Five aesthetic medicine clinics in Marbella with which to look your best version this 2022

Descubre los mejores tratamientos de medicina estética en Marbella y pon solución a cualquier problema de la mano de los mejores expertos de la Costa del Sol

Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery are currently experiencing a golden age. For this reason, aesthetic medicine and surgery clinics are increasingly basing their protocols on more and more highly qualified equipment and cutting-edge techniques. In Spain, 35.9% of the population is a user of aesthetic medicine, specifically 4 out of every 10 Spaniards over the age of 26. Facial treatments are the most demanded, followed by body treatments. The female profile continues to be the main protagonist in Marbella’s best aesthetic medicine and surgery clinics. If you are also thinking of having a touch-up or undergoing an intervention, this is your post! Discover the best aesthetic medicine clinics and beauty salons in Marbella to show off your best version.


Estética Ochoa

If you are looking for an aesthetic medicine center in Marbella, we recommend putting yourself in the hands of the professional team of Aesthetics Ochoa. You will find the most innovative and effective aesthetic and medical-aesthetic treatments in his clinic. These are performed by highly qualified medical professionals and directed by the expert eye of Hospital Ochoa. This space combines its proposal around beauty, aesthetic medicine, and surgery. In this sense, we invite you to discover everything they can do to enhance your natural beauty: facial and body treatments, both aesthetic and medical, nutrition, high-end cosmetics, and preventive and regenerative therapies. It is considered one of the aesthetic medicine clinics in Marbella reference.


Clínica Dra. Helena López

There are countless cosmetic surgery clinics in Marbella; however, Dr. Helena Lopez’s Clinic stands out. And is that his team of specialists in plastic and cosmetic surgery has over twenty years of experience in the sector and broad background. His philosophy of work, which has become a benchmark of cosmetic surgery in Marbella, combines science with art. Based on a deep knowledge of anatomy, and surgical techniques, an experience of more than 20 years, and constant training, we incorporate the artistic side of his specialty to obtain satisfactory results for both the patient and the team. The treatment, besides being professional, is individualized and safe: “every patient receives personal and close attention under the highest quality standards.

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NuveClinic is a medical clinic specializing in anti-aging aesthetic medicine and beauty treatments located in the heart of Puerto Banus. This space of aesthetic medicine in Marbella has a team of professionals with a comprehensive approach to health care and wellness. Thus, they are specialized in both facial rejuvenation treatments and body treatments. Among them, we can find the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, lip augmentation, mesotherapy, peeling, vitamin cocktail, collagen inducers, and removal of accumulated fat and varicose veins. Located in one of the most beautiful and recognized ports of the Costa del Sol, it is one of Marbella’s most prestigious aesthetic medicine clinics.

aesthetic medicine clinics in Marbella

Doctor Javier Collado

Plastic surgery is constantly evolving and therefore requires continuous updating and permanent research work to seek excellence. And this excellence must reach the patient, always seeking to improve their health and well-being. To this end, Dr. Javier Collado combines the utmost scientific rigor with personal and individualized treatment, clearly explaining the steps of each procedure and offering the most effective and innovative solutions in each case. The ultimate goal of plastic surgery is patient satisfaction, thanks to a result that should seek functionality and, even more importantly, naturalness. Each patient must be examined individually, indicating the most appropriate technique in each case, favoring an early recovery.

aesthetic medicine clinics in Marbella


One of Marbella’s leading aesthetic medicine clinics is Quirestética, where beauty is the driving force. Their passion and strategic objective are to help you look and feel good, formulating and customizing effective aesthetic-medical treatments that meet all your needs and goals. At Quirestética, you can enter with total peace of mind knowing that you are in professional and safe hands. Their surgeons and nurses are trained to use some of the latest advanced technologies in aesthetic dermatology. Let them advise you and get the results you are looking for from the best team.

aesthetic medicine clinics in Marbella
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