Beauty Christmas Guide 2022: the best beauty gifts to give, treat yourself and shine this holiday season!

Beauty is an attitude, and that’s why we can look for ways to find methods to preserve and work on it daily. For this, there are beauty gifts, divided into beauty treatments and products, especially at Christmas, when they also become excellent gifts for all those who enjoy taking care of themselves.

From EDDK Magazine, we bring you this Beauty Christmas Guide 2022. It is about some of the best treatments and beauty gifts to shine this holiday season and surprise the lucky ones who receive them. We will give you a tour of some of the best beauty centers and all those stores, physical and online, to buy a series of items that improve your physical health. Let’s go shopping!

The best beauty treatments to give as a gift and enjoy

Facial Magic by Nescens and The Beauty Concept: a beauty treatment to dazzle at all parties

No one can give us eternal youth, but those who give their loved ones the Nescens Facial Magic treatment this Christmas will come very close. It is possible, thanks to it, to get rid of the signs of fatigue in the face; it is illuminated, firmer, wrinkles are blurred, and in addition to all that is perfectly hydrated and revitalized. It is a one-hour treatment and promises astonishing results.

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And it is not only a promise for the new year but a treatment that has a flash effect and whose results will be enjoyed from the very moment a person decides to go through the cabin to have it done. If you want that particular person to shine during the farewell of the year 2022, maybe this is the time to consider trusting the hands of Swiss experts in beauty and health, such as Nescens. The price per treatment is 195€, which is already available at TBC Store. José Ortega y Gasset 45, Madrid.

Now you can give the gift of reinventing lymphatic drainage with Royal Touch.

Are you thinking about what to give that person who always talks about needing a little relaxation, works frantically, and always has signs of exhaustion? Then perhaps the best answer has to do with the beauty treatments offered by Royal Touch, a Brazilian project with many years of experience in the world of health behind it.

Fernanda Silva, the creator of Royal Touch, promises through her two recommended treatments, Shiny Touch and the Face&Body Pack, to give the lucky ones who enjoy them a series of advantages that have to do with health, as well as aesthetics. Shiny Touch is a 90-minute treatment divided into three phases: exfoliation, the Royal Touch method, the star of the center, and relaxation and hydration to finish. On the other hand, the Face&Body Pack offers the Royal Touch we mentioned above, along with another method called Touch Face, which has the same objective: to activate circulation to eliminate liquids and waste.

Mimot Beauty and its fully customized beauty treatments

For those who want to enjoy aesthetic therapies but from a rigorous point of view, Mimot Beauty may be the place to visit this Christmas. And there, they are specifically concerned about a good diagnosis, which they say is the key to finding the solution to certain defects or problems that can be corrected with aesthetic treatments.

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The clinic is located in the heart of the Salamanca district, in Nuñez de Balboa 39, and is designed so that every detail counts. In addition to the treatments and interventions they usually perform, for this Christmas, they have a series of packs that can be the perfect gift, the one you’ve been looking for for a long time.

Some of the treatments offered by these packs are focused on relaxation, body firming, or facial rejuvenation. And for those who have doubts about the best option for the person we will make the gift, there is also a free pack in which the person can choose between different options. Prices range from €80 to €200 and include high-quality products.

Six Harmonies ensures a much-needed beauty treatment during this particular time of the year.

A classic Christmas treatment is undoubtedly the so-called mani-pedi. This combined manicure and pedicure is a must for all the dinners and events that happen at the end of December. If you have a person who enjoys this kind of plan, maybe you could go together to Six Harmonies and have as a beautiful gift a memorable evening.

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Six Harmonies is one of the most prestigious wellness in the capital, located in the central Puerta de Alcalá, and a series of star treatments that have become one of the best reviews from their customers. In addition to manicure and pedicure treatments, you can reshape the figure and reduce fat, improve the appearance of the face, and so on. It also stands out for its spa services and therapeutic massages with the best brands, such as aromatherapy associates or medik8.

