The best aesthetic medicine clinics in Madrid to show off your best ‘me’.

Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery are currently experiencing a golden age. For this reason, more aesthetic medicine and surgery clinics are basing their protocols on increasingly more and better-qualified equipment and cutting-edge techniques. In Spain, 35.9% of the population is a user of aesthetic medicine, specifically 4 out of every 10 Spaniards over the age of 26. Facial treatments are the most demanded, followed by body treatments, and the female profile continues to be the main protagonist in medical-aesthetic clinics in Madrid. If you are also thinking of having a touch-up or undergoing an intervention, this is your post! Discover the best aesthetic medicine clinics in Madrid and their star treatments. Start the new year looking your best.

Instituto de Benito: the benchmark in aesthetic medicine arrives in Madrid

The Instituto de Benito, the surgery and aesthetic medicine center, and all those procedures involved in beauty care unite the most advanced medical and surgical vanguard with the best human team. Equipped with the most advanced medical and research equipment and systems, the Instituto de Benito breathes an air of comfort, relaxation, and discretion for its patients. Thus, they offer the best results in an environment where the patient feels comfortable, with the total security of being in the best hands. Benito’s Institute is among the ten best in the world and has a great professional experience. It should be noted that the Institute is at the forefront of innovation and training, with specialists who organize and moderate congresses yearly and pioneers of various techniques and aesthetic treatments. Let yourself be surprised by the comfort of one of the best aesthetic medicine and surgery clinics coming soon to Madrid.

Ultra Deep Space Lifting

The aesthetic medicine center at its residence in Madrid allows us to enjoy its Ultra Deep Space Lifting facial protocol. When faces present a severe degree of aging, the mandibular area has blurred, and the orbital cavity, which enlarges with age, has sagging cheekbones and nasolabial folds; it is time to opt for this innovative treatment. This treatment achieves a fresher and more expressive face with a better and shorter postoperative period. By covering the bone concavity and recovering the lost volume, the lifting effect is much more lasting and with more natural results. The neck is also approached, with a single incision of 1.5cm, to go to the deep planes of the skin and rejuvenate the area. A star treatment that will make you look your best.

Nordea Clinics Madrid: exclusive protocols and state-of-the-art technology

This international network of Nordic-Swiss origin centers allows its clients to enjoy products and technology of the highest quality. Essential aesthetic medicine, capillary, vascular medicine, and aesthetic surgery make up its work areas. In this sense, it is worth noting that the constant innovation of its team of professionals and protocols manages to satisfy any health and beauty objective. Perhaps that is why it is not surprising that it has become one of the aesthetic clinics of reference in Madrid


Comprehensive Diagnostic Treatments and Sisthaema Hevo T

We are reversing aging, recovering the health and radiance of the skin, and achieving a rejuvenated and luminous face. This is one of the most common objectives; consequently, Nordetia Clinics offers its users an exclusive comprehensive diagnosis. What differentiates facial diagnosis at Nordetia Group,” says Dr. Garcerant, “is that we perform ultrasound visualizations of the tissue in vivo that we are going to inject in real-time, and immediate visualizations after the injection, which allows us to choose the correct injection plane, avoid complications and optimize the result.”

Results that, together with Sisthaema Evo T, will give your face a new and improved version. These are the highest quality injectables on the market that guarantee deep hydration with a significant improvement in skin quality and a lifting effect without increasing the total volume of the face. Let yourself be surprised by one of the most demanded aesthetic medicine treatments; you will not regret it!

The Red Beauty Club: the most revolutionary medical esthetic treatments

Aesthetic medicine is immersed in significant development and boom. Therefore, having the appropriate medical aesthetic guarantees is a factor of success and confidence in all our treatments at The Red Beauty Club. This private 360º beauty club in Castellana 45 has a separate area from the rest of the services to enjoy maximum privacy and conditioned spaces where they develop aesthetic medicine treatments in Madrid under the highest quality standards through advanced technology and latest-generation equipment.


The Red Beauty Club has an extensive offer of the best medical aesthetic facial treatments with Botox, cheek augmentation, lip augmentation, and correction or rhino modeling without surgery, among others, as well as medical aesthetic body treatments aimed at reshaping the figure and correcting weight gain and localized fat. They have 100% personalized programs to treat flaccidity, cellulite, fluid retention, and other aesthetic problems derived from weight gain. They are specialists in anti-aging programs based on a thorough diagnosis that will establish several sessions appropriate for each patient. Start changing your life today and get the look you want.

