Five Asian restaurants in Madrid to enjoy oriental gastronomy

Oriental gastronomy is all the rage in the capital. Dozens of Asian restaurants are part of the gourmet offer in Madrid. Tradition, exoticism, and avant-garde converge in Asian gastronomy, giving our palate an endless number of new flavors. And perhaps this is the reason that leads us to wonder what are the best Asian restaurants in Madrid. Discover authentic temples of Asian cuisine: from Korea to Thailand through China and Japan. East and West intertwine flavors in Madrid.

Yugo The Bunker: Japanese haute cuisine to surprise, move and excite

In the dishes of Yugo The Bunker, we will find wild fish and products with designation of origin that reach their full potential. Now, in addition, Mármol invites us to discover two new tasting menus whose cornerstone is the excellence of the raw material. The ROOTS tasting menu represents the logical evolution of Yugo’s most recognizable gastronomic concept. An infallible bet for those who cannot conceive Japanese cuisine without some of its most popular elements. Meanwhile, with NAKED, Mármol proposes “a journey to the essence of the noblest raw materials. This is a radically honest proposal in which each bite is stripped of the accessory, only accompanied by that which adds depth to the main product“. Find out which one is your favorite in Madrid’s Las Letras neighborhood.


Thus, with subtlety and elegance, Yugo The Bunker promises an unparalleled experience. Awarded a Michelin Star in 2019, it is chef Julián Mármol, passionate about Japanese cuisine, who is at the helm of the stoves. The restaurant surprises for the new season with a new proposal of two tasting menus where the excellence of the raw material is the fundamental axis. Texture, flavor, and emotion are the treasure that awaits us behind the two new and excellent creations of Mármol. Discover, as always, the best flavor paired with the best offer of sakes, wines, and champagnes on the market.


China Crown: temple of imperial Chinese cuisine in Madrid

Gastronomy has always been one of the most appreciated arts in China. Thus was born China Crown, located in the heart of the Barrio de Salamanca, which has emerged as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Madrid. Here, the Bao brothers recreate the recipes that were perfected in the great Chinese courts for thousands of years. These, like much of Oriental cuisine, offer flavors still unknown to the Spanish palate. The cuisine of this Asian restaurant in Madrid encompasses the purest flavors of each region that formed the ancient Chinese Empire during the different dynasties.

China Crown, el 'chino' más top de estreno en Madrid | Restaurantes

Each dish is the result of years of research and the Bao brothers’ passion for the gastronomic culture of their country. Therefore, to offer authentic cuisine, China Crown has a lineage of native cooks who have landed in our country with the mission to develop these recipes. The ‘Silk Road’ tasting menu stands out in the offer. This offers a selection of eight dishes that cover different imperial enclaves through which this legendary route passed. Another must, the ‘imperial duck menu,’ an absolute delight.

Luke: a personal bet in the form of the best Korean restaurant in Madrid

To elevate his gastronomic project to the level of the world’s most reputable and essential restaurants, Myungsun Jang created LUKE. This has managed to profile itself as the best Korean restaurant in Madrid among Asian restaurants. The project of the young Korean chef, whose passion for gastronomy has led him to specialize in different cuisines of the world, is already a hallmark in the capital. With a sophisticated design and eclectic touches, LUKE is divided into two distinct spaces aimed at a premium public. La Barra, an informal ‘Street food’ style area, and La Cocina Abierta, where you can taste signature cuisine.

LUKE Madrid - restaurantes asiáticos Madrid

The upper floor of LUKE offers an informal space that can be accessed without reservation to enjoy a selection of Korean tapas served at the bar ‘à la carte.’ On the other hand, the first floor of LUKE is dedicated to the tasting menu, where the dishes are finalized in full view of the customer. This menu is composed of twelve plates with the product as the protagonist. Korean and Spanish influences converge in a succulent delicacy.

Kappo: traditional Japanese haute cuisine in the capital

Kappo is located at the epicenter of authentic traditional Japanese cuisine in Madrid. Not for nothing is it considered, among Asian restaurants in the capital, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Madrid. AA’s custom-made bar, based on the chef’s specifications, allows a dialogue with the diner, which is part of preparing the menu. Chef Mario Payán prepares each dish to live, creating an intimate, clean, and cozy atmosphere. If you want to discover one of the best sushi restaurants in Madrid, Kappo is the ideal place.

Hoy cenamos en... Kappo - restaurantes asiáticos Madrid

At Kappo, there is no closed menu but an omakase proposal, where the chef serves the diner between 15 and 20 dishes. The seasonal product, the technique, and the menu based on shapes, colors, ways of working the food, and, of course, the taste, achieve a unique experience. The maturations carried out in the kitchen is another of Kappo’s secrets. Do you dare to discover it?

Thäi Garden: aromas and flavors of a millenary Asian cuisine

Thäi Garden is, without a doubt, the authentic Thai restaurant in Madrid. It is located in Arturo Soria and is one of the Asian restaurants of reference in Madrid. It is true to its philosophy and exoticism, where harmony and nature are mixed with the flavors and aromas of ancient cuisine. This idyllic setting in the heart of the capital takes us, almost without knowing how, to the Kingdom of Siam. This exotic luxury combines perfectly with northern Thailand’s traditional cuisine, which can conquer a Western palate.

restaurantes asiáticos Madrid - thai garden

An extensive and carefully selected menu invites us to taste the culinary wonders of Thai haute cuisine. Among the restaurant’s suggestions, the scallops sautéed with aromatic herbs, presented in their shell as a starter, stand out. In addition, the Pat Mee Talley is another sure bet, yellow noodles sautéed with seafood, vegetables, basil, and spicy chilis. Among the chef’s suggestions is the Panang Nua dish. It is thin strips of beef tenderloin in red curry with herbs, creamy and robust. A tip? Don’t miss his signature cocktails.

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