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However, the manicure and pedicure gift goes beyond a beauty session because, in addition to using their non-polluting and cruelty-free nail polishes, it is possible to enjoy a cocktail or an infusion to have a whole evening dedicated to beauty, friendship and memories. Prices at Six Harmonies start at 20€ for a manicure and 40€ for a pedicure, although it is possible to receive more treatments related to the cuticle or the use of certain products by paying a little more.

Luminous, radiant and rejuvenated skin by AC DermaStudio.

Do you know someone constantly talking about how much they need to look more radiant? The skin can gain radiance thanks to specific beauty treatments, and one of them is, without a doubt, the CAVIAR GLOW by AC DermaStudio. The price is €100 for each 90-minute session, although the clinic recommends at least three sessions to notice its incredible effects.

CAVIAR GLOW treatment consists of a veil of facial caviar. And it´s combined with the decongestive anti-aging eye treatment. And the arrival of the Christmas season is not only a time of celebrations but the end of a year in which the signs of fatigue can be noticeable, making a gift like this a good idea.

Give the gift of an illuminating treatment thanks to Gema Cabañero.

You can also opt, as far as beauty treatments are concerned, for the illuminator of Gema Cabañero, one of the most important names in the world of aesthetics in Madrid and one of the best beauty gifts. And, in her own words, it happens that the end of the year catches us with our homework undone, and many people discover that they have not had a proper facial cleansing routine, so their tone is dull and uneven.

Precisely for this reason, they propose two different beauty treatments as gifts. But with the same objective: to have glowing skin that can shine more than the typical Christmas decoration. The first is Facial 24K Diamond Gold, whose main ingredient is gold as an antioxidant. And the second is called Jewel Skin, which includes techniques such as light therapy and ultrasound, which help the skin to have an immediate change.

Six-step protocols for flawless skin: Reveel Christmas Skin

We also recommend you take a look at the Reveel beauty treatment option. Is from MedSkin Solutions, which costs around 95€ for one hour and is the perfect beauty gift for a glow-up effect that will make everyone take notice as soon as you get together to celebrate some of the Christmas events.

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It is a treatment that is carried out in six steps. And includes a detoxification phase of the skin to clean it of all dirt and pollution. Then an activation phase thanks to vitamin C, another step in which collagen is used to give deep and immediate hydration to the face. Finally follow with a product that helps to unify wrinkles and sun spots, and also uses a protector against damage caused by sunlight. The last step is to minimize pores to achieve uniform and shine-free skin.

And here are some beautiful gifts that you can also include in your perhaps

Thanks to Caudalie, shining for the holidays and being responsible for the planet is possible.

In case you want to give beauty gifts but enjoy them at home, then you should take into account one. The section of chests that Caudalie offers to try different products according to skin type and other needs. Products such as cashmere cream to unify the skin tone of the face. Or the iconic fragrance of the brand Caudalie is some of the things included in these Christmas packs. Other more original products, such as an anti-irritation treatment or a cream to correct the eight signs of aging, are also included.

As if this were not enough, Caudalie presents an example of ecological awareness. This year, all packs with all products will be sent in recyclable boxes, replacing all plastic interiors. Depending on the size, the groups’ prices range from 25€ to 45€. And it is also possible to enjoy beauty treatments in a spa from the hand of the brand.

Cristina Galmiche’s three-phase range… a beauty gift for all skin types.

And if what you want to give as a gift is something that leaves clear instructions for use to improve the facial beauty routine of that person for whom you are desperately looking for something to love, we can’t fail to mention Cristina Galmiche’s three-phase range. She is a prestigious facialist and an expert in the best recommendations to improve our appearance and skin health.

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The three-phase range consists of three products. First is cleansing milk to remove makeup and dirt. Then a moisturizing lotion to soothe and hydrate with floral waters. And a balancing cream to strengthen the PH, refine the pore, and reduce oil production. A perfect combination to start the year 2023 with a routine that you know, in advance, is going to work. One of the perfect beauty gifts!

The ideal Croma Pharma product is waiting for you under the Christmas tree.

Another reference brand to improve our skin’s health and look much more beautiful is Croma Pharma. For this Christmas season, they offer some of their most exceptional products. Precisely because these are dates when diet and lack of routine can negatively affect our face, and it is better than ever to have a good effect at hand.