Vaginal laser rejuvenation treatment without surgery: intimate feminine health and beauty

The Red Beauty Club takes people’s health and well-being very seriously. That is why, thinking about health and intimate feminine beauty, they offer this new treatment of vaginal laser rejuvenation without surgery. A revolutionary method that solves, in a minimum of two sessions, multiple alterations attributed to the female genitalia or related to the vaginal walls.

The vaginal walls lose thickness and elasticity, which in turn causes pelvic floor relaxation, leading to some of the problems mentioned above. Considered average for many of them, vaginal laser treatment solves issues of urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy, or vaginal deformation caused by childbirth or other disorders such as genital dryness, which is so annoying and that causes painful sexual intercourse or sometimes virtually impossible and that are caused by hormonal changes or cellular aging, typical of the age. 

It has no contraindications, no side effects, and, after a slight recovery period, allows women to improve their quality of life considerably. A breakthrough designed by and for women who know that taking care of themselves and living fully has no age, making it one of the best aesthetic medicine treatments in Madrid.

Clinique La Prairie – Aesthetics & Longevity: harmony and balance between beauty, health, and well-being

If you are looking for one of the best aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery clinics in Madrid, Clinique La Prairie is your place in the capital. Clinique La Prairie is synonymous with harmony and balance between beauty, health, wellness, and longevity. They were born nine decades ago in Montreux-Clarens, in a dream environment on the shores of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Swiss Alps. Pioneers in cellular therapy slow down the aging process with a holistic approach to preventive medicine; they are one of the great references in aesthetic medicine. They fuse exceptional medical care with scientific innovation, holistic wellness, and the unmistakable addition of the most sophisticated luxury hospitality.

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Anti-aging rejuvenating peel: exfoliation and deep skin nourishment

Clinique La Praire’s star treatment is based on deep exfoliation and nourishment of the skin. Thus, toxins and dead cells are eliminated from the epidermis through an exfoliating soap from the Andalusian medicine Hammam effect, composed of high-purity olive oil and extracts such as cinnamon, carrot, rose, or turmeric. It provides vitamins and fatty acids necessary to preserve the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin naturally.

With friction all over the body, deep natural exfoliation is achieved. Impurities and dead skin cells are removed without irritating the skin, thanks to the unique formulation of the soap that promotes the genuine moisturizing factor. A relaxing massage with high-purity and concentration oils as a finishing touch follows this.

Martín del Yerro: one of the plastic surgery clinics in Madrid that celebrities and influencers are betting on.

Martín del Yerro’s way of understanding cosmetic surgery is to approach it with scientific rigor and honesty. That is why they have first-hand knowledge of anatomy, physiology, disease, and its cure. And the fact is that before being surgeons, they say, “we are doctors.” In this sense, they do not miss the opportunity to emphasize their firm conviction that cosmetic surgery is a “medical activity focused on improving people’s lives.” And it is precisely this idea and belief that has led this aesthetic medicine clinic in Madrid to become a reference in its field. 

For more than 30 years we have been discovering endless possibilities in the textures, shapes and colors of the human body Martín del Yerro

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Breast augmentation with implants

This may be, perhaps, one of the most demanded interventions. Martín del Yerro governs this process by naturalness, size, proportions, and shape. They use anatomical implants made of highly cohesive gel because they are “the safest and most durable, in addition to meeting our aesthetic criteria.” Martín del Yerro is also a pioneer in the selection of implants, and its method, based on “the Y number,” is followed by numerous surgeons worldwide. As an alternative or complement to breast augmentation with prostheses, they offer lipofilling or fat transfer. Find out which option is right for you.

Carmen Navarro: passion-based aesthetic medicine treatments

Talking about aesthetics and beauty in Spain is about Carmen Navarro’s medical-aesthetic clinics. More than 45 years dedicated to the profession make her an absolute reference. Carmen Navarro, a tireless traveler, has overcome her fears by traveling halfway around the world, learning to maintain the balance between physical and mental health and the importance of “the here and now.” Precisely for this reason, she has always been committed to the concept of holistic and integral beauty and oriental techniques, of which she is a “faithful follower.” Her passion for beauty, her constant search for excellence, and her eagerness to learn are part of her DNA. 

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Combats cellulite

Carmen Navarro beauty centers have effective treatments to win the battle against cellulite. HIFU, Imperium, Indiba, LPG Corporal, Zionic, T-shape, Vela, and Vinci are the treatments that help to reduce and even eliminate it. Carmen Navarro works with the most advanced technology to achieve results even from the first session. If your goal is to firm the skin, eliminate fat or reshape your figure, let your professional team advise you on the treatment that best suits your needs, and you will be delighted!

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