understanding the gastronomic world beyond the significant events and the days marked on the calendar. Every day is the perfect time to conquer even the most demanding palates, and this can be done with ideas as simple as a menu of the day.

Beyond that, Boho Club is an idyllic space to dream of a few days off during all months of the year. And not only as accommodation but to enjoy a delicious meal any day, a well-deserved rest in its beautiful garden, and a cultural afternoon thanks to its art gallery. A must on the agenda of anyone who likes to mark days on the calendar with incredible experiences.

Nintai: a silent, subtle, impeccable menu served at the bar to an exclusive group of 12 diners

Among the new luxury restaurants in Marbella, the latest and brilliant creation of Marcos Granda occupies a place on the podium. Nintai is a mystical place with Japanese reminiscences where delicacy and respect for gastronomy are not only breathing; they are lived. After a personal trip of the chef to Japan in January 2020, Nintai was born. It was then that he knew he had to create a new concept around the silence, liturgy, and delicacy of the cuisine of the rising sun. The simplicity, patience, perseverance, and precision of every detail typical of the Japanese tradition guide and inspire Granda in his latest restaurant.


Alongside Marcos Granda, a master of Japanese haute cuisine, Pablo Olivares. Only he could turn sushi preparation into a unique spectacle of harmony, elegance, and respect for the raw material. At Nintai, they have banished the concept of a standard menu; here, everything is a matter of trust. There are two menus that the twelve diners who come for service can taste at the bar.


Two proposals were conceived based on the best of the market, that is to say, fresh and seasonal products that combine perfectly with the spontaneity of the itamae, the chef. Thus, the Omakase menu consists of four hot dishes and six sushi courses, while the Nintai Grand Menu presents six hot methods and ten pieces of sushi. With perseverance, perseverance, and daring, Marcos Granda has done it again. He has created Nintai, his latest work of art, for the delight of others. Discover the pleasure of Japanese haute cuisine like never before.

Monkey Club: international haute cuisine with a tropical personality in the heart of Puente Romano.

Located in the heart of the Marbella resort Puente Romano hides Monkey Club Marbella, a place to let yourself be surprised and one of the best luxury restaurants in Marbella. Its intimate and tropical setting offers a truly unique and authentic place where all desires are anticipated, and all expectations are exceeded. At Monkey Club, they take care of the food, service, and ambiance to make the experience unparalleled from start to finish. And that is precisely how this tropical paradise surprises the most demanding guests. Sit at the table and let yourself be seduced by a carefully selected menu and a perfect pairing based on signature cocktails.


The man behind the stove, the master of the Monkey Club kitchen, is the renowned chef Hicham Houmidide. Houmidide’s cuisine is an “inventive cuisine that blends techniques and flavors from various cultures.” However, it should be noted that there are always two elements in the common denominator: passion and French savoir-faire. Among our must-tries the crab tartar with coriander and salmon roe with avocado gazpacho or the Cappellini pasta with shrimp and caviar. In addition, you can not miss, from mid-June, the new summer menu by the chef, a real treat.

El Lago: Michelin Star Marbella 2021 as an award

Undoubtedly, the Michelin Star restaurant of reference in Marbella this 2021. El Lago highlights its firm and decisive commitment to the product of the territory and its deeply Malaga and Andalusian character in its concept and development. And perhaps this is the key to its overwhelming success, which has led it to renew its Michelin Star for the sixteenth consecutive year. Undoubtedly, among the restaurants in Marbella, El Lago stands out for its outstanding character and know-how. Thus, in front of the summer bustle of Marbella, to go to the restaurant El Lago in the Clubhouseenlife Golf is to find a haven of peace. The surroundings’ harmony and the lake’s priceless views combine perfectly with a starred gastronomy.

Así el lujoso restaurante El Lago de Marbella

At this point, it is unsurprising that it is one of the luxury restaurants in Marbella referents on the Costa del Sol. Regarding the kitchen, you will discover how the Malaga chef Fernando Villasclaras has successfully taken the reins of the gastronomic proposal. In this way, he gives continuity to the bet of this house for the product cuisine. Likewise, the work with first-quality raw materials is praised, and the philosophy and values of slow food are defended.

Todo sobre Restaurante El Lago en Marbella, Málaga

El Grill: an exclusive foodie temple for grill lovers

This spring, the iconic hotel on the Marbella coast conceived by Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Marbella Club Hotel, renews and expands its culinary offerings with the launch of its way; El Grill aspires to place itself in the top positions of the ranking of the best luxury restaurants in Marbella. A special place ready to become the actual meeting point for locals and guests on the Costa del Sol. A timeless space designed to enjoy throughout the day and offer a premium experience to a broad audience.

El Grill at the Marbella Club | Essential Marbella Magazine

Here, grill master Roque Juárez Junior continues his father’s legacy at the Marbella Club. He offers classic recipes cooked on the same bronze grill that Roque Juárez, his father and predecessor, worked on. Meat dishes abound, succulent cuts such as tomahawk and T-bone steak, served with the famous Roque sauce, and classics such as Parmesan cheese soufflé or honey duck. A carefully selected menu with the grill as the protagonist contrasts with a traditional, ceremonial, romantic atmosphere that invites you to linger. You can’t miss it!

Messina: sophistication and elegance with Michelin Star in Marbella

Impossible not to appear among the best restaurants in Marbella this 2021; undoubtedly, one of the trendiest places on the Costa del Sol. Messina restaurant opened its doors in 2003 as a life project of its owners, Pia Vinci, and Mauricio Giovanini. At the moment, it counts on the recognition of its clients and the specialized critic. A guarantee of quality that combines perfectly with the Michelin Star they boast. The gastronomic proposals of the restaurant Messina begin conquering by sight to finish winning the diner to taste the flavors and aromas of its menu.

amare marbella beach hotel activities in marbella eating in marbella 38 messina  marbella michelin restaurant - The Golden Bun

If at this point, you want to try a culinary proposal of Giovanni, you have several ways to do it. A la carte, choosing between the different dishes that are in the same or opting for their tasting menus. Each menu is divided into different “stages” that offer tableware that distinguishes it from the next. Here we find meats, fish, and seafood evidencing the technique and know-how of the chef. Located next to the hotel Amàre, it is emerging as one of the best Michelin stars in Marbella.

Café de París: among the luxury restaurants in Marbella with a Parisian essence

Café de Paris is one of Marbella’s favorite luxury restaurants for lovers of the “most famous entrecote in the world.” Following the aesthetics of the rest of the firm’s premises, L’Entrecote Café de Paris in Marbella is a classic diner decorated with large mirrors, a wooden bar, red leather, and brass benches. Its decoration is reminiscent of the mythical Parisian restaurants, transferring to Marbella that ‘savoir fare’ that characterizes them in the form of a fashionable restaurant. Its cuisine, with uninterrupted opening hours, is based on the dish born in the first Café de Paris.


A recipe already consolidated in the capital. This consists of a closed menu, prepared on the spot, which starts with a green salad of fresh plants with the special dressing of Café de Paris. A single dish, the Café de París entrecote, follows it. A piece of the best national meat with five possible cooking points: Bleu, Saignant, A Point, Rose, and Bien Cuit. It is served filleted and seasoned with the secret sauce created in 1930 by Monsier Bouvier and his wife, owners of the restaurant Le Coq d’Or. It is also worth mentioning a wine cellar that goes perfectly with the technique and flavor of this iconic proposal. Sounds delicious. We are counting the days to sit at the Café de Paris table.

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