One of these beauty products is its rejuvenating mask with hyaluronic acid. And is a real plus of hydration to your skin on days when there is little time to think about it. And likewise, if you know someone who has a tough time keeping up with their facial care routine, you may have the perfect gift.

Cosmetics applied to the emotional balance with The Emotions Lab.

And if you are looking for beauty gifts for one of those people who know how to value the ideas behind each cosmetic project, then you should take a look at the products offered by The Emotions Lab. In case you didn’t know, many studies talk about the constant relationship that emotions have with our appearance. And the health of some parts of the body, as important as the skin.

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That is why they have created products such as Magic Candles. Which accompanies someone in special moments, such as the realization of the list of resolutions for the new year. Also, their sensual Christmas edition perfume that, in their own words, unblocks the second chakra. And the highlight of this 2022 is the oral spray that helps enhance desire and accompanies us in self-confidence. It directly aligns our mood with how we can get to see others.

Vagheggi, natural Phyto cosmetics to meet the needs of all skin types

Are you one of those who think that beauty treatments can only be performed in a beauty clinic? Perhaps you don’t know the skincare ritual kit offered by the prestigious Vagheggi, a genuine phytocosmetic brand. The pack includes the Bio+ cleanser and toner, with distilled raspberry water, the Bio+ 24-hour facial cream, and the Bio+ identifying essence.

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Although this is the most recommended kit for this Christmas, on their website, you can find other kits that have to do with facial routines, and perhaps you should consult to see if it is a good gift for that person who is always concerned about the health of their skin.

Give the gift of glow and shiny makeup this Christmas with Mumona

Some women always love to put up as if it were the last day of the year. But what is clear is that we all like to spend some time that day looking for unique and excessive makeup. That’s why the Mumona brand offers cosmetic products as the best beauty gift. It is to help us achieve a glow and shiny look with quality makeup.

Lipsticks with touches of glitter. Also, illuminating pre-foundations make your skin look sculpted with diamonds. And some of her ideas are hair sprays with light particles and eye shadows in golden and metallic tones. Mumona’s makeup is one of the best considered by makeup professionals. And therefore, it can be an exclusive gift for those who know how to appreciate it.

A dazzling look to welcome the year 2023: Olyan Farma

Focusing on a specific part of the face is something that many people tend to do when they look in the mirror. And it is pretty common only to need a dazzling touch on a specific part, such as the eyes, whose skin is the most sensitive of the whole body.

Olyan Farma know it, which is why they propose as a gift for Christmas 2022 and the beginning of 2023 their Colugen Eye Mask Pure. Two pads to put in the area of dark circles that act on collagen also provide extra hydration. At Olyan Farma, they know how to give the importance it deserves to the quality of the ingredients. And also has the certification of good results, so it is a reliable brand for beauty gifts.

Giving the gift of beauty according to age is possible thanks to SkinPharmacy Jorge Juan 34

Finally, if you are looking for a gift from a brand especially concerned about health beyond aesthetics, we also want to mention the products of SkinPharmacy. It is a pharmacy located on Jorge Juan street. And that guarantees the best quality. He knows that every period of life needs extra care and beauty routines, and therefore proposes different beauty treatments depending on whether it is for people in their thirties or forties.

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It is possible to find specific products for people in their thirties, focusing on brightening and moisturizing the face to improve the overall appearance, as is the case with Dr. Sebagh’s facial cleanser. On the other hand, there are products for the 40s, for example, The Beauty of Caring’s Eye Lift Balm for the eye contour, which focuses more on stimulating collagen and combating sagging. In this way, it is possible to know a lot about the needs of the skin depending on the age and characteristics of the person you want to surprise and thus hit with a gift that will be your best ally in the year 2023.

In short, we hope this Beauty Christmas Guide 2022 has helped you know the best treatments and beauty gifts when giving gifts. It is essential to find quality; therefore, we must trust projects that take the improvement of the appearance and health of their customers seriously. Let’s toast such projects for a better 2023!

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